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Techmesh leeds final presentation

  1. 1. Shoestrings and straight lines – how to market a technology product 8th March 2012
  2. 2. Programme4.30pm Registration and networking5.15pm Introduction by Andrew Earnshaw, CIM TMIG5.25pm Andy Peterson – KC Business5.50pm Paul Lancaster - Plan Digital6.15pm Rob Heerdegen – Eloqua6.40pm Question & Answers7.30pm Close
  3. 3. What’s next?Leeds Media & techmesh socialTuesday 24th April 2012 – Black House, Leeds 17:30 - 20:00The Cloud – working towards 2015Wednesday 9th May 2012 – York 17:30 – 20:30
  4. 4. Welcome To the Real World – TheHighs And Lows of Social MediaMarketingAndy Peterson @CIM Leeds8th March 2012
  5. 5. Bit About Me…
  6. 6. Atos Origin – CxO Trends
  7. 7. Atos Origin – CxO Trends
  8. 8. Atos Origin – CxO Trends
  9. 9. Do…• Use their PPC – much cheaper than Google• Gather information about the competition• Use it to target prospects• Use it to look for talentDon’t• Think the competition aren’t doing exactly the sameto you• Expect it to drive many leads through direct contact
  10. 10. Do…• Take a deep breath before you start• Use it to deliver customer service• Develop an SMP internally if you feel you need one• Use it as part of the mix – deliver contentDon’t• Expect to be able to control the conversation• Advertise on it unless you’re an established brand
  11. 11. Do…• Create your own channel• Embed video on your own site as well• Avoid distributing ads on your content• Keep content brief and on topicDon’t• Remember to keep content live, or remove it if nolonger relevant.• Expect everything you do to go viral
  12. 12. Do…• Reach out to opinion formers• Stay engaged• Drive opinion• Seek quality followers, not quantityDon’t• Try and sell• Don’t follow disingenuously• Don’t butt in to conversations unless you have a point• Don’t link to anything that’s not relevant
  13. 13. Welcome to the real world……
  14. 14. Things to remember..• What’s your strategy?• Who are your customers?• Where are they right now?• Can you measure it?• Can you change it?
  15. 15. Close/Questions 17
  16. 16. Emotional Technology + How Ideas Spread @lordlancaster @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  17. 17. Everything starts with an idea (the rest is just detail) @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  18. 18. Each new product or service begins with: • Imagination • Creativity • Excitement • Enthusiasm @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk • Belief
  19. 19. Over time… too manymeetings, discussionsand amends suck thelife out of what wasonce pure & inspiring! @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  20. 20. At launch, you’re alreadyfeeling jaded, de-motivated & bored withthe product - just whenyou need to be at yourmost enthusiastic! @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  21. 21. The Answer? • Speed to launch • Less talk, more action • Avoid decision by committee • Stay close to the original vision @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk • Fall in love with the product
  22. 22. Vision & Speed• Named after the domino effect (one powerful ideaspreads down the line from person to person)• Cutting out the middle man (in this case the publisher)• Rapid time to market (‘Anything You Want’ = 12 weeks)• Short, pacy books (Designed to be read in under 1hr)• Domino Project Street Team. (Rewarding the sneezers)
  23. 23. Domino Project Street Team
  24. 24. Pillow Talk @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  25. 25. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, people want: • Inspiration • Storytelling • Solutions • Beauty & emotion @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  26. 26. Think like Don Draper @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  27. 27. NOEMAIL DAY11.11.11
  28. 28. Everything starts with an idea (the rest is just detail) @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk