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Exeter Science Centre, by Natalie Whitehead

Natalie talks at the TechExeter December 2019 about plans for an Exeter Science Centre

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Exeter Science Centre, by Natalie Whitehead

  1. 1. Proposal for a new STEAMM cultural hub for Exeter and the South West Dr Natalie Whitehead
  2. 2. Talk Outline| - My Background - The Need for a Science Centre in Exeter - Our Mission, Aims & Vision - Features of the Science Centre: External & Internal
  3. 3. My Background| - Building Services Engineer for 3 years (with part-time BEng) - Full-time Physics MPhys (4 years), University of Exeter - PhD Physics (4 years) - completed last month! - Now: Founder - Exeter Science Centre
  4. 4. Need to boost science capital in South West Education Exeter tourism: primarily shopping & dining Culture Exeter Data Mill Shopping £56.3m Dining £55.5m Attractions £23.7m Transport £15.8m Many science & tech institutions - no consistent public engagement Dissemination UoE VSimulators Met Office The Need for a Science Centre| a measure of your engagement / relationship with science Widening Participation in Higher Education 2018 Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2015 % into Higher Education:
  5. 5. Filling The Gap|
  6. 6. Mission | Encourage more young people to consider careers in science by making it more accessible and relevant to them. Raise the science capital of people of all ages and backgrounds in the South West. Motivate and empower the public to care about the world around them. Science Museum, London Winchester Science Centre
  7. 7. Aims| Create hands-on exhibitions with a focus on key global issues and how current research is tackling them. Create an exemplary, not-for-profit, purpose-built STEAMM science discovery centre. Actively collaborate with local groups to showcase cutting-edge STEM research & technology to the public. Exploratorium, San Francisco Exploratorium, San Francisco Glasgow Science Centre Built with a focus on sustainability, low carbon footprint and latest renewable energy engineering solutions.
  8. 8. Cultural Hub Soapbox Science Exeter We the Curious Bristol STEAMM ExhibitsJudges’ ChoiceAward Supported by: Flux Ian McDonald Northeastern University We the Curious Bristol Magnetism as Art - MMM / Intermag Partnered with SW STEM organisations We the Curious Bristol Boosting Exeter’s Tourism British Science Festival Vision|
  9. 9. Rooftop Eden Outside| Algae Panels Green Walls
  10. 10. Inside|
  11. 11. Thank you for listening! Inspiring building “exhibit” Filled with hands-on STEAMM exhibits Research & industry tackling global challenges Inspired by the Exploratorium (San Francisco) Educate & motivate the public Regular public lectures, workshops, festivals
  12. 12. Bonus Slides
  13. 13. Current Status| - Preliminary business plan written - Trustees & advisors committed: - Prof. Justin Dillon, UoE education - Dr Alexandra Jellicoe, environmental scientist - Dr Sarah Usher, award-winning former physics teacher - Thor Mitchell, Tech expert - Smith & Jones (brand developers) - Discussions with stakeholders: - Exeter City Council - Met Office - ExIST Network - Exeter University
  14. 14. Development Plan| - Thorough investigation of costs. - Working with stakeholders to get support & investigate funding. - Commence public consultation. Phase 1 Dec 2019-Feb 2020 - Finalise quote for feasibility study. - Finalise funding to enable this. - Continue public consultation. Phase 2 Mar 2019-April 2020 - Finalise business case following feasibility study. - Formally apply for funding for Capital costs to build the Centre. Phase 4 Oct 2020 onwards Phase 5 - RIBA process of building the Centre. Phase 3 May 2020-Oct 2020 - Commission feasibility study - Continue more advanced public consultation.
  15. 15. Case Study| Dundee Science Centre - Opened in 2000 - Cost: £5m - Location: city centre, next to railway station. - Size: ~1000 m2 (Medium) - 79,500 visitors in 2018 (av. 220/day) - Main sources of income: grants/donations (£2.26m in 2018), commercial (£0.31m) admissions (£0.26m)
  16. 16. Case Study| Winchester Science Centre - Opened in 2002 - Cost: £11m (inc UK’s largest- capacity standalone planetarium) - Location: 9 miles from city - Size: ~2000 m2 (Large) - 190,000 visitors in 2018 (av. 530/day) - Main source of income: admission fees (£1.2m), commercial (£0.84m), education (£0.4m) .
  17. 17. Exeter Tourism: Key Facts RAMM 2017-8 Annual Review Exeter Data Mill
  18. 18. Exeter Tourism: Key Facts The RAMM Museum RAMM 2017-8 Annual Review Exeter Cathedral >100,000 visitors/yearCrealy >500,000 visitors/year
  19. 19. UK Science Centres: Key Facts 2005-2006 data 2005-2006 data 2005-2006 data All Income Commercial Income Visitors of Different Attractions Source: Ecsite-UK document: Inspiration, Engagement and Learning The Value of Science & Discovery Centres in the UK Working towards a Benchmarking Framework