Staff development presentation 6/7/2013


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Presentation created by Joanna Breen, Marissa Szumowski, and Curtis Wyant at the Wilmington Memorial Library, Wilmington, MA.

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  • JoannaOld values and missions are still relevantLiteracy is a core missionNot an “abandon the books” outlookChildren’s early literacy campaign speaks to the ever present need for literacy advocates. If libraries are a united front advocating for literacy, so even it we add bells and whistles to get people engaged, they still end up in the library (kind of like, you can lead the horse to water…)
  • JoannaMaker spaces Westport Public LibraryDigital media labs Skokie Public LibrarySatellite programming Kitsap Regional Library – Ferry talesTechnology petting zoosQR Codes Dover (pop: 2265)Abandoning Dewey Decimal Us, DoverEliminating rules Dover, generally libraries are trying to get away from the “Sshh” reputationCommunity partnershipsMusical Instrument Check-Out Program – Lopez Island (Wash.) Library“The Lopez Island Library offers a collection of musical instruments available for patron checkout. All the items come with carrying cases, tuners, and how-to guides, and a practice amplifier for the electric guitar. The items circulate for 28 days, like other library items.”LibraryFarm – Northern Onondaga (N.Y.) Public Library“The LibraryFarm is an organic community garden on one-half acre of land owned by Northern Onondaga Public Library in Cicero, NY. Anyone can ‘check out’ a plot for no cost. Its purpose is to teach and learn ‘food literacy,’ as well as to preserve knowledge that our grandparents might have had but that never got passed down, and to provide fresh organic produce for local food pantries.”Santa Suits – Patrons start reserving them in September at the Bolivar County Library System in Mississippi.Telescopes – “The Portland Public Library, Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick and Raymond Village Library in Maine
  • Librarian Justine Hernandez started the Seed Library in January 2012. She says “Those are just some of the possibilities at the Pima County Public Library’s Seed Lending Library. – ArizonaBasalt Public Library and the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute)
  • Partnerships This summer Seattle public library team up w/ Seattle fire fighters and they will be reading the stories at storytimeInteractivity:Storyville: An interactive early literacy and learning center for children ages birth to five and their caregivers. A child-sized village that includes developmentally appropriate books and activities. was designed and created to foster early literacy and school readiness skills. We know through scientific research that success in school begins at birth and that the ages of birth to five are critical learning years.The engagement of parents and caregivers with their young children through reading and playing together is key to their child's success. Storyville is a place where books and purposeful play come together to provide valuable experiences that nurture young children and support parents and caregivers in their role as their child's first and best teacher.Misc:Memorial Hall Library in Andover has an “Awesome Box” kids return awssome stuff there and then it goes on a special display—giving the library to the patrons—you get to classify as awesomeMultnomah County Library – Black story timesForeign language storytimesProgramming:Worm racesDuct tape wallets
  • Hard not to feel disadvantagedTrendsetting libraries often have:-Large staff-Big money-Rich local resources-Famous patrons (NYPL had original library endorsement written by the likes woody allen)-Independent libraries-New buildingsHere we have:-Small staff-Good budget-Old building-Limited local resources-Consortium constraintsStar Libraries – We’re in the 1-5 million rangeMost of the top scoring 4/5 star libraries in our range where in larger cities, on the upper end of the budget spectrum. But still, they have more people to reach.
  • Why do all this when we’re here to stay?We’re doing wellWell funded Haven’t had to cut hoursProgram attendance is excellentChildren's programs are robust, and their circ is steadyInnovative Neighborhoods Desk consolidation E-reader circ CSA pick-up siteTech helpLibraries rebranded as “tech hubs”WMLtech help sessions – 60+ in 4 monthstechnology program attendance – big!Mobile devicesDevice ownership: 40% of Americans 18+ have an e-reader or tablet, or bothDecreasing laptop/desktop computer purchasingWMLwebsite visits: 5% mobile visits last year, up to 20% this yearTech help topics
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  • Staff development presentation 6/7/2013

    1. 1. IN THE (RELATIVE) BEGINNING…Duke University Archives. Perkins Library Reference Desk, 1970s
    2. 2. REVITALIZING REFERENCE April 2013 reference stats Tech/copier/printer: 33% Traditional ref: 14% Catalog/reservations: the rest 1st floor desk redesign Automation: from zero to 50%self-checkout in less than 2 years
    3. 3. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS MEMORIAL LIBRARY, IL“We are about helping people. One of the things I liketo say is that we are one of the only institutions in oursociety that helps one person at a time. We are notsatisfied until they’ve had their needs met.”Kent Oliver, Nashville Public Library Director
    4. 4. ANN ARBOR DISTRICT LIBRARY, MI“A library is a growing organism.”S. R. Ranganathan, mathematician and librarian
    5. 5. WESTPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY, CT“A librarys function is to give the public in thequickest and cheapest way information, inspiration,and recreation. If a better way than the book canbe found, we should use it.”Melvil Dewey
    6. 6. USER EXPERIENCE (UX)What is user experience?• involves a persons emotions about using aparticular product, system or serviceWhy study UX?• Make tools and services easier to use• Improve efficiency of workflows andprocessesWe are not our patronsThink like our users!
    7. 7. 8 PRINCIPLES OF USER EXPERIENCE• You are not your user• stop making decisions that are good for you, but not yourpatrons• Your users are not broken• Good UX requires empathy• Good UX requires research• attitudinal vs. behavioral• UX research starts with listening to your patrons
    8. 8. 8 PRINCIPLES OF USER EXPERIENCE• Easy has to come before interesting• Good design is universal• Good design is intentional• why is ____ where it is?• be intentional about every designdecision• Good design is holistic• building, hours, furniture, servicedesks, lighting, signage, etc.Bad!
    9. 9. DESIGN THINKINGArranging things for a purpose• Design things so that they benefit our patrons, not us.
    10. 10. GOOD DESIGN
    11. 11. GOOD DESIGNIntuitive, easy to use, obvious
    12. 12. BAD DESIGNTrouble using technology is the fault of the designer, not the user
    13. 13. BAD DESIGNOverdrive
    14. 14. USER EXPERIENCE & DESIGN @ WML• Service desks• Website• Seating areas• Self-checkout• Return bins• SignageBlair Library, Fayetteville, AR
    15. 15. TRENDSMaker spacesDigital media labsTechnology helpMobile devicesSatellite programmingAbandoning Dewey DecimalEliminating rulesCommunity partnershipsRedesigning circ/reference areasUnique Collections
    16. 16. “It’s not about thelibrary trying todo everything, it’sabout partneringand being alarger part ofsomething tohelp support ourcommunity”
    17. 17. THE MAGICAL CHILDREN’S ROOMPartnershipsInterior designInteractivityTherapy dogseContentCreative programmingTargeted programming
    18. 18. SCALABLEDigital Media Lab  Digital MediaStationMaker Space  Maker SpotTech Hub  Tech Help
    19. 19. Who will be the futurelibrary advocates?Who will be theFriends?The Trustees?When the next librarybuilding comes to avote at town meeting...Who will stand up
    20. 20. WESTERVILLE’S VISIONThe Westerville Public Library will be aleading public library in America.Through innovation and imagination wewill provide an environment wherepeople of all backgrounds and ages maydream their dreams, exercise theirimaginations, feed their intellects,nurture success and otherwise enhancetheir lives.