Vehicle access control using anpr


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Number plate identification perimeter protection system. Control which vehicle access your premise. Assign rules for vehicles trying to enter the premise. Blacklist vehicles. Generate Alert if a blacklisted or unregistered vehicle trying to enter the area. Make efficient use of your security staff

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Vehicle access control using anpr

  1. 1. Vehicle Access Control Using ANPR Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Overview • Introduction to Vehicle Access Control • Introduction to ANPR • Access Control With ANPR • System • System Integration • Closure
  3. 3. Vehicle Access Control • Controlling access of vehicles into premise • Computer software to identify the number plate • Authorization based on number plate • Keep record of incoming and outgoing time • Raise alarms to alert security if unidentified vehicle trying to enter premise
  4. 4. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) • License number is the primary, most widely accepted, human readable, mandatory identifier of motor vehicles.
  5. 5. Access control • Automatic License Plate Recognition replaces, redeems the task of manually typing the plate number of the bypassing vehicle into the computer system • Applications: ▫ parking automation and parking security ▫ limiting access to areas and resources based on users' identities and their membership in various predefined groups ▫ Automation of Toll collection ▫ Vehicle access time chart and reporting
  6. 6. Building ANPR System • Automatic number plate recognition has two essential technological issues: ▫ The quality of license plate recognition software ▫ The quality of image acquisition technology, the camera and the illumination. • Image acquisition technology: ▫ ANPR system relies on the quality of the images acquired by the camera, we offer special purpose cameras for this application with automated illumination
  7. 7. ANPR System Integration • Vehicle is made to halt by an automatic collapsible arm • Camera mounted nearby at an angle to capture the number plate • ANPR system receives the feed image from camera • System, in a fraction of a second, matches it against stored records of authorized vehicles • If the vehicle is authorized to enter here, system sends a command to the gate Controller to raise the arm. • The system records this entry in the database.
  8. 8. System Features • If the approaching vehicle is not marked as authorized to enter the premise then an alert buzzer is raised to intimate the security to take control. • The supervisor can add, update and delete the access privileges of different vehicles • Time wise / Day wise access schedule can be fed to the system for individual vehicles • Grouping of vehicles with same access rights • Reports on defaulting vehicles. Vehicle wise access reports, etc.
  9. 9. Closure • The system provides multifaceted benefits: ▫ Enhanced security by controlling access ▫ Keep an image record of all incoming vehicles ▫ Automated vehicle entry system ▫ One time installation fee, no recurring costs involved to register new vehicles in the system ▫ Option of integrating with surveillance system
  10. 10. Thank you • To integrate a system and discuss possible solutions for your access control and security requirements, kindly contact: ▫ Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd. ▫ ▫ Ph: 020-24348917