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Google docs and drive


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Google docs and drive

  1. 1. Docs and Activities for the ClassroomAdjunct Professor - Richard Stockton
  2. 2. Google Docs creates boundless opportunities for student/teacher or student/student interaction via the web. Collaborative projects, monitoring progress, real-timefeedback, and paper reduction are a few of the benefits of Google Docs. Today you will learn howyou can use Google Docs for class preparation, class instruction or evaluation/assessment.
  3. 3. Sorry, butthe personbefore youused up all the paper Sorry, but the person before you jammed me. Sorry, I amout of toner.
  4. 4. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhh !
  5. 5. But Wait….
  6. 6. Oprah has given you anall expense paid dreamvacation. Create adocument and name itDream Vacation. Writea paragraph aboutwhere you will go, howyou will get there andwhat you will see whileyou are there.
  7. 7. 3
  8. 8. Be sure you have set your sharing permissions so thatanyone with the link can view your work.
  9. 9. Start with the students by gettingthem to use ONE document andtreat it like an exercise book. Theyreturn to the same document andjust add the date before they startwork on it each day. When theyand the teacher can handle thatthey move to collections andcreating individual Docs for differentthings. It is much lessoverwhelming introducing it like this.
  10. 10. Example You Try it!
  11. 11. Collaborative Revisionwith Google Docs•Process for Collaborative Revisi•Weekly Reader ActivityRememberStudents must set up document withsharing permissions so teacher or otherswith the link can comment.
  12. 12. Videos – –
  13. 13. • Open a document and name it Country.• Share it with me and make me a commenter.• Set it so anyone with the link can view it.• Choose a Country and write a report about its geographic location, government, the people, etc. Include the following: – Map of country with citation – Picture of the people with a citation – Picture of the capital city with citation – Citation Links to three websites you used in your research• Submit your finished work via this form -
  14. 14. Collecting Data Test Taking • Probabilty Project •Microscope Tutorial and • US Presidents Project Quiz •How • Animals in the Wild Project to Create a Form • Women in History Project Quick Survey Survey Results
  15. 15. Now you create an end of the year survey for yourstudents! • At least 5 questions • Set to share with anyone who has the link • Send me your finished work via this form -
  16. 16. Online tests – gradedinstantly!
  17. 17. Step by Step Process
  18. 18. • Use Flubaroo to easily grade quizzes Grading my Quiz• Make Your Own if time permits – Make a 3-5 question quiz from your country report – Set so anyone with the link can see it. – Take your quiz 3 times – Add the script and grade – Send me your finished work via this form -
  19. 19. Steps2.Create a Form (Sample)3.Have students change the SHARE setting on eachassignment to ANYONE with a link.4.Have them submit that LINK/URL to yourGoogle Form which asks for their name, period,assignment, URL, etc.5.Use the sorting tools within the spreadsheet to quicklyfind assignments.
  20. 20. Check out this DemoA short url to my drop box form forstudent work. spreadsheet with results tomanipulate.
  21. 21. Let’s create one2.Create a form named Student Projects3.Decide on your fields4.Publish the form and copy the link5.Create a short url using bit.ly6.Share the link with your studentsTammy Worcester’s Tech Tip on How to Create an Assign
  22. 22. Support for Google DocsAbout Google Docs