2013 CEO Retreat Survey Results


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2013 CEO Retreat Survey Results

  1. 1. 2013 Retreat CEO Survey 27/52
  2. 2.  We're young, small, underfunded, and growing rapidly.  We aren't exactly financially secure - however we are growing in Membership and plan to add staff this summer. We're on a mission to sustainability. Right now while we're growing I would not consider us secure. We're in a chicken/egg situation where we can't effectively support our growing Membership without more staff but have a very limited budget.  Best financial condition ever and just added staff.  About same mumber of members, however, the revenues are growing as we reach out to larger companies.  We are growing-- but not as strong as hoped. We need a development director to help us focus on growth and renewals.  Our membership and visibility has increased greatly, but traditional funding has slipped markedly. (please make sure to delete choice b/2)  Growing but not financially secure  Membership is flat, but all other measures are up well: participation, media, influence, etc.
  3. 3.  Marketing  workforce development  mentorship program, comms / PR  Programs & Events Coordinator  coaches  marketing and systems  Marketing, PR  I plan to hire tech workforce development
  4. 4. Homegrown - 4 Salesforce - 4 salesforce marketo hootsuite Infusionsoft Olasoft (Olatech corporation) Hubspot YourMembership is not working out for us and we are evaluating other options we're no longer using an enterprise level software package (we stopped using yourmembership about 3 years ago) Not 123signup Parent company deployed Microsoft CRM
  5. 5.  This is still a work in progress. My hope is to see it through to real sustainability and impact.  Tough to balance... One day it seems there's unlimited opportunity and on the next it seems we're spinning our wheels. It's tough to make enough headway to take a breath and get perspective. I feel privileged to be in the role that I am but I never feel like I have the presence of mind to make the most of the opportunity as I'm stuck in grind of keeping the wheels in motion. Note: We are just beginning in the area of policy. The ranking above is initial understanding - total new area of engagement for me.  Enjoy helping our industry grow and given a lot of flexibility to lead. Love coming to work every day.  most challenging and potentially, the most rewarding  I'm a connector by nature. Love helping create a better future by helping our members get where they are going faster...  Great opportunity to connect and make a difference as long as you stay focused. Awesome job that combines focused industry support and direction with other key stakeholders.  My job reflects the best and worst aspects of my skills, thinking and other capabilities. We're working on more targeted board involvement to fill gaps and make the most of my strengths.  I wish I could clone myself and add an hour or 2 to the day, then maybe I could keep up.  Overwhelming at times, but generally creative and enjoyable. Internal respect and support through our parent company has done a 180 degree turn