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Think tallfilm curated crowdsourcing


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Think tallfilm curated crowdsourcing

  1. 1. Promotional YouTube videospowered by a curated crowd of video experts
  2. 2. A crowd of video-makers =ideas, talent, equipment, availability, location, for all types of budgets
  3. 3. The challenge for corporate videos • They don’ t get watched (440 views in average) • A strategic investment (time, commitment, money) • Limited in-house expertise
  4. 4. The Concept Curated Crowdsourcing for YouTube IdeasCROWDSOURCE Talent, • Creative elements skills • Existing “crowds” of specialists • Easily available Equipment, location, availability Advice & selection • Business elements YouTube expertise • Most added value by TTFCURATE Project Management • Not readily available • 1st video platform • 2nd largest search engineSPECIALIZE • 3rd most visited site on the web A social media
  5. 5. Why it works(1)Cooperation vs. Ideas not Integration budgets win on YouTube Tall ideas are hard to find but easy to spot
  6. 6. Why it works (2): diversityOver 100 vetted members as of August 2012Includes: production companies, animators, YouTubers, independent video-makers, technical crew, actors, presenters, composers.
  7. 7. BenefitsIdeasOur model allows to collect and filter fresh ideas, quickly, cheaply, efficiently D3O collected 50 ideas filtered down to 10 in 2 weeksValue Agency level videos at a fraction of the cost Clients set their own budget from only 100£ up to 20,000£ Our Video-makers are talented AND motivated AND their interests are aligned with the clientViewsWe provide formats and advice to make videos that work on YouTube! At the very least 1,000 views per video /year! Median: 8,000 views per video /year VS. 440 for top 5 competitors* Advised Joshua Lipworth, winner of Lenovo Seize the Night contest!
  8. 8. ServicesProductionOur core business: A to Z production services for online video.IdeationBy picking the brains of a creative community you can collect tons of greatideas BEFORE deciding on a project.Agency of video-makers and YouTubersJust need a professional to film something? We can provide vetted video-makers under tight constraints.Want a prominent YouTuber to speak about your brand? We can connect you.ConsultingWe provide advice on YouTube and online video strategies (often for free!)
  9. 9. Why online video?Already big, still growing fast• YouTube: over 1 trillion views per year (140 views for every person on Earth)• More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years• Online video usage has grown by 45% in 2011• Social media video has grown 225% from May 2010 to May 2012And it works for marketers• Efficient for Search Engine (50x more than text)• Audience retention and engagement (5x more time spent and higher CTR)• Value for money: potential reach of millions with no broadcasting costs• Increasingly mobile and social