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Arleen treiu p8

  1. 1. Arleen TrieuPeriod 8
  2. 2. Born in 1933.DeConge’s occupationwas a Mathematician.
  3. 3. • She was sixteen years old when she joined the Sisters of the Holy Family.• Became a teacher and taught in elementary schools in parochial schools of the dioceses Baton Rouge and Lafayette (1952-1955).
  4. 4. • Born in • Attended • Taught at Wickliff, Graduate Holy Ghost School at High School Louisiana in Louisiana Opelousas, L State ouisiana College. from 1959- 1961.
  5. 5. Received a doctorate in Math Saint LouisUniversity 1968.Was an assistant professor at LoyolaUniversity in New Orleans 1968-1971.
  6. 6. She wrote Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (USA). Her publications were on Cauchy’s Problem for Higher- Order Abstract Parabolic Equations.DeConge was the seventh child born out of nine children.
  7. 7. Her Family was of Creole descent.• Her family spoke French.She went to segregated schools in Louisiana whereshe was always a genius in math sinceelementary school.• In 1976, DeConge was diagnosed with Lupus, a disease that destroys the immune system.
  8. 8. • Coauthored a University of New Mexico Technical support.• She wrote two unpublished books a geometry text book, and a math book for elementary school teachers.
  9. 9. • Directed Center for Minorities in Science, Engineering, at Southern University and at the1995 A&M College System. • Retired being the professor of emeritus of mathematics1998 • She became the interim Vice Chancellor for Academic affairs, teaching students once again.2003
  10. 10. 2005, she wrote about She was very her family Involved in life starting Church from 1851. activities.Charter member of SouthernUniversity Chapter Pi Mu Epsilon, anational mathematics society.
  11. 11. Believed all She had fourteachers should step-children.major in math.
  12. 12. At Southern University,she received Teacher of theyear Award for threeyears straight. At St. Louis University received Outstanding Graduate of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1996.
  13. 13. Her father Her was a family • Moved infarmer and spoke very 1934 to a jack-of- little Baton all-trades. English. Rouge, Louisiana.
  14. 14. She wrote a long essaycalled 2-Normed Latticesand 2-Metric Spaces forher PhD. Wrote the journal, Journal of African Civilizations.
  15. 15.  Became a nun in the Holy Sisters of Saint Francis. Attended Secton Hill’s College in Greensburg ,Pennsylvania. Received B.A. degree in mathematics and science at Seton Hill College.
  16. 16.  Deconge was the 15th African American to receive a Ph.D in Mathematics. Received Masters Degree in mathematics (1962). Became an executive director of the Center for Mathematics in Science, Engineering, and technology.
  17. 17. Taught at DelisleJunior College in NewOrleans in 1962-1964.Taught at SouthernUniversity of BatonRouge in 1999.
  18. 18. Minored in French at St.Louis University.She wrote the Journal ofMathematical AnalyticalApplications.
  19. 19. Her mother Spent 29 was Adina years at Spent 37 Rodney Southern years on DeConge and University higher her father Batoneducation. was Alphonse Frank Rouge, Lousi Deconge. ana.
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