Pc maintenance security backup and troubleshooting


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Michael Hertz, from SoHo Systems, in Norwell, MA gives a talk about PC security, backup, trouble shooting and maintenance at Tech Day Camp Oct 22, 2011

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Pc maintenance security backup and troubleshooting

  1. 1. Presented by:Michael Hertz – SOHO Systems
  2. 2. PC MaintenanceHard drive disk space and performance Disk Cleanup ACC – System Tools Disk Defragmenting ACC – System Tools Disk Error Checking Drive properties – Tools
  3. 3. PC MaintenanceCCleaner Clean temp files Check registry Check startup options Uninstall unwanted programs http://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER
  4. 4. PC MaintenanceInstalling Updates Windows/Microsoft automatic updates Java Adobe Reader Flash Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Virus/malware definitions Program updates Other; Vendor s/w, drivers, utilities. If it ain’t broke…
  5. 5. PC MaintenanceClean and dust Heat is the enemy Blow out w/ canned air or vacuum vents and fans Provide good circulation Check that fans are spinning
  6. 6. PC MaintenanceSchedule daily/weekly scan with your Anti-MalwaresoftwareBackup your system!
  7. 7. PC Security – protect yoursystems, data and identityFirewalls Hardware Basic consumer grade routers Advanced routers/security appliances Software Windows Firewall Security Suite firewalls Standalone free firewalls ZoneAlarm
  8. 8. PC Security – protect yoursystems, data and identityAntiVirus/AntiSpyware software Basic free programs MS Security Essentials AVG BitDefender Clam Avast Malwarebytes
  9. 9. PC Security – protect yoursystems, data and identity Basic licensed programs Norton/Symantec AV Kaspersky McAfee Trend Micro
  10. 10. PC Security – protect yoursystems, data and identity Security/Internet Suites What’s Included AV/AM Firewalls Browser protection, web site scanning Spam filter
  11. 11. PC Security – protect yoursystems, data and identity Security/Internet Suites Not recommended for older PC’s due to performance degradation Use basic AV programs Install anti-malware free-ware Malwarebytes, Spybot, SuperAntiMalware Run manual updates and manual scans routinely Browser security add-ons Web of Trust (WOT), AVG LinkScanner
  12. 12. PC Security – protect yoursystems, data and identityOther means of protection Smell test If it doesn’t seem right… Email attachments and links Drive by downloads Rogue AntiMalware programs/popups Know the look and feel of your Security s/w Test your AV w/ “angryip scanner”
  13. 13. Backups:o Would you suffer financial hardships if you experienced a loss of data?o Is your data secure?o What data lies on your computers that would be difficult, if not impossible, to recreate in the case of loss or damage?o Are you currently backing up your critical data?
  14. 14. Backups:Local Backup Media
  15. 15. Backups vs. CopiesBackup applications Copy (drag and drop or copy and paste) Windows Backup and Restore (Win Vista and 7) Windows Backup (NT Backup – XP) 3rd party backup applications Acronis True Image Norton Ghost NovaStor Various other backup applications Included with external USB hard drives and tape drives
  16. 16. Copy:duplicate of a file
  17. 17. Backup:Files and folders are compressed andplaced in proprietary formatted fileor files
  18. 18. Backing Up Programsand Data
  19. 19. Backing Up Programs and Data Manual vs. scheduled Full, incremental and differential • Full backs up everything selected • Incremental backs up what’s changed since last backup • Differential backs up what’s changed since last full backup Granular data restores
  20. 20. Backing Up Programs and Data Disaster Recovery Full image backups (Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost) Restore you hard drive to a point in time Bare metal restore Hard drive failure Catastrophic loss or corruption Hard drive upgrade Cloning Restore to dissimilar hardware Granular data restores
  21. 21. CD/DVD:Typically a manual processLow costTape:Usually automatedWide range ofprice/performance/capacity
  22. 22. Disk to Disk:Manual or automatedFastCheap External USB/firewire Drives Large capacities Inexpensive Network Attached Storage Large capacities JBOD or Redundant drives (RAID) Accessible from all computers on the network
  23. 23. File Synchronizing/ Offline files 01100100011011
  24. 24. Offsite Storage and Online Backups
  25. 25. The Cloud: Rows and floes of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air And feather canyons evrywhere -Joni MitchellThe term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on thecloud drawing used in the past to represent the telephone network,and later to depict the Internet in computer network diagrams as anabstraction of the underlying infrastructure it represents.Cloud computing provides computation, software, data access, andstorage services that do not require end-user knowledge of thephysical location and configuration of the system that delivers theservices.
  26. 26. Offsite Storage and Online Backups • Free limited space • Larger capacity for varying fees • Varying licensing fees • Proprietary backup/synchronization software included • Data encrypted • HIPAA, SOX, MA CMR 17.00 compliant • During transmission • In Storage
  27. 27. Offsite Storage and Online Backups Cloud storage providers SOHO Remote Backup Priced per GB, unlimited # of computers Ex. 10GB $4.50/month Multiple versions Optional local/offsite backup Mozy Pro and consumer licenses Priced per GB and per Computer $0.50 /GB + per PC fee
  28. 28. Offsite Storage and Online Backups Cloud storage providers Carbonite Pro licenses Priced per GB $0.50 /GB Consumer Flat fee per PC, unlimited storage SugarSync Licensed per PC + per GB Continuous syncing Share access with others
  29. 29. TroubleshootingCommon PC problems PC won’t boot Do any lights/LEDs light up or blink? Can you hear the fans? Can you hear the hard drive?
  30. 30. Troubleshooting During the initial power up Does anything appear on the screen? Manufacturer logo Error messages Windows logo If nothing, check power source and connections Check monitor, monitor power Laptops & lcd displays – look very closely, is there a faint image? Possibly bad backlight Check to see if fans are turning
  31. 31. Troubleshooting If manufacturer BIOS screen displays error Probably a hardware problem or corrupted OS If Windows logo appears and hangs Reboot in “safe mode” Hit F8 after BIOS screens and before Windows logo
  32. 32. Troubleshooting BSOD Did you install or update any programs, hardware, drivers, utilities If BSOD continues Remove new hardware Uninstall programs Roll back updates Run manufacturers diagnostics Hangs or crashes See BSOD Slow See PC maintenance Clean, defrag, check disk, scan
  33. 33. Troubleshooting Use Windows System Restore System Restore rolls back Windows (registry) to a restore point in time Useful when new programs, drivers or updates/patches create problems After cleaning malware infections with Anti- malware s/w Boot PC from a bootable CD/DVD (Windows OS cd is bootable) Run system repair from Windows 7 CD/DVD
  34. 34. Thank You!Any Questions?