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Enhance your Through CXE Framework


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Enhance your Through CXE Framework

  1. 1. Customer Experience Enhance your Through CXE Framework Copyright©2010TechMahindra| Allrightsreserved. Global Reach Africa | Australia | Bahrain | Belgium | Canada | China | Dubai | Egypt Germany | India | Indonesia | Malaysia | New Zealand | Philippines Singapore | Sweden | Thailand | USA | UK About Tech Mahindra Tech Mahindra is part of the multibillion dollar Mahindra Group, in partnership with BritishTelecommunications plc (BT), one of the leading global communications service provider. Focused primarily on the telecommunications industry,Tech Mahindra is a leading global systems integrator and business transformation consulting organization. In 2009,Tech Mahindra expanded its IT portfolio by acquiring the leading global business and information technology services company, Mahindra Satyam (earlier known as Satyam ComputerServices). Tech Mahindra's capabilities spread across a broad spectrum, including Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility Solutions, Security consulting and Testing. The solutions portfolio includes Consulting, Application Development & Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and BPO. With an array of service offerings for TSPs,TEMsandISVs,TechMahindraisachosentransformationpartnerforseveralleadingwireline,wirelessandbroadbandoperators inEurope,Asia-PacificandNorthAmerica. AT&T Supplier Award for Distinguished and Outstanding Performance, 2010 Ranked 13th TOMS vendor worldwide in 2009, based on revenue and market share in Gartner's Market Share: Telecom Operations Management Systems (BSS, OSS and SDP), Worldwide, 2007-2009, April 30, 2010. NASSCOM IT Innovator Award, 2009 for One of the Top 50 IT-BPO Innovators in India of the year 5th Largest Software Services Company in India 2009 Survey, NASSCOM Awards and Accolades: FormoreinformationonTechMahindra’sCustomerExperienceservices,pleasecontact: Marketing Contact : For marketing related queries, write to us at Americas : Middle-east & Africa : Europe : Asia-Pacific : Sales Contacts :
  2. 2. 21 Tech Mahindra defines Customer Experience (CE) as the sum of all experiences an end customer has with a service provideroverthedurationoftheirrelationshipwiththatserviceprovider. CustomerExperiencewillbecomemoreimportantthaneverbeforetoavoidmasscustomerchurninthelightofMobile Number Portability (MNP). With the advent of next generation telecom technologies, end users are looking for new multimediaserviceswiththeflexibilityofswitchingtheoperatorforbetterqualityandexperience. With increasing demand for gaming, HDTV, social networking, advertising and video applications, the customer is lookingatbetterexperiencefromtelecomoperators.Thekeyfactorswhichwillbringdifferentiationwillbethespeedat whichtelecomoperatorslaunchapplications,offerinnovativeserviceplansandprovideinnovativefeatures. Customer Experience for Telcos Organizations want to be customer focused, but lack capabilities and incentives to galvanize the entire organization to deliver towards the vision of being ’Customer Focused’. The three main impediments to delivering a seamless and sustainablecustomerexperienceare: Impediments Marketers are losing control Marketers can't treat different customers differently (Focus Investments on CE)Customers are becoming belligerent A short term focus prevails (Balance currentProducts and price are at parity (CE as the new revenue requirements with long term value)differentiator) Multichannel choice adds complexity (Ensures Continuity, consistency and correctness of actions) Internallyfocusedoperationalmeasuresandfragmentedmeasurementframeworks. Lack of agreement within the organization on what is important from the customer's view point whichinturnleadstolackoffocusinCEimprovementinitiatives. People lack awareness on how their actions contribute towards CE; leads to employees not being empoweredtoimproveCE. No Measures : No Agreement: No Awareness : Drivers for Customer Experience
