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  2. 2. TECHSPECIALIST CONSULTING LIMITEDTechspecialist is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm,providing industry tailored and technology driven solutions consulting servicesfor Public Sector Organizations, Financial Services and CommunicationCorporations.Established almost four years ago, Techspecialist has carefully crafted itssolutions to address the complex and multi faceted ICT challenges facing hugeorganizations today. It provides a first class assemblage of consultants,technologies and products to assist corporations in capacity building and projectmanagement.As a leading ICT Consultancy firm, Techspecialist Consulting Limited deals incustomized technology driven solutions consulting services for Public SectorOrganizations, Financial Services and Communications corporations. With theuse of cutting edge technology, the solutions provided by this firm are especiallyaddressed to meet specific individual needs of its clients, and this is achievedthrough the use of highly skilled and competent personnel who deploy best ofbreed applications assist organizations in capacity building and projectmanagement.Techspecialist partners with a host of other internationally acclaimed ICT firmsthat includes Docuware, HP, and Microsoft. These partnerships are furtherboosted by a large pool of astute and experienced experts who not only are vast inservice and system integration solutions but also in the management of risks thatmay be associated, both in the local and international environments. This hasafforded the firm the opportunity of handling highly demanding engagements fordifferent private and public corporations worldwide.
  3. 3. Dear ………………………………..………….:Welcome to the Techspecialist team. Thank you for joining us! We want you tofeel that your employment with Techspecialist will be a mutually beneficial andpleasant one.This Manual provides answers to most of the questions you may have aboutTechspecialists benefit programs, as well as the company policies and proceduresin effect, our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to Techspecialist. Ifanything is unclear or if you have any questions, please discuss the matter withyour manager. You are responsible for reading and understanding this EmployeeManual, and your performance evaluations will reflect your adherence toTechspecialist policies. In addition to clarifying responsibilities, we hope thisEmployee Manual also gives you an indication of Techspecialists interest in thewelfare of all who work here.From time to time, the information included in our Employee Manual maychange. Every effort will be made to keep you informed through suitable lines ofcommunication, including postings on the company bulletin boards and noticessent directly to you in-house via email.Compensation and personal satisfaction gained from doing a job well are onlysome of the reasons most people work. Most likely, many other factors countamong your reasons for working – satisfying and pleasant relationships andworking conditions, career development and promotion opportunities, andhealth benefits are just a few. Techspecialist is committed to doing its part toassure you of a fulfilling work experience.I extend to you my personal best wishes for your success and happiness atTechspecialist.Sincerely,……………………………………Salami KadirTechnical ManagerTechspecialist Consulting Limited
  4. 4. AcknowledgementThis employee handbook has been prepared for your information andunderstanding of the policies, philosophies and practices and benefits ofTechspecialist. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. Upon completion of your reviewof this handbook, please sign the statement below, and return to your personnelrepresentative by the due date. A reproduction of this acknowledgment appearsat the back of this booklet for your records.I, ____________________, have received and read a copy of theTechspecialist Company (The Company) Employee Handbook which outlines thegoals, policies, benefits and expectations of The Company, as well as myresponsibilities as an employee.I have familiarized myself, at least generally, with the contents of this handbook.By my signature below, I acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to complywith the information contained in Employee Handbook provided to me by TheCompany. I understand this handbook is not intended to cover every situationwhich may arise during my employment, but is simply a general guide to thegoals, policies, practices, benefits and expectations of The Company.I understand that The Company Employee Handbook is not a contract ofemployment and should not be deemed as such, and that I am an employee atwill.______________________________________(Employee signature)Please return by
  5. 5. NOTICEThe policies in this Manual are to be considered as guidelines. TECHSPECIALISTat its option, may change, delete, suspend or discontinue any part or parts of thepolicies in this Manual at any time without prior notice. Any such action shallapply to existing as well as future employees with continued employment beingthe consideration between the employer and employee. Employees may notaccrue eligibility for benefits (monetary or otherwise) that they have not earnedthrough actual time spent at work. Employees shall not accrue eligibility for anybenefits, rights, or privileges beyond the last day worked. No one other than thePresident of TECHSPECIALIST may alter or modify any of the policies in thisManual. No statement or promise by a supervisor, manager, or department headmay be interpreted as a change in policy nor will it constitute an agreement withan employee.Should any provision in this Employee Manual be found to be unenforceable andinvalid, such finding does not invalidate the entire Employee Manual, but onlythe subject provision.THE TEAMAs a member of Techspecialists team, you will be expected to contribute yourtalents and energies to improve the environment and quality of the company, aswell as the companys services. In return, you will be given opportunities to growand advance in your career.The only things we require for employment, compensation, advancement, andbenefits are performance and a good team attitude; however, all employment atTechspecialist is "at will." No one will be denied opportunities or benefits on thebasis of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, maritalstatus, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance ofessential job functions; nor will anyone receive special treatment for thosereasons. This policy affirms Techspecialists commitment to the principles of fairemployment and the elimination of all vestiges of discriminatory practices thatmight exist.
  6. 6. PERSONNEL RECORDSIt is important that the personnel records of TECHSPECIALIST be accurate at alltimes. In order to avoid issues or compromising your benefit eligibility,TECHSPECIALIST expects that employees will promptly notify appropriatepersonnel representative of any change in name, home address, telephonenumber, marital status, number of dependents, or any other pertinentinformation which may change.ConfidentialityTECHSPECIALIST requires all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement as acondition of employment, due to the possibility of being privy to informationwhich is confidential or intended for the company use only. All employees arerequired to maintain such information in strict confidence. This policy benefitsyou, as an employee, by protecting the interests of the company in the safeguardof confidential, unique and valuable information from competitors or others.Should an occasion arise in which you are unsure of your obligations under thispolicy, it is your responsibility to consult with your reporting manager. Failure tocomply with this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and includingtermination.Dress CodeAs an employee of TECHSPECIALIST, we expect you to present a clean andprofessional appearance when you represent us, whether that is in, or outside of,the office. Management, sales personnel and those employees who come incontact with the public, are expected to dress in accepted corporate tradition.It is just as essential that you act in a professional manner and extend the highestcourtesy to co-workers, visitors, customers, vendors and clients. A cheerful andpositive attitude is essential to our commitment to extraordinary customerservice and impeccable quality. WORK HOURS AND REPORTINGWorkdayThe normal workday is ten (10) hours with at least 48 hours being a normal workweek. Work week in Techspecialist includes Saturday. Employees generally maybe required to work more hours as the work dictates.Overtime work is performed when necessary and approved in advance by yourdepartment head. You are expected to work necessary overtime when requestedto do so. Employees will be paid the regular rate of pay for working on a companyholiday. All overtime payments will be made in the pay period following theperiod the overtime was worked.HolidaysTECHSPECIALIST RECOGNIZES THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAYS: NEW YEARSDAY, GOOD FRIDAY, DEMOCRACY DAY, INDEPENDENCE DAY, LABOR DAY,ALL MUSLIM HOLIDAYS, CHRISTMAS AND BOXING DAYS, NEW YEAR ANDTWO FLOATING HOLIDAYS.
  7. 7. When a holiday falls on a weekend, Techspecialist will designate the Fridaypreceding or Monday following as the observed holiday at the discretion of TheCompany. Regular full-time employees are paid for each holiday.After December 31st, TECHSPECIALIST full-time employees are entitled to onepaid day of vacation for each month or partial month of service during theprevious year, up to a maximum of 10 working days during the first five (5) years.Every effort will be made by TECHSPECIALIST to accommodate vacationrequests, unless business circumstances do not permit. Vacation may be taken infull or half days only.Employees who resign in good standing and give proper notice of termination,are entitled to receive payment for accrued vacation, not yet taken. If theemployee has taken more vacation than actually accrued at the time ofresignation, the unearned vacation will be deducted from the employees final paycheck. Employees who terminate with less than 6 months service are not eligibleto be paid for accrued vacation.AttendanceEmployees are expected to arrive at work before they are scheduled to start andbe at their work station productively engaged in Techspecialist business by thescheduled start time which is 8:00 am. All time off must be requested in advanceand submitted in writing, except sick leave.Techspecialist views attendance as one of the most important facets of your jobperformance review. All unapproved absences will be noted in the employeespersonnel file. Excessive absences, except for Sick Leave, will result indisciplinary action, up to and including termination OFFICIAL LEAVES:Sick LeaveTechspecialist provides payment of income (sick leave) for eligible employeeswhen that employee is away from work due to illness. Employees will be eligiblefor sick leave if they work least thirty (30) hours per week. Sick leave is payable inthe same manner as the employees regular salary, and is subject to the samewithholding elections.Sick leave will be accrued at the rate of a half (1/2) day for each month of servicefor eligible employees. The balance of unused, but accrued, sick leave days will becarried forward from one year to the next, up to a maximum of 30 days. All sickleave used by employees will be charged against the employees total sick leavebalance. Employees eligible for retirement from TECHSPECIALIST will be paidfor all accrued, but unused, sick leave if the total is greater than 25 days.Any employee that is out on sick leave longer than two days must return to workwith a doctors certificate stating the nature of the illness and the employeesfitness to return to duty.
  8. 8. If an employee is unable to work due to illness, the employee must notify hisimmediate supervisor as soon as possible after the onset of the illness, andcertainly by the time the employee was to report to work. It is not permissible tobe gainfully employed elsewhere while out on sick leave. Any employee doing sowill be considered to have voluntarily quit without notice and to not be in goodstanding at the time of resignation.Techspecialist permits use of available sick leave for use during absence due tothe birth or adoption of a child to an employee. The sick leave will be in additionto other available time (see Maternity section).Maternity LeaveTECHSPECIALIST employees are allowed up to six (6) weeks of leave after theyhave given birth to or following the adoption of a child. During this time, suchemployees will be paid at 70% of their regular salary. Additional time may beallowed under extraordinary circumstances (see Sick Leave) and with thepermission of your supervisor and department head. Such employee must haveworked with Techspecialist for at least six (6) months preceding the applicationfor such leave.Funeral LeaveTECHSPECIALIST allows three (3) days off, with pay, for a death in yourimmediate family. Immediate family includes parents, spouse, children, brothers,sisters, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents, or grandchildren.You may request up to an additional two (2) days, which must be approved byyour immediate supervisor and the department head. If accrued vacation isavailable, this benefit will be used for the additional two days; otherwise, theadditional two days will be unpaid.Funeral leave for death of other than immediate family must be approved by yourimmediate supervisory and the department head. Absence for such a death islimited to two (2) days and will be unpaid.Short-term DisabilityShort term disability (STD) benefits provide income continuation during periodsof serious illness resulting in total disability. You are "totally disabled" if you areunable to perform your job due to major illness or accidental bodily injury.TECHSPECIALIST employees bear no cost for this plan benefit which providesup to 180 days of short term disability benefits within a twelve-month period.The employees total disability period must exceed ten (10) consecutive workingdays to qualify for STD benefits; and all Sick Leave benefits must be exhaustedbefore an employee can request STD benefits. Once the initial ten (10) daywaiting period is met, STD benefits will be retroactive to the first unpaid day ofabsence (if sick leave benefits are exhausted).
  9. 9. Regular full-time and regular part-time employees of TECHSPECIALIST areeligible for this benefit once they have completed ninety (90) calendar days ofservice and work at least thirty (30) days per week on a regular basis.Under STD benefits, eligible employees are paid 80% of their normal base salary.This means the employee will be paid based upon your regular rate of payexcluding overtime, bonus, vacation, and any other accrued paid leave oradditional compensation. STD benefits may not exceed 80% of your base salary,unless augmented by available accrued vacation. If additional payments fromworkers compensation or state disability, while you are on STD benefits, increaseyour overall benefits to exceed 80%, your STD benefits will be reducedaccordingly.It is important that an employee provide their supervisor with the treatingdoctors statement as soon as you know an illness or injury will result in anabsence greater than ten (10) days. The doctors statement must identify thenature of your disability and the date you are expected to be able to return towork. TECHSPECIALIST may require a second medical opinion, at its ownexpense, and periodic recertification. If there are discrepancies in the first andsecond opinions, we may require a third doctor to render a medical opinion. Thisthird doctor will be selected jointly by Techspecialist and the employee, and thethird opinion will be binding both on us and the employee.Upon returning to work, you must provide a release, or return to work form, fromthe doctor treating your illness or injury.Use of company PropertyTECHSPECIALIST will provide you with the necessary equipment to do your job.None of this equipment should be used for personal use, nor removed from thephysical confines of TECHSPECIALIST - unless it is approved and your jobspecifically requires use of company equipment outside the physical facility ofTECHSPECIALIST.Computer equipment, including laptops, may not be used for personal use - thisincludes word processing and computing functions. It is forbidden to install anyother programs to a company computer without the written permission of thedepartment head. These forbidden programs include, but are not limited to,games, online services, screen savers, etc. The copying of programs installed onthe company computers is not allowed unless you are specifically directed to doso in writing by your supervisor.The telephone lines at TECHSPECIALIST must remain open for business callsand to service our customers. Employees are requested to discourage anypersonal calls - incoming and outgoing - with the exception of emergency calls.No long distance calls are to be made on company phones which are not strictlybusiness related.
  10. 10. Safety and Accident RulesSafety is a joint venture at TECHSPECIALIST. TECHSPECIALIST provides aclean, hazard free, healthy, safe environment in which to work in accordance withthe Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. As an employee, you areexpected to take an active part in maintaining this environment. You shouldobserve all posted safety rules, adhere to all safety instructions provided by yoursupervisor and use safety equipment where required. Your work place should bekept neat, clean and orderly.It is your responsibility to learn the location of all safety and emergencyequipment, as well as the appropriate safety contact phone numbers. A copy ofthe Emergency Procedures will be kept in each work area on top of thesupervisors desk.All safety equipment will be provided by TECHSPECIALIST, and employees willbe responsible for the reasonable upkeep of this equipment. Any problems withor defects in, equipment should be reported immediately to management.As an employee, you have a duty to comply with the safety rules ofTECHSPECIALIST, assist in maintaining the hazard free environment, to reportany accidents or injuries - including any breaches of safety - and to report anyunsafe equipment, working condition, process or procedure, at once to asupervisor.Employees may report safety violations or injuries anonymously to the SafetyCommittee, if they are not the injured or violating party. NO EMPLOYEE WILLBE PUNISHED OR REPRIMANDED FOR REPORTING SAFETY VIOLATIONSOR HAZARDS. However, any deliberate or ongoing safety violation, or creationof hazard, by an employee will be dealt with through disciplinary action byTECHSPECIALIST, up to and including termination.Anti-Substance AbuseTechspecialist takes seriously the problem of drug and alcohol abuse, and iscommitted to provide a substance abuse free work place for its employees. Thispolicy applies to all employees of Techspecialist, without exception, includingpart-time and temporary employees.No employee is allowed to consume, possess, sell or purchase any alcoholicbeverage on any property owned by or leased on behalf of Techspecialist, or inany vehicle owned or leased on behalf of Techspecialist. No employee may use,possess, sell, transfer or purchase any drug or other controlled substance whichmay alter an individuals mental or physical capacity. The exceptions are aspirinor ibuprofen based products and legal drugs which have been prescribed to thatemployee, which are being used in the manner prescribed.
  11. 11. Techspecialist will not tolerate employees who report for duty while impaired byuse of alcoholic beverages or drugs.All employees should report evidence of alcohol or drug abuse to a supervisor or apersonnel representative immediately. In cases where use of alcohol or drugspose an imminent threat to the safety of persons or property, an employee mustreport the violation. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action for thenon-reporting employee.Employees who violate the Anti-Substance Abuse Policy will be subject todisciplinary action, including termination. It is our policy at TECHSPECIALISTto assist employees and family members who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse.You may be eligible for a medical leave of absence, and we encourage anyemployee with a problem to contact your personnel representative for details.It is a condition of your continued employment with TECHSPECIALIST that youcomply with the Anti-Substance Abuse Policy.SmokingTECHSPECIALIST endeavors to provide a healthy environment, thereforeprohibits any form of tobacco consumed in company buildings. Additionally, nosmoking is allowed within ten (10) feet of exterior entranceways.Job Objectives, Performance Reviews, Salary ReviewsWithin one week of employment, job change or promotion, every employee willbe given job objectives which detail the requirements and expectations of theposition for which the employee was hired. Techspecialist will measure your jobperformance against these objectives. After every evaluation, job objectives willbe reviewed as appropriate. The reporting supervisor will review and discuss theobjectives with the employee and the employee will sign a statement indicatingagreement with, and understanding of, these objectives.Performance reviews are normally conducted every (6) months from the date ofhire, with the exception of a three month review at the end of your probationaryperiod. All performance reviews are based on merit, achievement, job descriptionfulfillment and performance at your position. Wage increases will be based uponthis review, as well as past performance improvement; dependability; attitude;cooperation; any necessary disciplinary action; adherence to all employmentpolicies; and your position in your salary range. Your reporting supervisor willreview and discuss your salary range and your position within that range duringyour performance reviews. When you are promoted to a higher level position, youare automatically eligible for an increase as dictated by the salary range of thatpositionPayrollTechspecialist employees are paid monthly. Our payroll process includes:
  12. 12. An employee will have his/her actual pay check delivered direct to their desk eachpay period.Payroll DeductionsAs required by law, TECHSPECIALIST will deduct Income Tax from your payrollcheck. Also, loans and advances taken by an employee with an agreement todeduct from pay will also be deducted from the payroll check each pay period.Tuition AssistanceIt is our belief that education leads to self improvement which improves the valueof the employee to Techspecialist. In that vein, we encourage higher education toprepare employees for greater responsibility within The Company. Techspecialistwill pay for courses which are directly related to your present job or which willhelp you prepare for more responsibilities or promotions. All courses must beapproved by your supervisor and your personnel representative, who can providemore specific information on courses covered by this plan. Only employeesworking forty eight (48) regular hours or more per week are eligible.The plan reimburses expenses for any approved course started after your full-time employment with Techspecialist begins, but reimbursement of expenses willnot begin until you have completed six (6) months of full-time employment.Courses and seminars, and related fees, books and materials, directly related tothe general and customer service industry are reimbursed to eligible employees at100%. Tuition for courses taken to complete an approved business degree is alsoreimbursed at 100%.To qualify for reimbursement, the employee must successfully complete thecourse or seminar with a grade of "C" or better; or where applicable, obtain acompletion certificate.Contact your personnel representative for proper request forms. These formsmust be completed and reviewed by your supervisor, and the Personnel Director,at least 10 business days prior to your enrollment in any course or seminar.Employee Assistance ProgramWe encourage our employees to seek assistance, as needed, from qualifiedprofessionals. When personal problems and difficulties are identified andappropriately treated in their early stages, the likelihood of a successful outcomeis improved. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees deal withproblems in a confidential and safe environment.Should you require assistance with any problem which is impacting your personaland/or professional life, we encourage you to call.
  13. 13. We cannot stress enough, that if you feel the need for counseling, we stronglyencourage that you seek assistance.Retirement PlansTECHSPECIALIST employees have the opportunity to participate in a retirementplan which allows employees to save a portion of their compensation forretirement. After one year of service, employees are eligible to participate in theplan. Contributions to this plan are pre-tax naira, which means the amountspecified by the employee is taken from his/her salary before federal income taxis taken out. The employee is then taxed on the remaining salary, resulting inadditional savings. See your personnel representative for more details and a copyof the TECHSPECIALIST Employee Savings Plan.Contributions by the company are based on the amount contributed by theemployee, with TECHSPECIALIST matching 30% of the employees contribution.As with employee contributions, taxes on company contributions and theirrelated earnings, are deferred until distribution from the plan. Companycontributions are not fully vested to the employee until after a five year period;employee contributions are fully vested from the time of contribution.
  14. 14. AcknowledgementI, ____________________, have received and read a copy of theTechspecialist Company (The Company) Employee Handbook which outlines thegoals. policies, benefits and expectations of The Company, as well as myresponsibilities as an employee.I have familiarized myself, at least generally, with the contents of this handbook.By my signature below, I acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to complywith the information contained in Employee Handbook provided to me by TheCompany. I understand this handbook is not intended to cover every situationwhich may arise during my employment, but is simply a general guide to thegoals, policies, practices, benefits and expectations of Techspecialist.I understand that Techspecialist Employee Handbook is not a contract ofemployment and should not be deemed as such, and that I am an employee atwill.______________________________________(Employee signature)Please return by