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Big Data Job Opportunities


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Big Data Job Opportunities

  1. 1. Big Job Opportunities with Big Data
  2. 2. Technology research organization Wikibon’s “Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2012-2017” reports that, big data professional services are expected to generate $15.4 billion by 2017
  3. 3. Technology jobs site Dice reports that Hadoop is one of the hottest skills on its board.
  4. 4. As of March 1 there were 1,133 Hadoop-related jobs on Dice’s board.
  5. 5. At, there were 18,646 jobs posted under the generic “big data” umbrella”, whereas “Hadoop” listings totaled 5,743
  6. 6. According to a survey, Hadoop skills were cited by 25 percent of respondents as the “most frequently desired” among big data professionals
  7. 7. All the above statistics and surveys clearly shows that Hadoop skills are in high demand.
  8. 8. With growing popularity, Hadoop becomes the leader of big data category for job opportunities.
  9. 9. So opt for Hadoop Training Online today and place yourself in a better position in big data industry
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