  3. 3. 43 Tech Mahindra’s Customer eXperience Ecosystem (CXE) is a holistic solution for meeting and exceeding customer's expectations. The CXE solution will enable the organization to remain committed to providing best-in-class experience to its customers,ateachpointofcontactandthroughoutthecustomer'sjourney. CustomerExperienceGoals Reducescustomerchurnby protectingexistingrevenuesources Increasescustomerloyaltybyimprovingtheorganization's ’share-of-wallet’,creationofnewrevenuesources Buildlastingcustomerrelationships byincreasing ‘share-of-mind’ Tech Mahindra provides a complete and disciplined approach to measure, disseminate and continuously improve customerexperience. 1.CraftaCEStrategyfortheorganization Create a framework to measure the major components of customer experience across channels, processes, and products Baselinecurrentperformance 2.ProvidecapabilityforBusinessActivityMonitoring Enableoperationalreporting CreationofCEDashboardenablingthesemeasurestobevisibletoallstakeholdersintheorganization 3.PrioritizeCEImprovementOpportunities 4. Approach towards continuous improvement Tech Mahindra imbibes improvement approach in the organization with an aim to continuously improve Customer Experiencebywayof- CEEnhancementofferings Customer eXperience Ecosystem (CXE) CEEnhancementOutcomes RemovestheimpedimentsofNoMeasures,NoAgreementandNoAwareness MakestheorganizationawareofcurrentCEperformanceandwheretheyaimtoreach Focuses the organization's improvement efforts in areas which would provide the maximum leverage to CE improvement Galvanizestheorganizationtodeliverbest-in-classcustomerexperience Identifyopportunities Perform cost-benefit analysis Determine the impact of these opportunities Prioritize opportunities for improvement Setting CE targets and identifing gap in current ProposingsolutionstoplugtheCEgap performanceandtarget Implementingthesolution ConductingRootCauseAnalysis Trackingbenefitrealizationofthesolution
  4. 4. Tech Mahindra helped in enhancing CE Measurement Framework and arriving at the baseline for the select products and processes chosen for customer experience improvement. This provided an initial view on how various ‘product processes’ contributed to overall Customer Experience. A glidepath was then created with incremental steps on achieving the annual target. This formed the ‘Analysis Phase’mentionedintheadjacentdiagram. The solution to improve customer experience involved four phases: Analysis, Impact Assessment, Delivery Planning and Rollout, and Post-Deployment Support and Management. 65 UK basedTier1Telecom Service Provider CaseSummary ThemainobjectiveoftheprogramwastoimproveCustomerExperienceMeasure(RFT)throughvarious initiatives.The baseline of 75% was to be improved to the target of 94%. Tech Mahindra along with business users helped improve throughsystemenhancement,industrybestpractices,complianceandreporting. Overview Largest telecom operator in UK supporting 170 countries across the world; customer base consists of 89% Forbes 500 companies spread across financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other verticals. It has also invested in latest Networktechnologyimprovingcustomeraccesstomultipleservices. Case Study 1 Tech Mahindra Solution Business Benefits 18% improvement in RFT in 2009-10 Improved process compliance across business users (around 70%) Improved front end data quality at sales process (above 90%) Single reporting mechanism (EDW) to report on operational and CE KPI's Business Challenges Lack of clear ownership model across delivery and assurance processes Multiple front end systems with laborious process to enter and manage orders Low operational user compliance across processes Lack of single reporting mechanism within business CaseStudies 1. UK based Tier 1 Telecom Service Provider 2. Leading Wireless Service Provider in US 3. Enhanced Customer Experience by 180° Turnaround 4. Customer Support Services for a UK Operator
  5. 5. 87 UK basedTier1Telecom Service Provider TechMahindra'sconsultantsconducteddetailedandperiodicRootCauseAnalysis(RCA)onfailedorderstounderstand the underlying issues which were then classified into three: system, process (compliance) and measurement. Post analysis,theteamimplementedthesolutionspanningoveraperiodof6-9months. Keyinitiatives: Front end system enhancements (quote management) reduced duplication of work, improved validation checksandbulkloadfacilityfororders OnlineCRF(CustomerRequirementForm)reducedrequestsintomailboxandenhancedfrontenddataquality byincludingimprovedvalidations Deployed 'Date Management' policies complying with the policy ensured correct handling of orders thus drivingcomplianceandimprovedorderjourney Introduced Jeopardy Reporting queue based near real time reporting for all operational teams for better managementofpipelineandbacklogorders CleanorderchecklistandvalidationforSalesandOrderEntryteamsintroduced Established Ticket Management best practice training of ops units on key information which needs to be enteredduringticketcreationandclosure SFI (Special Fault Investigation) process managed chronic and frequent trouble tickets through special investigations Introduced Management reporting - Daily / Weekly region wise operational reporting for ops units across the globe Tech Mahindra's solution provided an overall benefit of 23.6% improvement in Service Fulfillment process RFT for various products, raising