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E commerce on Social Media - Philippines 2014

  1. E-commerce chatter on Social Media Geography – Philippines Date Range 1st Jan’2014 to 31st Mar’2014
  2. Research Methodology Our approach We listened to conversations and collected the data automatically from a corpus of several million sites, Collection was done on the basis of requirement defined by combinations of keywords. The data was then ran through a layer of text-mining tool to remove noise, refine sentiment and refining themes. Time Frame: Jan 1, 2014 to Mar 31st , 2014 Multilayered Refinement The purpose of this report is to examine Ecommerce chatters on the web, the key drivers of conversation around the market and Industry, causes of negative and positive brand mentions, and identify key trends and mindset of people hosting these conversations. Objectives Collection Report Analysis Articles and comments were then evaluated by researchers after removing noise, there from assessing sentiment (negative, positive, neutral and ambivalent of the sample selected) and structuring the information into themes. Which indulged manual as well as automated processes to derive qualitative and quantitative analyses of the results to identify the trends in discussions threads. Present all the results from the analysis in this report From the total relevant universe sample was selected for analysis through Stratified Random Sampling – Data captured across all dates and social media channels, Analysis done through semi manual process which also involves extrapolation of multi tagged tonality & themes •Million of web sources Multi-level iterations to build comprehensive and relevant queries •Derived through removal of irrelevant content such as ad links, irrelevant postings etc. through a combination of human analysis and text mining Relevant Universe 58910 Sample Analyzed 2844
  3. Philippines – E-Commerce It’s said every industry’s future lies in the hands of the youth of their country. Keeping this in mind here’s an attempt to quantify what PHILIPPINES’ youth talk about E-Commerce as an industry“ ” E-Commerce Relevant Universe 58,910 (JAN - MAR 2014) N= 2,844 (Sampling done further at 5%, n = 2,844) Corporate News PromotionsPaymentDelivery Customer Care Product Line
  5. E-Commerce PHILIPPINES chatter revolves around.. • Travel/Airlines • Entertainment Tickets • Transportation/ Vehicles • Apparel • Electronics • Food • Books • Real Estate • Personal Care • Online Gifting •Customer Query •Response •Complaint •Gratitude •Quality •Pending Reply •Promptness •Awareness of Service •Delivery Charged •Misplaced •Free Home Delivery •On time •Delayed • Credit Card • Payment options • Bank Deposit • Paypal • Debit Card • Cash on Delivery • G-cash • Promos • Discounts • Coupons • Freebies Corporate News DeliveryPayment Customer Care Promotion Product Line • Merger & Acquisition • Market News • Product & Branding Strategies • Corporate News
  6. Philippine E-commerce Product & Services 78% Customer Care 15% Promotions 4% Payment 1% Key Discussions – Overview “ • Products and services that were sold online in the Philippines make up most of the E-commerce buzz in the country. Majority of these mentions were about airlines and travel-related services. • Nearly 2 out of 10 of all the conversations were about customer support, which include interactions between the official social media accounts and the companies’ customers. • Promotions constitute 4% of the total E-commerce discussions, which include promo announcements, discounts, freebies and coupons. • Conversations about payment amount to 1% of the total E-commerce mentions. Most of these were inquiries about online payments. • 1% of all the discussions were about deliveries that were made for online purchases. The greatest number of these were about awareness of such service. • 1% of the buzz around E-Commerce are general E- Commerce articles such as corporate news, mergers, and acquisitions of businesses. Delivery 1% “Three out of every four discussions was about product & services sold online.” Corporate News 1%
  7. Product Types – E-Commerce PHILIPPINES All of the observed forums threads, tweets, blogs & news & network feeds were related to online product lines in the Philippines. • Majority (52%) of the product line discussions were related to Travel and Airlines. Airlines utilize their Twitter pages to advertise their promotion fares. It has been noted that netizens follow official Twitter pages of airlines in order to be notified about promos and deals, they also seek assistance with various online booking concerns from these Twitter accounts. • 18% of the total buzz was about entertainment tickets. Most mentions were about buying and ordering concert tickets. Some of were about buying movie, sports and event (e.g. plays, etc.) tickets online. • 10% of the discussions were about transportation and/or vehicles. Almost all mentions regarding transportation were on taxi booking apps,(how to avail, advertisements, and customer service-related queries). • Apparel-related mentions make up 7% of the total buzz. Most mentions were tweets endorsing certain online shop pages. Some endorse their own shops and some endorse other online shops. • 5% of mentions were about electronics. Netizens use Twitter to ask and recommend where to buy certain electronic products. They also use Twitter to inquire and order products from online sellers. Treavel / Airlines, 52% Entertainment Tickets, 18% Transportation/ Vehicles, 10% Apparel, 7% Electronics, 5% Food, 3% Books, 3% Real Estate, 2% Personal Care, 1% Online gifting, 0% PRODUCT RELATED 2247
