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eTechSchool - Managing your institute efficiently !!!


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eTechSchool - Managing your institute efficiently !!!
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eTechSchool - Managing your institute efficiently !!!

  1. 1. _ l lg Ll l J 9 : _i_Li : ii A Managing your Institute. . . Efficientlyl . r . l| www. etechschoo| online. com
  2. 2. Why eTechSchoo| ? T A means to transform the way we do things Avoid repetitive tasks “year after year" Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Redirect resources to core activities Available Anywhere, Any time Improve communication between all stake holders like Teachers, Parents, Students, Administrators I Event Scheduling to integrate academic & social Activities Customization to suit school Policies SMS & e-mail alerts Providing tools for OVERALL Development of Child Increase Productivity & Efficiency of the Office & teaching Staff Create school's Tech Savvy image I Generate Graphical and Statistical Reports within seconds I Keep parents up-to-date with their ward's progress in school/ college I Keep your Alumni Updated I GPS Tracking of school bus ¥
  3. 3. For Administrators I Staff and student records management I Schedule time—table I Schedule exams I Schedule events I Define fee structure I View progress reports I Id cards and certificate generation I Academic report schema I Fee, scholarships and payroll I Library and asset management For Teachers I View class attendance I Assign remarks I Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) I Maintain daily teaching log I Generate progress reports I Online interaction with students and parents I Question bank and exam paper generation I Online leave application and monthly attendance reports I Online access to library For Students I View attendance I View exam schedules and marks I View progress report I Take Online test I Online teacher interaction I View remarks I Self learning and assessment I Home work and assignments I Online access to library I Alumni access For Parents I Child's attendance I Exam schedules I Child progress report I Remarks by teacher I Online interaction with teachers I Fee payment schedule and payment history I Track location of school bus I Apply for scholarship I Convey grievances to school management I Receive absentee and late mark notifications by SMS and email
  4. 4. ff Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) I Flexible exam weightage system I Flexible range for grades I Customizable report card generation I Provision to define any number of evaluations I Customizable evaluation categories and check lists I Automatic grade calculation and remarks generation I’) Evidences to Support Evaluation I Evidences of student performance in the form of images, scanned documents, audio clips or video clips can be stored I Parents can have online access to all the evaluation evidences of their child if Applications of Evaluations We Winn E I Measurement of aptitude g I Short listing students on basis of their strengths/ weaknesses L I Statistical graphs to show the progress of the child _ ‘.4 IV I Issue recommendation letters *3, "“
  5. 5. I’, Staff Attendance 8. Leave Management I Automated attendance using Biometric/ RFID I Monthly attendance & leave report I Provision of penalties in case of multiple late marks I Several leave types can be defined I Rules for each leave type can be set I Integrated with payroll f’ Time Table Management, Syllabus , Teaching Plan & Logs I Provision to define timetables for a class. In case of teacher's absence, provision to reschedule the lecture to another teacher or a guest lecturer I Teachers will plan their teaching and fill logs against the same I A graph which shows the plan and the actual completion of syllabus will help in analysing the teacher's performance Pending Duties of Staff I Evaluations which yet have to be done I Pending class attendance entries (in case the school opts for manual student attendance) I Pending teaching log entries ‘fig 05%
  6. 6. i} Task Management I Admin can assign tasks to teachers, Similarly teachers can assign tasks to each other I Every task can be given a priority for completion I The assignee can update the status of the task I Provision to escalate the task in case it is not completed in time i) Question Banks, Question Papers and Practice Tests I Students can take practice tests, tag questions as easy, difficult etc. I Statistical graphs generated at the end of every test, showing areas where improvement is required and areas where improvement is seen I Provision to generate question papers fl Interaction through Blogs, Forums and Video Chat I Online discussion forums I Interesting blogs can be shared I Student related private/ public opinion can be shared