the customer experience RFT metric to 91.4%. Similarly, the solution provided an overall benefitof14.16%improvementinServiceAssuranceprocessRFTforvariousproducts,raisingthecustomerexperience RFTmetricto93.56%.EnablersusedtoimproveRFTarementionedinthebelowBenefitMapdiagram. ClientAdvantage RFT Journey Trouble to ResolveRFT Journey Lead to Cash LeadtoCash(systemenhancements) JeopardyReporting Reduction of 5 minutes per order for order entry Provided early visibility to prevent backlog / tails team for international voice orders (order quality i.e.reducefailures failureratelessthan1%sincerollout) Enabled targeted management support for Enhanced frontend validation through rollout of priorityareas onlineCRF(morethan90%) ImprovedRFTby5% TroubleTicket(TT)Management KCIAutomation ReducedchronicTTfailures EnabledFTESavings(OrderManagementTeam) ImprovementindataqualitywithTTmanagement SavinginGBP=1.92millionannually ImprovedRFTby3% Reductionof75%ofmanualeffortsinsendingKCIs achieved Key Benefits Strategic Benefits Outcome Business ChangeBenefits Enabler Improved customer experience Improved Right First Time Reduced Cycle Time User adherence, consistent processes Standard product solutions deployed Reduced complexity of systems estate Reduced requirement for human intervention in processes Improved productivity & efficiency Simplified and standardized C2M, L2C and T2R processes Improved Data quality and Integrity Improved System Automation Increased level of Customer Self Service Simplified and standardized processes Transformation Business process led transformation Process Improvement Training/User Adoption Process Standardization System Automation Data Quality Improvement System Rationalization and Standardization
  6. 6. 109 Business Benefits Reduction in Operational cost by improving on areas contributing to high inbound calls Near real time visual interface giving“Customer Experience”trend Tactical solution focusing on the quick wins and strategic solution for long term business benefits Identification of key areas impacting‘Customer Experience’ Business Challenges Low customer satisfaction while interacting with the customer service channels High volume of inbound calls to customer care centres increasing operational costs LeadingWireless Service Provider in US Case Summary Client is being rated as‘Average’for its customer care performance. The overall satisfaction level for interaction with customer service channels has been dropping even below industry average. Tech Mahindra has proposed a near real time mechanism of measuring‘Customer Experience’. Overview Client is a leading wireless service provider in US and has one of the largest digital voice and data networks in the nation. Case Study 2 Background Client has been experiencing lower customer satisfaction levels for its customer care performance. Besides the client has been receiving high volume of inbound calls to its customer care centersresultinginincreasedoperationalcost. TechMahindra conductedapilotstudyto: AnalyzetheCustomerInteractiondata Identify top reasons leading to high call volumestocustomercare Suggest initiatives towards improving CustomerExperience TechMahindraSolution Tech Mahindra engaged its‘Customer Experience’practice for this study which has highly qualified resources with rich analyticalandconsultingexperienceinTelecomdomain. Tech Mahindra studied in detail the specifics of the inbound calls to the customer care centers and identified the areas which were negatively impacting customer's experience during the interactions with the customer care and hence leading to lower customer satisfaction. Tech Mahindra also identified some quick win areas for reducing the inbound callssubstantiallytherebybringingdowntheoperationalcosts.TechMahindraproposedaneasytousevisualinterface mechanism to continuously monitor the customer's experience during their interaction with the customer care centers. Thekeyaspectsofthisstudywere: Understandingtheclient'sbusinessneeds Identifyingandgatheringthedataelementsrequiredforanalysis CreatingadatabaseinOracleandMSAccessforthedatatobeanalyzed Detailed analysis of the data and using statistical techniques like Pareto Analysis to prioritize the areas to be The trend of customer interactions through inbound calls to the Client's call centres. KeyAdvantages Identified areas contributing to high inbound call volume to customer care and devising a mechanism to prioritizetheareastobeaddressed Reducedoperationalcostsbyaddressingthequickwinareascontributingtohighinboundcalls Identified parameters negatively impacting the ‘Customer Experience’ and leading to lower customer satisfaction Nearrealtimemonitoringof ‘CustomerExperience’throughaneasytousevisualinterface Enhanced business agility by providing valuable inputs to the CXO to initiate corrective actions to improve ‘CustomerExperience’ Devised a‘Customer Experience’measuring and monitoring mechanism which can be extrapolated to other channels Snapshot of “Customer Experience” monitoring dashboard