  8. Product Types – Sample Mentions Travel/ Airlines Dated (4 Mar 2014) atuses/441074543151820800 Entertainment Tickets Dated (27 Mar 2014) atuses/449332759794679808 Transportation/Vehicles Dated (12 Mar 2014) atuses/443993817994117120 Apparel Dated (26 Mar 2014) Glark/statuses/448755961256087 552
  9. Key Age Groups – Bifurcation taken for the study Less than 25 Years Intermediates, College going, Fresher's to the Corporates 25-40 Years Manager level, newly married, Young Parents Greater than 40 Years Senior Level, Parents of teenagers and adult kids  People of these age group were more interested in apparel and concert tickets.  Apart from apparels and tickets, people of this age group were also interested in online gifting.  No data was recorded for those whose age is greater than 40. This may be indicative that younger Filipinos are more active E-commerce participants. 69% of the observed 31% of the observed 0% of the observed N = 2844
  10. Gender Analysis – Bifurcation taken for the study Females were almost 6% more active than males 47% 53% • For both genders, majority of conversations have been inquiries about airlines and books. Females tend to share details about events and movie tickets, while males tend to make remarks about transportation- related concerns. N = 2844
  11. Gender affinity towards Top Product Lines  Females tend to participate the most in E-commerce discussions about apparels. This is followed by tickets, wherein females make articles detailing events.  Males tend to participate in discussions about electronics, which are mostly purchase transactions of gadgets. This is followed by discussions about transportation and vehicles. N = 2844 50% 38% 58% 25% 69% 50% 62% 42% 75% 31% 1 2 3 4 5Travel/Airlines Tickets Transportation/Vehicles Apparel ElectronicsTravel / Airlines Transport / Vehicles
  12. Top E-Commerce Categories – Gender Bifurcation  Females were more concerned in discussions related to delivery of online products. Females were also interested in online promotions.  Males were predominantly interested in discussions about online products and services, customer support and the process of paying online. N = 2844 47% 48% 20% 47% 38% 53% 52% 80% 53% 62% 1 2 3 4 5Product/Services Customer Support Delivery Payment PromotionsProduct / Services
  13. Customer Query, 75% Response, 18.8% Complaint, 2.8% Gratitude, 1.5% Quality, 1.3% Pending Reply, 0.4% Promptness, 0.4% Customer Support Related Key Discussions Almost every second E-commerce discussion in the Philippines were related to customer support. • Three quarters of the discussions on customer service were comprised of customer queries. Almost all of these queries were sent through Twitter. • The second highest bulk of discussions were the responses of the online store customer service teams to the customer queries. • There were only a few complaints (2.8%) – mostly about delays in replying and website issues (outage, failed processing) – and general expressions of gratitude (1.5%) in the discussions. • Some netizens (1.3%) also expressed their positive assessment of the quality of the online stores’ customer service responses. • A few (0.4%) express gratitude for the promptness of the reply of brands. • A few (0.4%) also contact the respective brands to express that no one is replying to their queries and complaints. CUSTOMER SUPPORT 543
  14. Customer Support Sample Mentions Query Dated (10 Feb 2014) atuses/433078502565220352 Response Dated (22 Jan 2014) Air/statuses/426208467180060672 Complaint Dated (1 Jan 2014) atuses/418321452245323776 Gratitude Dated (19 Mar 2014) atuses/446287823969087488
  15. Delivery Related Key Discussions The least number of E-commerce discussions were about online deliveries. Most of these were mere remarks denoting awareness of online deliveries. • Around 38% of buzz were about awareness of delivery services and how it is an advantage when making online purchases. • 24% out of the total delivery related discussion stated that they were charged for the delivery of goods they ordered. • About 14% of total delivery discussions were raised misplaced delivery issues. Many were unhappy with misplaced goods and some others were discouraged to buy from certain stores for they fear that their orders might be misplaced. • 10% of the mention are about free home deliveries. Many customers were encouraged to buy when free home delivery is a feature of the web store. • 10% of the mentions are expressions of gratitude for deliveries of online products that were made on time. A few (5%) expressed that their orders did not arrive on time. This is particularly observed in food products. DELIVERY 21 Awareness of Service, 38% Delivery Charged, 24% Misplaced, 14% Free home delivery, 10% On time , 10% Delayed , 5%
  16. Delivery Related Sample Mentions Awareness of Service Dated (18 Jan 2014) x/statuses/424565937920933890 Delivery Charged Dated (22 Mar 2014) 03/where-i-got-my-us-air-force- jacket.html Misplaced Dated (27 Jan 2014) m/forums/showthread.php?t=54 3168&page=15#post69313622 On time Dated (28 Mar 2014) atuses/449527401563697152
