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Fastest Growing Companies - TechFerry


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Fastest growing companies - Inc. 5000 - 2015 List. An analysis by TechFerry.

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Fastest Growing Companies - TechFerry

  1. 1. Fastest Growing Companies Deepansh Malik
  2. 2. Introductions TechFerry: Analytics, IT Innovation, R&D Company Specialization in ○ Growth Analytics ○ HealthCare Analytics ○ Massively Scalable Applications and Rich UI /TechFerry /@techferry Deepansh Malik CEO at TechFerry @DeepanshMalik
  3. 3. Outline Data Source How fast is fast growth? Which states, which industries? Growth Analytics What distinguishes them?
  4. 4. Data Source Inc. 5000 - Fastest growing private companies in USA - 2015 List. URL:
  5. 5. How Fast? Top 10 companies have grown more than 200 times in last 3 years. 100 companies have grown more than 35 times in last 3 years. 3300 companies have more than doubled in last 3 years.
  6. 6. Which States? Why CA continue to produce fastest growing companies?
  7. 7. Which Industries? IT services leads the pack. HealthCare is hot. 2 out of Top 10 fastest growing companies are in healthcare.
  8. 8. Other Fast Growth Stories Slack - fastest growing B2B company grew its active daily users from 15,000 in Feb 2014 to over 500,000 in Feb 2015. That's over 33X growth in just 12 months. - ecommerce start up with real time pricing algorithm touched $1 billion valuation is just 4 months - breaking all unicorn speed records.
  9. 9. Can we find one growth insight that puts your business on fast growth track? Growth Analytics can help. Growth Analytics
  10. 10. Growth Analytics Over the past few years, TechFerry has helped many clients with Growth Analytics. TechFerry can help put your company on fast growth track. Talk to TechFerry!! Contact details are available on last slide.
  11. 11. Differentiation? TechFerry performed a detailed analysis on these fast growing companies. What separates the leaders from the rest of the pack? What do these companies do differently? Some founders could create more than 1 fast growing companies. What separates these founders from other entrepreneurs? Result: We captured lots of Inspiring stories, growth strategies and insights.
  12. 12. Differentiation? These inspiring stories, growth strategies and insights are available on request for TechFerry customers. Talk to TechFerry to get your copy. Contact information is available on last slide. What to expect? 4 broad ‘Fast Growth’ strategies. 10+ ‘Fast Growth’ case studies aligning to these growth strategies. Many inspiring stories and insights. Bonus: How Growth Analytics can help you?
  13. 13. +1 408-337-6607 Contact Information Thank You /techferry /@techferry