  7. 7. 1211 Business Benefits Efficient and streamlined process SOP across all processes Significant reduction in repeat calls Calls Per Subscriber (CPS) reduced to 0.46 from a high of 1.8 Answered Level (AL) established at 98% compared to the previous level of 58.9% Service Level (SL) increased to 93.29% compared to the earlier 34.18% Quality level of 88% whereas the previous level was 64% Business ChallengesNeeds Very low customer satisfaction Low First Call Resolution leading to a high Calls per Subscriber (CPS) High Average Handling Time(AHT) Enhanced Customer Experience by 180°Turnaround Case Summary Client was facing low customer satisfaction and high operating costs due to scattered customer care call centres. It wanted a partner who could help them reduce their operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. Tech Mahindra set up a centralized customer care centre for the North Zone operations of the client to meet their requirements. Overview Client is a leading telecom operator in India with over 25 million subscribers. The client provides telecommunication services, which include basic services, cellular services and broadband services for retail and enterprise. Case Study 3 Background Client was facing problems in resolving the customer service issues. For example, it had multiple customer support centres across different physical locations for their subscribers in the North Zone. As a result of this multiple centre architecture, the operating costs were high for the client. The percentage of repeat calls was high which led to low customersatisfaction. The client wanted a partner who could help them reduce their operating costs by setting up a centralized customer carecentre,bringindustrybestpracticeswiththemandensureenhancedcustomersatisfaction. TechMahindraSolution Tech Mahindra’s Business Process Management (BPM) team understood the requirements of the client and formed a core team of experts comprising BPM resources. The team did a second level drill down to arrive at the Root Cause Analysis(RCA). The team consisting of various functional SPOCs then came up with the probable factors which triggered the repeat calls in the first place. Key factors were short listed and sub teams were formed to study and find a resolution for each factor.The solution was then implemented and regular team meetings wereheld to understand the impact of solution andrecommendmodification. EasetoAccessCentre- Our team analyzed the switch reports to understand how easy it was for the subscribers to accessthehelplinetogettheirqueriesresolved.Afteranalysingtheswitchcongestionreport,theteamsuggested that, augmentations be done to increase the incoming calls. Manpower planning was also done at the same time toincreaseansweringcapability. Changes in the IVR Proposed- Tech Mahindra team made test calls to understand what queries were being addressed by IVR automatically and suggested a few changes in theTree Structure.The option of reaching service centreagentwithminimalroutingwasbroughtupintheTreetoreducecustomerwaittimeandenhancecustomer experience. Changes were made in the IVR to provide account related information, new scheme on IVR as a result account and new schemes related calls were reduced by 20%.This was because information was provided on IVR itself,thusincreasingtheIVRintelligence. Premium Customer Handling- The client had classified their customers into a premium and non premium segments based on the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). The client wanted that prime importance be given to their premium customers. Tech Mahindra initiated a process to provide differential treatment to the premium customers of the client where the premium customers were allowed to skip the IVR and reach special agent directly.Qualityscoreswereusedtoensurethattopskillassociates(GreenBand)handledpremiumcustomercalls. Incaseofahighqueuetimepremiumcustomersweregivenpreference. Desk Aid for Associates- Tech Mahindra proposed and ensured a single screen availability of all critical information sources / tool (for example: Attendance management tool, Associate profile form, Online knowledge repository) to help decrease time spent by associateson non productivetasks.The tool was devised in house to be accessedasaonestopshopbyintegratingtheclienttoolwiththeinhousetools. Knowledge Bank- We made available the Online product / Process information repository and the Scenario specific script guide to the customer service associates to ensure that