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Know Your IT Risks

In a simple and easy way understand what impacts business today and why IT is important and a RISK too.

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Know Your IT Risks

  1. 1. Just Silently!
  2. 2. Firefighting: IT Operations / Applications
  3. 3. CEO / CXO Syndrome
  4. 4. Too much data...too little use!
  5. 5. Installed... IT Complexity
  6. 6. Unclear Business Goals?
  7. 7. Largest growing criminals...
  8. 8. People Risk
  9. 9. Do you still think.... You don't need an IT Health Check?
  10. 10. At your service. For unbiased, practical and cost effective solutions to all your IT Problems. Sanjiv Arora +91 9810293733