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  1. 1. Strategy 2013:Crossing the Chasmfor the first time
  2. 2. AgendaorderbirdThe market and it‘s segmentsCrossing the chasmStatus QuoFinding the right segmentStrategy
  3. 3. orderbird POSiPad POS for gastronomy„Save time, money andstress.“
  4. 4. Know your marketMarket size Gastronomy 70 billion €:171.663 Outlets
  5. 5. Find a segmentation that fitsEasy Single: Check-out, 1 Printer, fast and easy production, limited reporting requirements, Manager=Finance=Service, Speed and Easinessis importantPro Single: Check-out or serviced tables, multiple printers, complicated and long production, extended reporting requirements, Manager =Finance ≠ Service, Guest experience is importantPro Multi: mostly serviced tables, multiple printers, complicated and fast processes, high throughput, Manger ≠Finance ≠Service, Guestexperience important as well as 100% reliability, professional tools for professional staff, central reporting and analysis, export and third partyservices
  6. 6. Your MarketA market is defined as a set of actual or potential customers for a given set of products or services who have a common setof needs or wants, and who reference each other when making a buying decision.In our case: Easy Single, Pro Single, Pro Multi, Pro Chain.Speciality 1: Restaurant A will benchmark restaurant B although A might be a easy single check-out and B a pro multi.Specialty 2: Restaurant owners will reference mostly regional peers
  7. 7. Crossing the Chasm. Step by step.Segment DescriptionInnovators Technology enthusiasts. They are keen to be the first to try out a new technology, but they represent just a sliver of the model.Early Adopters Visionaries. Somewhat keen to try out new technologies. They appreciate a products potential to give their organization a competitive advantage. They represent a larger slice of the market, and they tend to have much more influence in an organization than do Innovators.Early Majority Pragmatists. Represent the bulk of the market. They tend to buy in to new technologies only after they perceive solid references and safety measures that guard against potential failures. Securing the pragmatist buyer is the most important marketing challenge.Late Majority Conservatives. Very large portion of the market. They are extremely cautious when buying into a new technology. They want to see proof of results before they will accept a products usefulness.Laggards Skeptics. Would prefer to avoid new technologies altogether. They will buy only if they really must.
  8. 8. Crossing the Chasm Market Type Early Mainstream Adopter Type Enthusiasts Pragmatists Visionaries Conservatives Characteristic Intuitive Analytic s Support Revolution Support Evolution Contrarian Conformists Break away from the pack Stay with the herd Follow their own dictates Consult with their colleagues Take risks Manage risks Motivated by future Motivated by present opportunities problems See what is possible Pursue what is probable
  9. 9. Choosing the right segment for the crossingMake build, measure and learn while preparing for the dont get blinded by the sales success you‘ll have with the early market. They have thick dont let too many mainstream market customers keeping your dev team busyyou solve a problem / relieve a pain better than anyone else find the niche within the market that will appreciate this „pain killer“ prepare a „whole“ product for this market. This includes features but mostly service, partners, certificates and prepare to change dramatically inside and outside your company.
  10. 10. Strategy to cross the ChasmTarget point of attack: Chose the target niche wisely. Solve a problem better than anyone else. Make sure the niche cares.Whole product: Alignment of features, customer service and brand image. Outstanding and joyful experience, service and quality is attested.The right partner drives trust.Prepare for significant change in communication (no more „new“), structures and, yes,..staff.Positioning against Competition:The „old“ players dominating the mainstream marketThe „new“ players dominating the early marketOther players that push into the market from other playersInvasion Strategy: Use Street Sales Force to build brand and close important pragmatists-pins in the chosen niche. Pragmatists willappreciate a face to face communication. Become leader here with an attractive pricing and service model (heavy investment needed). Oncethe niche is conquered, move on to more profitable segments. Use Telesales Force to go through „Tornado“.
  11. 11. THANK YOU!We appreciateapplications!