  17. Credit card, 41% Payment Options, 22% Bank deposit, 16% Paypal, 9% Debit card, 6% Cash on Delivery, 3% G-cash, 3% Payment Related Key Discussions Payment buzz constitute 1% of the total E- commerce discussions. Most were inquiries and instructions on the process of online payment. • Credit Cards: The greatest number (41%) of the comments were observed around credit card acceptance. • 22% of netizens were merely asking about their choices regarding payment. • Bank deposit: About 16% of the customers were inquiring about how they could deposit their money directly to the bank without having to transact online. • PayPal: 9% of the payment-related mentions were about customers requesting and/or asking for establishments to incorporate PayPal into their payment system. • Debit cards: 6% of the mentions were inquiries about debit card rejections. • Cash on Delivery (COD): 3% of the payment mentions were about COD, with customers recommending online stores who have a COD feature to their online followers. • G-cash: 3%, a small amount of the discussion online was about G-cash, with the netizens asking if they could pay for their products with G-cash. PAYMENT 32
  18. Payment Related Sample Mentions Credit Card Dated (31 Mar 2014) statuses/450580493323350016 Payment options Dated (18 Feb 2014) e/statuses/435768614654734337 Bank Deposit Dated (13 Feb 2014) tatuses/434229971758768129 PayPal Dated (19 Mar 2014) es/statuses/446330203690651649
  19. Promotions Key Discussions E-commerce promotions conversations make up 5% of all the mentions, which were about promos, discounts, coupons and freebies. • Around 40% of the discussions were related to online promos created by web stores, (mostly airlines) in order to increase sales. These mentions detail particular online contests or deals that users may participate in. • Discounts make up around 30% of the discussions on deals. Discounts were explicitly stated price cuts from products. Most discounts come from the travel and airline products. • Around 27% of the other discussions were related to coupons. Mentions on coupons were commonly from transportation, personal care, food, and travel. Users detail spending the coupon, where they obtained particular coupons, and the benefits that these coupons have such as discounts and freebies. • Only 2% was related to freebies given away by different online stores. Freebie mentions are explicit expressions of gratitude after receiving a freebie from a certain brand. Promos, 40% Discounts, 30% Coupons, 27% Freebies, 2% PROMOTIONS 142
  20. Promotions Sample Mentions Promo Dated (5 Mar 2014) atus/441493330883399680 Discounts Dated (9 Feb 2014) ua/statuses/43252775215183872 1 Coupons Dated (31 Jan 2014) s/429530114729074688 Freebies Dated (15 Feb 2014) tatuses/434668091046649856
  21. WHAT DO THE CORPORATES SAY? “Travel/Airlines Top 5 Brands” DISCUSSED ON SOCIAL MEDIA Key Findings: TRENDING : • A high number of discussions about these brands were related to customer support (26%) and most (65%) of these mentions were queries about these specific brands, followed by responses from the brands (26%) and complaints (4%). ISSUES : • Netizens tweet the airlines that their websites were down for days due to booking overloads (specifically for Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines). • Complaints have been recorded for the lack of updates (electronic or otherwise) about delayed and cancelled flights. • Netizens tweet about bad customer relations for Philippine Airlines and Air Asia, for no one answers their hotlines. • On-time deliveries have been recorded both for Philippine Airlines and Agoda. • Payment-related concerns include problems with the online payment system of Cebu Pacific Air and declined credit card issues for Philippine Airlines. Some request payment through specific banks. EMERGING : • Promos and booking discounts encourage netizens’ participation, such as Twitter promos where they retweet hotel and plane booking deals. 44% 26% 22% 5% 4% Air Asia Cebu Pacific Philippine Airlines Tiger Air Agoda
  22. 46% 40.4% 12.1% 1.3% 0.3% Ticketnet SM Tickets Ticketworld Sureseats 7107 IMF WHAT DO THE CORPORATES SAY? “Entertainment Tickets Top 5 Brands” DISCUSSED ON SOCIAL MEDIA Key Findings: TRENDING : • A high number (11%) of the buzz about these brands were related to customer support, and most of which were queries (93%) followed by the responses of the ticket brands (7%). ISSUES : • Netizens tweet the brands asking about ticket prices of the events they would like attend. Complaints include prompts for the brands to update their price lists in their respective sites specifically recorded for SM tickets. • Complaints have also been gathered about non- response of specific brands to queries about ticket availability. • Netizens tweet that they cannot book tickets due to website outages (SM Tickets and Sureseats). • Payment-related concerns include disappointment for the exclusive availability of tickets online and not in the venue itself. These frustrations mainly came from non-credit card owners because it is the only means of payment for such sites. EMERGING : • There seem to be little awareness about the process of buying tickets online. Netizens ask other users on how to purchase online tickets.
