Blogging for Job Seekers


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Learn about Blogging when you're look

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Blogging for Job Seekers

  1. 1. Technology Hotspot & Salon Blogging for the Job Seeker Tips, Tricks, and Truth Anca Mosoiu, Tech Liminal268 14th Street, Oakland, CA 94612 | Open 11-7 Monday - Friday | Drop-in co-working space, workshops and technology services | More info: 1 Content in this presentation is Copyright (c) 2010 Tech Liminal. CC-Share-Alike. Feel free to use stuff from this presentation, but leave a link to Tech Liminal
  2. 2. Introduction Anca Tech Liminal • Web Developer • Information Architect • Technology Hotspot & Salon • Co-Working • 15 years of experience in technology & marketing orgs • Workshops, Conferences • Freelancer, Entrepreneur • Expert, friendly help with web & social media 2
  3. 3. Agenda ‣ What? ‣ Why? ‣ Where? ‣ With Whom? 3 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  4. 4. What is a Blog?• A blog is like an online journal, containing articles written by one or more authors, on an ongoing basis • Personal Observations (Online diary!) • Professional Writings • Short, pertinent articles• Engage your audience through comments, discussion• Organized on a temporal basis (latest is at the top, or on the homepage)• Usually managed through a blogging tool 4 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  5. 5. What is your Blog? Category Date A form or just email Author Etc Homepage About Me Archive Page(s) Contact Page Blog Post 1 Tell People about yourself Blog Post 2• Latest content is on the homepage Pillar Content:• Daily (or weekly) updates • • About Us About Us• 1 or more authors, categories • • Evergreen posts Evergreen posts• Call to action: Engage with Me • • Your Categories Your Categories• Site readers comment and engage in conversation about topics 5 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  6. 6. Some Examples of Blogs You May Know• Tech Crunch: (Technology, media, and more)• The Daily Kos: (Politics ahead!)• Heather Armstrong: (THE Mommy Blogger)• Julie / Julia project - now defunct - one woman cooks Julia Child recipes, writes book, makes a movie... 6 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  7. 7. Why? Make sure you have a goal• What do you hope to accomplish by blogging? por tfolio Get m Cre ate a o re rea ders Establish or maintain my legitimacy in the field f f works gging stu this blo Le arn how Make money from selling ads! 7 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  8. 8. So you know when you’ve accomplished it• You got a new job• You’ve attracted the attention of the right people• ... 8 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  9. 9. Exercise: Write down your goal• You have 30 seconds.• Also write down how you know when you’ve accomplished it 9 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  10. 10. Why?• Now you can plan out the work it’s going to take to succeed • How much do you have to write • Where do you write it? • How do you publish it and get people to read it • Consider your formats - text, photos, videos, sounds • What tools will work for you? 10 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  11. 11. Case Study: Establishing Legitimacy• Keep up with the people who are publishing in your field• Keep up with your industry news• Keep up with industry social networks (meetup, facebook, linkedin, etc)• Discuss or link on your blog• Link to others• Comments on others’ sites• Tweet• Respond to comments 11 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  12. 12. Case Study: tedcurran.netHigh school teacherSpecialized in new mediaInterested in educationtechnologyBuilt a blog andconnected into socialnetworksHas connected with hisnew field and activelyparticipates in discussion Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  13. 13. Where?• Where do you start your blog? • Popular services • • Tumblr • Blogger • • On your own website 13 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  14. 14. WordPress.comPopular BloggingPlatformFree (with premiumfeatures)Lots of themesBuilt-in community ofbloggersCan move your contentto your own self-hosted site Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  15. 15. Example SiteComments and likesComments encourageparticipationYou can get links fromother blogs Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  16. 16. TumblrSimple interface,uncomplicated featuresBut lots of them!Content in a streamBeautiful formatsPost links to other sites(youtube, etc) easily Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  17. 17. Tumblr ExampleClean templatesFocus on formattingdifferent types ofcontent“Follows” andcommentsIntegrate w/ Twitter andmore Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  18. 18. Posterous.comEasy media uploads(photos, videos,sounds)Automatic galleries formultiple photosGroups and networksAutomatically linked toFacebook, Twitter, Etc. Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  19. 19. Posterous ExampleSimple, clean themesBlog only Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  20. 20. Case Study 2: Blog For BusinessSelf-hosted WordPresssite includes blog andprofessional serviceslistingCustom, consitentLook and FeelPersonal TouchCan easily hire Irenefrom this site Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  21. 21. What Else To Connect?• Broadcast when you post to (or aggregate content from) • Linkedin • Twitter • Facebook • Flickr • YouTube• Use Google Alerts to see what people are saying about you 21 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  22. 22. an Think about how you connect! Linkedin Twitter Announce new posts. announce new posts Link to posts that answer keep content fresh with questions you see on LinkedIn microblogging Your Blog YouTube post links to my videos on my site Facebook link relevant posts to my friends of facebook. Invite discussionMake your own version of this diagram. It’s your Social Media Map 22 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  23. 23. Connect all your media with...•• Hootsuite• Self-hosted WordPress 23 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  24. 24. How often to Write? How Long• Great questions - with very personal answers • Generally: • Write multiple times/week • Write for your audience • If your topic is complex, write long posts • Mix with shorter ones if you want 24 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  25. 25. How to keep track of material• Research your field• Keep track of links in bookmarking service (delicious, diig) - later, you can share them• Subscribe to blogs using Google Reader 25 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  26. 26. Commenting Strategies• Find your field’s bloggers• Visit their site• Read other comments• Leave a comment that contributes to the conversation• Link to read other blogs as well• Respond to comments on your own site 26 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  27. 27. Want More?• Tech Liminal offers: • Weekly Friday WordPress support group • Social Media for Job Seekers Workshops (September 2011) • Sign up for our newsletter at:• Or check out these blogs for more tips and hints: • • • 27 Content © 2011, Tech Liminal
  28. 28. thank Content © 2011, Tech Liminal