Project Justice: Mission 1 SlideSpeech


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  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to use SlideSpeech to share your ideas with others. Slidespeech will convert your written words into voicespeech.
  • Go to the SlideSpeech website and select Downloads. Follow the Installation Guide instructions.
  • Is there a problem in your neighborhood, school, community, nation or world that really makes you so angry you want to shout about it? Is there anything in the world you want to to see changed for the better?
  • Use Open Office Impress or PowerPoint to create a slideshow. The first slide should have the title of Project Justice: Mission 1. You can also include a picture of you and your first name. No other personal information please.
  • What is the problem you want to see solved? Create a slide about the problem and remember to use just a few words on the slide and provide your detailed description of the problem in the speaker notes. You can use more than one slide to describe the problem.
  • Why is solving this problem important to you? Who does it impact? Give an example of the problem. Find an image that shows the problem. Don't forget to write about the problem in the speaker notes. You can use more than one slide to describe why solving the problem is important to you.
  • How can this problem be solved? Do a little research and see if anyone has found a solution to the problem or propose your own solution. Who needs to be involved to be part of the solution? Remember to use just a few key words on the slide and an image if possible and provide the details about your proposed solution in the speaker notes. You can use more than one slide to describe possible solutions.
  • Caution, do not use too many words on your slide. For each slide, try to find an image that will represent the words you write in the speaker notes. If you find an image on the internet, remember to credit where you found it. Remember to create speaker notes for each slide because the speaker notes are the words that will be converted to voicespeech by the program.
  • Select File, then Save As. On a Mac, save as .PNG files. On a PC, save as .JPG files. Find where you downloaded SlideSpeech and launch the Wiki-to-Speech from ODP app. If you used OpenOffice Impress to create your slides, this step will work. Otherwise, you will need assistance at this point to complete the conversion.
  • Project Justice: Mission 1 SlideSpeech

    1. 1. Mission #1: SlideSpeech
    2. 2. Download SlideSpeech
    3. 3. by omacaco
    4. 4. Project Justice: Mission 1 Slide 1
    5. 5. What? Slide 2
    6. 6. Why? Slide 3
    7. 7. How? Slide 4
    8. 8. by asifthebes
    9. 9. Convert your slides to speech <ul><li>Save your slides as images. </li></ul><ul><li>Launch the Wiki-to-Speech from ODP app. </li></ul><ul><li>Select your file to convert. </li></ul>