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Metro Manila residents have shown a sharp increase in certain types of mobile use in the year since TNS
unveiled its last ...
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Mobile Life - Philippines Report 2013


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Mobile Life - Philippines Report 2013

  1. 1. Metro Manila residents have shown a sharp increase in certain types of mobile use in the year since TNS unveiled its last annual Mobile Lifestyle study in 2012. Mobile Users in more than 40 countries were polled for the 2013 report, which found growing mobile penetration in the Philippines.  75% of Metro Manila respondents were now taking photos or videos, up slightly 73% in last year's report.  45% were browsing the internet versus 32% in 2012, in line with global trends which show that mobile phones have now become mobile computers, offering internet on the go to the consumers, according to TNS.  44% a full 10% more than 2012 were using mobiles to access social networking sites.  37% compared to just 23% in 2012 - were using their mobiles to check their emails.  35% of Metro Manila respondents connect to the internet via WiFi access in the public areas in 2013. The study noted that mobile users have their purchasing priorities from buying a phone based on its physical design to finding the right features that would enhance their personal experience. The increase in smarthphone ownership reflected the changing need for users to own phones that offered beyond just calling and texting functions. Telecommunications charges have also evolve from minutes to data, as more and more consumers are using their phones for internet enabled activities. According to the study, 54% of consumers across all countries surveyed, regardless of gender and age, consider mobile phone as their most important piece of technology, a finding reflected in the Metro manila portion of the study. 64% of them believe that a mobile phone is their most important piece of technology, while 53% said they currently own a smartphone, with a latter seeing an increase of 11% from 2012 findings. TNS noted that smartphones were changing the traditional mobile phone dynamics - it's role, performance, design, pricing and brand preference. The majority of respondents owned "multiple screens" or more than just one device, the 2013 reports discovered. A typical household own at least four of the following devices: A mobile phone (89%), smartphones (53%), tablet (14%), desktop (39%), laptop/netbooks (37%), and smart TV (4%). Globally, smartphone ownership rose from 30% in 2012 to 42% this year, while global penetration stood at 92% across the markets studied. -HWM, TNS research Courtesy of: