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Analysing welsh language tweets


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Cyflwyniad Anna Dent o gwmni Blurrt UK ynglŷn â dadansoddi trydariadau Cymraeg, yn ystod y gynhadledd Trwy Ddulliau Technoleg 2015.

Published in: Technology
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Analysing welsh language tweets

  1. 1. Blurrt Analysing Welsh Language Tweets
  2. 2. Understanding Language Structure Corpus Study Lexicons Stemming Lemmatization POS Tagging Syntactic Parsing (shallow chunk/dependency)
  3. 3. Levels of Analysis Identifying entities and aspects Separating subjective and objective content Scoring sentiment Scoring emotion Reaction Disambiguation (TV)
  4. 4. Challenges Twitter Data is unstructured and noisy Twitter specific conventions e.g. @Users, #hashtags, emojis, URLs Misspellings, novel spellings (Eng-Wel), slang Regional dialects The challenge is to develop resources and tools that can cope with unstructured language
  5. 5. Applications Brands Broadcasting Politics/ Government Security Wider research