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Google apps for_education_go green


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Google apps for_education_go green

  1. 1. withAdjunct Professor - Richard Stockton
  2. 2. Sorry, butthe personbefore youused up all the paper Sorry, but the person before you jammed me. Sorry, I amout of toner.
  3. 3. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhh !
  4. 4. Google AppsEducation Edition is afree suite of hostedcommunication &collaborationapplications designedfor schools anduniversities.
  5. 5. • Gmail • Chat/Talk• Calendar • Groups• Google Docs • Video/YouTube• Google Sites • Postini
  6. 6. • FREE and accessible from school or home• All available tools are integrated• Access to specific tools managed by school administrator (ie, deny access to email, chat)• Administrators can assign user names and passwords and grant/limit access.• Can limit access to own domain
  7. 7. • Encourages collaboration among faculty & students• Schools have used with students under 13 if they create AUP consent form, sent home to parents, and returned to indicate they accept (or not) their child (under 13) using Google Apps.• Google Docs Does Not Violate CIPA (or COPPA*)
  8. 8. • Must have dedicated Domain for application• Must have reliable Internet access• Concerns about privacy and information being stored on Googles servers.
  9. 9. • It saves schools money;• It boosts academic performance and motivation,• It prepares students for digital communication in the real world, and• It saves paper!Guide to Going Google
  10. 10. • Start small• Have a plan for expansion• Need good tech support• Need access to working technology• Provide training for staff• Choose a site administrator
  11. 11. Examples•Middle School Math•Library Site•Mr. A’s Classroom•Technology Arts•World History•Technology
  12. 12. Examples Googlios – where GoogleJoe’s Portfolio tools meet ePortfoliosAmanda’s Portfolio Googlio Project created by G. Alex AmbroseSenior ProjectClemson PortfoliosSue’s PortfolioLiteracy PortfolioElementary PortfoliosHannahFarrahanneAnn
  13. 13. ExamplesState ProjectTechnology ShowcaseStudent Work in Health ClassAP World History ReviewFood ProjectStudent Writing
  14. 14. Example Try it!
  15. 15. Start with the students by gettingthem to use ONE document andtreat it like an exercise book. Theyreturn to the same document andjust add the date before they startwork on it each day. When theyand the teacher can handle thatthey move to collections andcreating individual Docs for differentthings. It is much lessoverwhelming introducing it like this.
  16. 16. Collaborative Revisionwith Google Docs•Process for Collaborative Revisi•Weekly Reader Activity
  17. 17. Collecting Data Test Taking • Probabilty Project •Microscope Tutorial and • US Presidents Project Quiz •How • Animals in the Wild Project to Create a Form • Women in History Project Quick Survey http:// Survey Results
  18. 18. Online tests – gradedinstantly!
  19. 19. Step by Step Process
  20. 20. • Use Flubaroo to easily grade quizzes Grading my Quiz• Make Your Own if time permits – Make a 3-5 question quiz – Take your quiz 3 times – Add the script and grade
  21. 21. Steps2.Create a Form (Sample)3.Have students change the SHARE setting on eachassignment to ANYONE with a link.4.Have them submit that LINK/URL to yourGoogle Form which asks for their name, period,assignment, URL, etc.5.Use the sorting tools within the spreadsheet to quicklyfind assignments.
  22. 22. Check out this DemoA short url to my drop box form forstudent work. spreadsheet with results tomanipulate.
  23. 23. Let’s create one2.Create a form named Student Projects3.Decide on your fields4.Publish the form and copy the link5.Create a short url using bit.ly6.Share the link with your studentsTammy Worcester’s Tech Tip on How to Create an Assign
  24. 24. Google Apps for Education SiteGuide to Going Google