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  • -”United Breaks Guitars” song by Canadian musician David Carroll and the Sons of Maxwell. -Song chronicles the real life experience of how his guitar was broken during a trip on United Airlines in 2008. -Carroll saw baggage handlers throwing guitars on the tarmac in Chicago O’Hare on his flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Omaha, Nebraska. -Arrived in Omaha and found his $3,500 guitar broken. -Carroll requested compensation from the airline for nine months before he decided to make the video. -Video was posted on July 6 th , 2009 One day – 150,000 views (Prompting a call from United) Three days – 500,000 views One Month – 3,000,000 views One Year – Over 9,000,000 views -Media reported the story globally. United formally apologized for incident, donated $3,000 to a charity and uses the video as part of customer service training. -Within four days of the video being posted – United’s Stock price fell 10% - costing stockholders $180,000,000 -footnote – Carroll now speaks on customer service. On a trip to Denver to speak – United lost his luggage.
  • -In April of 2009, two Domino employees in the Conover, North Carolina store released a series of YouTube videos in which they “playfully molested food products” that were allegedly delivered to customers. -In a few days they ended up with felony charges, more than a million disgusted viewers and a major company facing a public relations crisis. -References to the video were five of the first 12 results on the first page of Google for the search “Dominos” -the perception of the company’s quality among consumers went from positive to negative within in a week according to the research firm YouGov. -Firm used a civil suit, removal of the video from YouTube and a new Twitter account to comment on crisis.
  • -In the spring of 2010 – Nestle had a serious social media meltdown. The Company’s Facebook and YouTube’s videos were under relentless pressure from Greenpeace over Nestle’s policies of buying palm oil. -Started when Greenpeace create a video that likened eating a Kit Kat bar to killing an Orangutan. The video was placed on YouTube and quickly reached 250,000 views. -Nestle moved to have the video removed which obviously angered Greenpeace. Greenpeace instructed its members to start making comments on the Nestle Facebook page. -Nestle then counter attack on Facebook by removing critical comments and of posts of an altered image. -This caused a flood of Greenpeace members to flock to the Nestle page. The negative comments were too numerous to remove at this point. -The Nestle Facebook was actually managed by a third party marketing company and the company began to make critical comments of Greenpeace on Nestle’s fanpage. -And then silence on the part of Nestle. For over a week Nestle said nothing. In the social media world this is a lifetime. -What to learn – have a clear social media plan, have a social media staff of experienced managers. And realize above all else – your social media page is not truly owned by you.
  • -Launch of 100 calorie snack cake.
  • -Dell generated over $6.5 million in revenue from their Twitter strategy. -The @DellOutlet account has over $1.5 million followers and the Company is one of Twitter’s most active users. -The success represents something that has been elusive for many brands using social media. Hard ROI. -Dell reaches over 3.5 million people through its 35 different social media channels. -Company uses a well-balanced mix of promotion and customer service. -Company has named a “Chief Blogger.” -Consumers aren’t offended on social networks if you give them a good deal.
  • Best Buy “Dream Support” Best Buy engages in continuous social media programs. Learns what customers want by listening. Encourages Best Buy workers to engage with customers and solve problems. Biligual accounts. 2,500 employees who are part of Best Buy’s TwelpForce.
  • Case studies in social media

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