5 Creative London Based Startups - Olga Pavlovsky #TMUDigital


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5 Creative London Based Startups - Olga Pavlovsky #TMUDigital

  1. 1. 5 Creative London-based startups #TMUdigital with @TechMeetupsLX 8 May 2012Olga Pavlovsky@lplatebigcheeseGM @TechMeetups
  2. 2. The way I interpret “creative” may be different to how you interpret this word because of my background
  3. 3. My 5 chosen creative startups (in no particular order)
  4. 4. SoundCloud
  5. 5. NB Based in London & Berlin
  6. 6. If you create sounds, how do your fans hear it?Traditionally:• TV, radio or podcast• Concert• Poetry or story reading• Record, tape, CD, downloadAll these methods are relatively expensive to produce, market, distribute and come with a sunk cost
  7. 7. Why this is interestingThis opens up the “long tail” for sound artists  The Netflix for soundGives *everyone* with an internet connection the ability to discover new soundsSoundCloud spends a lot of effort really helping people to overcome the problems which stopped them from sharing their sounds
  8. 8. See soundcloud.com for more
  9. 9. OpenBrand
  10. 10. Why this is interestingUnderstanding the problem from the insideUncompromised attention to detail by the teamApplying norms from other activitiesOpening up working relationships where there were none before through collaboration
  11. 11. See openbrand.com for more
  12. 12. Renew
  13. 13. Why this is interestingIt’s... a binNot just another magazine advertising Rolex watchesMore features on the way – it’s the bin that just keeps on giving
  14. 14. See renewsolution.com for more
  15. 15. housebites
  16. 16. Chefs in London’s restaurants often work 16 hours a dayPressures of this worklife and the recession drive many to consider either another income, or another way of lifeOn the demand side, London diners are very much used to the best on offer – what’s the equilibrium?
  17. 17. House Bites
  18. 18. Why this is interestingThe AirBnB for takeawaysReally ticks the boxes for the currents trends in the UK, both consumer and corporate:Takeaways: a massive marketEat localEat healthySupport small businesses
  19. 19. Housebites.com for more details
  20. 20. Market Invoice
  21. 21. Problem: unpaid invoices cause companiescashflow problems – they can’t spend on capitalon staff until they’re paid......and their business growth can potentiallysufferSo you...
  22. 22. ...wait....
  23. 23. ...and wait...
  24. 24. ...and think: there must be a better way, right?
  25. 25. Why this is interestingCreative finance in a controlled wayGreat returns for investorsLess time lost and less uncertainty for the business
  26. 26. Marketinvoice.com for more
  27. 27. Obrigada!Slides will be available on slideshare soon Stay in touch: @lplatebigcheese