WordPress In the Enterprise - East Bay WordPress Meetup


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WordPress In the Enterprise - East Bay WordPress Meetup

  1. Technology Hotspot & Salon Enterprise Websites with WordPress Multisite East Bay WordPress Meetup Anca Mosoiu,Tech Liminal July 15, 2012268 14th Street, Oakland, CA 94612 | Open 9:30 - 7 Monday - Friday | Drop-in co-working space, workshops and technology services | More info: http://www.techliminal.com Content in this presentation is Copyright (c) 2012 Tech Liminal. CC-Share-Alike. Feel free to use stuff from this presentation, but leave a link to Tech Liminal
  2. Introduction Anca Tech Liminal • Web Developer • Technology Hotspot & Salon • Information Architect • Co-Working • 15 years of experience in • Workshops, Conferences technology & marketing orgs • Expert, friendly help with web & • Enterprise apps + websites social media anca@techliminal.com www.techliminal.com Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  3. Overview• What do you mean by Enterprise?• WordPress as a portal• Case Studies www.techliminal.com 3 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  4. Enterprise!• Lots of people (>150) • Departments / siloes• Communication and standards directives• Ownership and responsibility • Laws / (Sarbanes Oxley) • IT www.techliminal.com 4 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  5. Siloes...• Each Department has their own resources / budget• They might have to use a single IT provider• But may be allowed to host content (marketing) outside the corporate firewall.• They don’t want other people in their stuff www.techliminal.com 5 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  6. What Enterprise Users Want• Ability to change their own websites• Single-Signon• User-Friendly• Ownership, permissions, and process • I don’t want those HR people to touch my stuff! Control, Process, Support www.techliminal.com 6 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  7. IT Concerns• Hosting - Most Enterprise-level organizations are not on LAMP, but many have the ability to set it up• WordPress MultiSite uses a medium amount of resources (must have its own VPS internally)• Require Robust service contracts, insurance• Off-site hosting (WordPress VIP, etc)• Security (sensitive enterprise data)• Access to corporate data behind the firewall • People Search • ERP systems www.techliminal.com 7 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  8. Legal• I am not a lawyer ... • Sarbanes Oxley - requires well-documented process for handling financial information, makes CEO personally liable for accounting inaccuracies • Customer data privacy • Contracts (especially support) www.techliminal.com 8 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  9. Why WordPress?
  10. So Why WordPress?• Many people in marketing / communication departments like it (and know how to use it) • Quick “microsites” for product launches, marketing launches• WordPress Multisite for larger-scale sites where departments want to collaborate • Each Site can be owned by a department • Each department can have a different layout, but similar branding (theme framework) • Aggregate at the top-level site• Integrate w/ corporate data systems www.techliminal.com 10 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  11. Case StudiesWordPress Intranet
  12. The Solution Aggregate Feeds from otherannouncements from tools and areas all site areas Aggregate eventspostings from all site areas www.techliminal.com
  13. The IntranetConsistent look for allsite areas - This is the PR Dashboard More feeds - useful for PR teamLots of link to internal content www.techliminal.com
  14. Site Areas • Each Site Area = 1 Site • Specific set of people to update, maintain • Some have their own blogs (+ pages) • Same look and feel, standardized widget placement • Combined through Navigation Menu Custom Development (Menu Integration) www.techliminal.com
  15. This Week’s Events • Feature is intended to replace weekly emails • Aggregate content from within site areas • Custom content type development www.techliminal.com
  16. Contributors, Authors • Employees are assigned roles on sites (subscriber, contributor, author) • Co-Authors Plus plugin to allow multiple owners for content • Gravity Forms for custom data collection • Google Apps / Forms / Calendar www.techliminal.com
  17. Things we had to customize • One Menu made up multiple primary menus • Retrieve posts from multiple sites (not through RSS) • switch_to_blog = not good • Integration w/ People Search functionality (REST API) • Google Calendar Integration www.techliminal.com
  18. Lessons Learned• Plan for the hosting very early• Find champions for the WordPress site within the organization• Train developers to be self-sufficient • Internal culture that allows development = good• Nothing that “called home” was allowed inside the firewall (so no automatic upgrades) www.techliminal.com 18 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal
  19. Questions?• anca@techliminal.com www.techliminal.com 19 Content © 2012, Tech Liminal