they were equipped with full information categorizedonvariousscenarioswhiletheyareservicingthecall. RepeatCallResolutionProject- A special team was formed to handle customers who called in more than once in 24 hours (for any issue). The basic strategy behind this was to have best agents handle repeat callers to ensure improvementinresolutionrate(measuredusingrepeatcalls)andenhancedcustomerexperience.Therepeatcalls were broken into two categories and the CRM dump along with call records was used to identify top 20% repeat callcategories.Anescalationdeskwascreatedtohandleiratecustomersandtakesupervisory/escalatedcalls. TechMahindrahasdesignedandimplementedStandardOperatingProcedure(SOP)documentation.Adedicated dealer line to resolve the dealer queries was also provided. Tech Mahindra currently handles the calls of prospective customers which sometimes are from other lines of business of the client. We capture their requirements while resolving their queries which are then fed back to the client for their marketing team so that they may leverage on that information while preparing their marketing activities/campaigns and advertising (printmedia)plans. Key Factors
  8. 8. Tech Mahindra implemented an out-of-the-box Credit Check is carried out when a new customer managed services solution comprising the whole of requests for a product from the client. Credit check is OSS/ BSS stack, customer management centre and being done in order to check if the customer meets the Service assurance centre to meet the requirements of client’sfinancialcriteriaforeligibility. the client. Tech Mahindra started In Life Fault Management o p e r a t i o n s i n B e l f a s t o n When a customer reports a fault September 18, 2007 with 52 by calling the client. Fault can be agents. related to lines as well as calls. This centre was set up to manage Line test is done to identify the client’s activities and to provide fault and if required, engineer end-to-endcustomersupport.The visitisplanned. strategy was to ramp up the team, Home Movers - When a stabilize the process, deliver high customer is moving from one quality service and plan seamless place to another and wants to migration to Noida centre, India, in transfer existing service to a phased manner. Noida centre his/hernewpremises. became operational on 14th Jan, Abuse Management - If any2008. customer receives unwanted or We are currently providing voice, non voice and web nuisance calls then in order to avoid such calls (e-mail) services to the customers of the client. This customer can call up & launch a request at Abuse involveshandlingcustomercallsandemailsinorderto managementcentre. provide timely resolution to the complaints of the Regrades - If customer applies for a particularcustomers. package, credit check is done in order to check if VoiceandNon-Voice he/she meets the client’s financial criteria for eligibility Customer Service - Customers call if there is any issue, andifhe/shefailstomeettheeligibilitycriteriathenhis query, complaint or if they are unhappy with the packagegetsautomaticallydowngraded. services. 1413 Business Benefits Very high customer satisfaction Potential savings in operating costs Customer management operations enabled in 3 months Launched services within the desired time frame Business Needs Launch new products to create new revenue streams Go to market in an extremely stringent time frame Deliver quality service to customers from day one Set up a voice and non voice centre to provide 24x7 services to customers Reduce operating costs Customer Support Services for a UK Operator Case Summary Client wanted to launch their landline services aggressively across UK in a stringent time frame. It wanted a solution that can provide 24x7 support services to its customers from day one. Tech Mahindra has implemented a global delivery model to meet the client requirements. Overview Client is one of the world's most advanced and fastest - growing mobile communications companies. The client has over 12 million customers in the UK and over 30 million customers worldwide. It has also launched a new product offering PSTN (landline connections). Case Study 4 Background ClientisanincumbentmobileoperatorinUKandwantedtolaunchthelandlineservicesinordertocreatenewrevenue streams. The client was looking for a solution provider who could provide 24x7 support services to its customers. The clientwantedthesolutionprovidertodeliverqualityservice ensuringhighcustomersatisfaction. Tech Mahindra Solution Highlights Successfully delivering service levels above the target of 80 / 20 from inception till date. Achieving call answer percentage above 91% at all times, improved to 97% in March 2008 and is consistently maintained at 97% till date. Tech Mahindra Solution