  23. WHAT DO THE CORPORATES SAY? “Transportation/Vehicles Top 3 Brands” DISCUSSED ON SOCIAL MEDIA Key Findings: TRENDING : • A number (8%)of all mentions about these transportation brands were related to customer service, and all of these customer service mentions were queries. ISSUES : • Complaints that have been recorded include the arrival of a car that was not the one requested online (Uber). Other complaints were focused on the specific car drivers. • Some users have also reported not being able to download or install the application. This was specifically recorded for Uber. • Payment-related concerns include tweets asking if there are other payment methods that may be used aside from Paypal. EMERGING : • Users seem to be hesitant when booking cars online because of the safety risks such online services pose. Netizens ask specific brands about the process of booking and whether cars can be tracked remotely. There also seem to be little awareness about the specific areas serviced by online taxi-booking apps. 44% 26% 22% Uber Manila Grab Taxi Easy Taxi
  24. WHAT DO THE CORPORATES SAY? “Apparels Top 3 Brands” DISCUSSED ON SOCIAL MEDIA Key Findings: TRENDING : • The greatest number of online apparel brands were online stores by individuals retailing various larger apparel brands. • Many of the total mentions about these brands were related to promotions (9%). The greatest number (50%) of these online promotions are promos made by these apparel stores. ISSUES : • Payment-related issues include a netizen making a review that compares credit cards versus debit cards in online shopping. The user recommended debit cards over credit cards for they are less-risky to use. • Other concerns include inquiries about the amount of custom tax that will be required from ordering apparel online from foreign brands. EMERGING : • Upstart online shop owners are asking established brands about ordering goods for their online apparel shops. On the other hand, online shoppers ask large brands for specific online stores that retail such brands. 44% 26% 22% Online Stores Bench Zalora
  25. WHAT DO THE CORPORATES SAY? “Electronics Top 5 Brands” DISCUSSED ON SOCIAL MEDIA Key Findings: TRENDING : • Some mentions about these brands are related to customer service (6%), all of which were inquiries about specific brands. ISSUES : • Complaints include netizens tweeting that they would like a specific phone model from the online store, but no one answers when following up the status of the delivery, or if they have the specific phone model inquired. • Netizens talk in forums about cases of fraud in ordering cellphones from, i.e., not delivering the ordered gadget. It was also talked about that the delivery people were reported to ask for “tips.” Lastly, there were reports of broken gadgets delivered. This was specifically recorded for Kimstore, dubbed as “notorious,” by the netizens. EMERGING : • Netizens start forums comparing the online stores in terms of reliability. Users are careful in choosing the online stores to buy their desired gadgets, and they value the credibility of the electronic stores primarily in terms if the quality of delivery, especially the warranty for broken gadgets. 88% 5% 2% 2% 2% Kimstore Lazada Widget City CMK
  26. FINAL TAKEAWAYS 1 . PRODUCTS and SERVICES were the main e-Commerce topic: Netizens were more involved in discussions that focus on the product and/or service rather than those which come after buying the product (i.e., customer care, delivery, or payment). This is indicative of the importance that must be placed on the customers‘ initial impression of a product sold online. YOUNGER GENERATIONS were more participative in E-commerce: The more established 25 to 40 year olds were more interested in online gifting services while netizens 25 years old and below were particularly interested in buying apparel and tickets. Online gifting services may be made easier to attract those that belong to the upper age brackets. 2 .3 .4 . Promotions make up 5% of the total E-commerce buzz: Online promotions were mostly on the promos of specific brands. These encourage participation, such as the case of retweets of content about discounts. Majority of positive sentiments also come from deal-related topics. 5 Payment-related concerns signal the need for OTHER METHODS to be incorporated in the online payment system: Majority of negative mentions about brands were related to payment. Users who would like to buy express disappointment in systems that solely utilize credit cards prohibiting them from purchasing. Brands may explore other payment systems to grow their market. A significant number of online stores are SOLE PROPRIETORSHIPS: Sole proprietorship stores are specifically apparent in apparel products. Netizens express awareness of online stores, but are hesitant to buy because of issues of credibility. Netizens value the reputation of a store and are keen to listen for advice regarding the quality of products.
  27. Thank You This report and the information contained there in are based on information from online social media and other publicly available data. ThoughtBuzz does not warrant the accuracy of such information nor is ThoughtBuzz responsible for the content and accuracy of such information. Advisory information may be contained in the report. Any subsequent decisions made based on the data must be made after proper review and assessment of the impact of such information. In no event shall ThoughtBuzz be liable to you or your company for any lost profits, lost revenue, interest, goodwill, lost data, cost of procuring substitute services or for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages of any kind, however arising, that are related to these terms, whether in contract, tort or negligence, or any legal theory.