  7. 7. i} Study Planner, Home Work and Assignments I While filling the teaching logs, the teachers can assign the homework I SMS and Email notifications can be sent ) I Parents/ Students can log in and check the homework for the day f) Grievance Management I‘ I Parents can convey their grievances via this platform i} Learn with Fun Games I Learning by experience is more efficient than classroom learning I Memorize concepts or facts I Increases child's memory capacity I Helps with Fast strategic thinking and problem solving I Skill building (e. g: map Reading) f} Teacher's Evaluation I Evaluate teacher's teaching methodologies, content knowledge, interaction with students etc. I By doing this, build a database for accurate professional training I As a result identify their strengths and areas of improvement which will help to improve faculty performance
  8. 8. I’) Expert Panel I Students can ask questions to experts I It is extremely interactive and creates student's interest in learning new topic I Expert panels provide an environment where diverse viewpoints on topic can be brought together. i) Mock Tests and Competitive Exams I Online practice mock test helps students to know where they stand in competition. f) e-Learning Content I Students can proceed through a training program at . £ their own pace and at their own place. _ I Student can also access the e—Learning course at any time and as per their need. I’) Student Attendance I Provision of attendance entry by the class teacher I Automated attendance using Biometric/ RFID I Email & SMS notification to parents in case of absentee and late mark
  9. 9. '7 Library Management I Issue and return system integrated with Barcode/ RFID system I Automatic fine calculation in case of delayed return ‘ I Generation of separate reading progress report for each student on basis of various parameters like selection of books, quantity, frequency etc. fl Alumni Desk I Alumni have access to their academic records I Alumni can share their professional experiences about the fields to which they have contributed I They can apply for guest lectureship i) Fee Collection and Scholarships I Fee collection reports (quarter wise/ semester wise/ year wise) I Pending fee reports I Integrated with institute, government and donation based scholarships
  10. 10. f) Staff Payroll and Income Tax I Batch process for monthly salary L I Income tax calculations through dynamic rules table I Salary slips and monthly salary sheet generation I Bank sheet for salary credit I Monthly PF report I Staff loan accounting I Integrated with leave and attendance module f) Certificates, ID Cards and Notification Letters I Provision to define customizable certificates, notification letters and ID cards I Generate certificates for staff and students with just a click I E. g: Leaving certificate, bonifide, salary certificate etc. if Asset Management I Provision to maintain records of all types of Assets fl Event Management 8. News I Manage your school/ institute’s event efficiently I It will help students, staff, parents and administrators to stay up-to-date with all latest happenings at campus I Send invitation for important events/ meetings etc to expected attendees
  11. 11. Ell lllll _. g 3'-T. 3 ITTTII : : : :2‘. ' "E" _ I I I. I . I. I- I. I. - . I. I I. .I. I. I I. I I. I . I. I. H}; I___ _> _ I, I. I I I Specially customized for CBSE/ ICSE and state boards like Maharashtra State Board, Goa State Board and many more.
  12. 12. £7 I I 'l7eclft. lfea. cI V 20 gforious ‘Years Techlead, since it's inception in I993, has been providing high quality IT services and solutions. By combining excellent technical skills with domain expertise, we have been able to deliver a wide range of cost—effective and innovative solutions worldwide to Governments as well as a number of organisations in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Transport, Education and Social sectors. Our Expertise Image Processing Embedded System Development Electronic Security Web Based Solutions and Services Mobile Applications GPS Tracking Our Products eTechTracker — GPS Tracking System eTechSchool — Comprehensive Educational Institute Management System eTechCity — A Product catering to a variety of applications required by City Corporation eTech SmartCab — Innovative product for call—a—cab industry eTechMVS — A Product catering to mobile video survillience applications eTechFlexile — Tab/ Server based product for FMCG segment Our Service Clients Citibank, London Singapore Airlines, Singapore Government of Trinidad 8. Tobago Cathway Pacific Airlines Home Depot and many more. .. Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Techlead Bhavan, Plot. No.1, S. No.112/1, Baner Road, Pune 411045, INDIA Tel. : +91-88888-11664, +91-88888-11661 E-mail : sales@etechschoolonline. com Web: www. etechschoolonline. com www. techlead-india. com