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Mahout Training


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Edureka offers Mahout training for all those who want to enter in to big data industry. Join our Mahout course and make better career. For more details about our course visit

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Mahout Training

  2. 2. Why Learn Machine Learning with Mahout? Need for tools that can organize and enhance big data has never been greater and this is where machine learning and Apache Mahout comes in to play.
  3. 3. About the Course • Introduce the fundamentals of machine learning • Will provide a blend of Machine Learning Techniques, recommendation system, and Mahout on Hadoop and Amazon EMR.
  4. 4. Course Objectives * Gain an insight into the Machine Learning techniques * Understand various Machine Learning Techniques and how to implement these using 'Apache Mahout'. * Understand the recommendation system. * Learn Collaborative filtering, Clustering and Categorization. * Overview of recommendation platform. * Analyse Big Data using Hadoop and Mahout. * Implementing a recommender using MapReduce.
  5. 5. Who should go for this course? Anyone who are interested in learning Big Data technologies and write intelligent applications using Apache Mahout.
  6. 6. Pre-requisites • Familiarity with Hadoop framework and other ecosystem components . • Having a mathematical background with Beginner level Java development knowledge • Basic Java and Hadoop knowledge is recommended
  7. 7. Apache Mahout training will provide you a great prospects in your career
  8. 8. So join Mahout training from Edureka and grab a better job in the big data industry
  9. 9. For more details about our course Visit :