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Oxygen crossingthe chasm


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Oxygen crossingthe chasm

  1. 1. Simon JennerCEO Oxygen Accelerator @simonjenner @oxygenaccel
  2. 2. Applications ACCELERATOR MarchWHAT IS OXYGEN close 31st13 WEEKS, 10 STARTUPS €7,000 per founder max €21,000 8% Equity 150 + Mentors supporting you Office space Investment readyOxygen Accelerator
  3. 3. Crossing the Chasm @oxygenaccel
  4. 4. 2011 CycleRateMyRom eo
  5. 5. you shouldnt give af*** about the chasm @oxygenaccel
  6. 6. chasmyou are here @oxygenaccel
  7. 7. deadpool road @oxygenaccel
  8. 8. chasminnovators early adopters early majority @oxygenaccel
  9. 9. chasm innovators early adopters early majority Iterate MVP BetaAlpha 1 User adoption 109 @oxygenaccel
  10. 10. problem 1#oh look somethingshiny & new @oxygenaccel
  11. 11. early markets new product new product new product new product new product new productnew product @oxygenaccel
  12. 12. old & boring shiny & new @oxygenaccel
  13. 13. shiny & new to old & boring time lapse new products old productsDay1 Day 365 @oxygenaccel
  14. 14. problem 2#iteration loop of doom @oxygenaccel
  15. 15. iteration loop of doom Feedback Featuresstartup @oxygenaccel
  16. 16. iteration loop of doom Feedback Features Austartup sg an chasm g @oxygenaccel
  17. 17. top tips for getting to the chasm# cohort users# try to categorise users# go after early majority typeusers to test things once youhave early adopter traction @oxygenaccel
  18. 18. # You must use your earlyadopters to find & promote yourproduct to early majority - think dropbox style virality @oxygenaccel
  19. 19. and that’s why youshouldnt give a f*about the chasm @oxygenaccel