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Tech Backpack Proposal for News Media Organizations


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Manage stringers, snitches and secondary sources.

TB wants to simplify and reduce time from 5 hours to just 1.5 to research, engage, manage & produce.

Increase newsroom productivity. Produce more stories during the day due to greater visibility and analytics.

Increased visibility of stories & public sentiment in real-time using a single view.

View content with greater authenticity as it shapes over trending social media stories.

Roadmap: Role specific mobile apps, dashboard for Newsroom computer system ENPS a new news format with more investment coming in.

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Tech Backpack Proposal for News Media Organizations

  1. 1. Social Media Reporting Tool for Journalism Community Generic Proposal for commercial R1 (B) Presented to MEDIA CLIENT Presented by
  2. 2. Contents How we meets your needs How we helps Our offer Key benefits What makes us different Solution features summary Included software platform features Projected total costs Appendices Founders and Contacts
  3. 3. Previously… How TB Primetime Meets your needs Integrate latest social networks for listening, monitoring and aggregation into news reporting process. Digital content management with integrated online newsroom Target audience using content distribution tools Increase traffic and online visibility of news stories
  4. 4. Previously… How Tech Backpack helps Provides powerful, yet easy to use, hosted social newsroom application and specialized services built by dedicated media professionals, for media professionals. Use TB Primetime to bring citizen journalists, student opinions and public sentiment in front of your journalists and editorial staff, then measure and report results.
  5. 5. Previously… Our Offer… Journalism ecosystem starting with “Primetime”
  6. 6. Previously… Key benefits Distribute multimedia Extend reach of journalist body Reduce research time online Manage field reporters Monitor trending public sentiment Increased visibility and impact of media coverage Create podcasts and blogs
  7. 7. Previously… What makes us different New journalism trends in practice Search engine friendly technology (SEO) Web 2.0 channels added at no extra cost WYSIWUG editor Message distribution in high volume Composer targeted to news articles Social media monitoring and listening Easy to manage for non-technical journalists
  8. 8. Previously… Solution features summary Email and track response and projects Search engine friendly technology (SEO) Web 2.0 channels added at no extra cost WYSIWUG editor Message distribution in high volume Composer targeted to news articles Social media monitoring and listening Easy to manage for non-technical journalists
  9. 9. Previously… software platform features Included WYSIWYG Web Editing and Publishing Online Newsroom Management Message Distribution & Tracking Unlimited Social Monitoring Source Management & Contacts RSS Feeds and Syndication Web Statistics and Reporting Unlimited External Links Security and User Management Meta Data Management URL sharing and statistics Unlimited Online Storage Editorial Calendar and Scheduling Reporter Meetings Scheduling Search Engine Optimization High-Resolution Image Gallery Advanced Site Search Crisis Communications Module Measurement and Reporting Social Media Sharing and Distribution Feedback Management (Surveys/Polls) Manage bibliography Podcast Management
  10. 10. Previously… Projected total costs Tech Backpack Primetime - All-in-1 Social Newsroom 1. TB Primetime Licensing (X Users) = 2. Design, Implementation & Training (One time) = 2. Day-time Tech Support (Email, Phone) = Cost (REQUEST) 1. $ /month OR $ /year 2. $ 3. $ /month OR $ /year
  11. 11. Previously… Appendix A: What is included Set-up, Configuration, and Trainings Implementation includes seamless integration with existing domain Training for your journalists and in-house community managers on TB Primetime operation Technical Specifications Agreed number of global licenses 5 GB of storage space per month Unlimited data transfer per month Day-time technical support (1 hour response) Day-time technical support (1 hour response) Services Extra Storage Extra Bandwidth Price Add $X per X GB per month Add $X per X GB per month
  12. 12. Previously… Appendix B: Pre-launch activities Online Journalism and PR “best practices” consulting – Our online communications expert will work with you and the Tech Backpack design team to develop an online Newsroom designed for maximum effectiveness. Basic online news optimization – Advice on optimization. Organize pages for effective search engine indexing (Additional organic/natural SEO services available through our Managed Services upon request). Site testing – TB’s quality assurance team will perform thorough testing on all pages and associated functionality across the site.
  13. 13. Previously… Appendix C: Post-launch activities First 3 months Online Newsroom optimization – for the first 3 months – A member of TB’s professional services team will monitor (weekly) client’s online Newsroom, be available to answer questions and will make recommendations that will help client increase effectiveness. Ongoing user training and support – for the first 3 months – TB will continue to support and train each of client’s based on our consulting plan. Consulting Services Community management and PR strategy Software support Price Add $X per hour Add $X per hour
  14. 14. Appendix D: On-going activities Entire duration of service contract: Account manager support Day-time technical support User/functionality support
  15. 15. Appendix E: Professional services Our Interactive Technology Consulting Services include: Systems Enhancement - to help get clients’ journalism tools to the next level Application Development - leverage Tech Backpack’s expertise in building news and social media specific applications
  16. 16. Bonus: Help support future journalists Funding for discounts, vouchers, webinars and internships to students to practice balanced / Open News initiative
  17. 17. Previously… The Founding Backpackers Usman Naeem Khokhar Freelance journalist Social media strategist 5 years experience in media Cyclist, swimmer and technophile Chief Executive Backpacker
  18. 18. Previously… The Founding Backpackers Zulfiqar Ali Soomro Web developer Serial entrepreneur 5 years experience in IT Globe-trotter, snooker fan Chief Technology Backpacker
  19. 19. Contact Us Clients may reach us at: interested in investing: Organizations and NGOs interested in sponsoring students may contact us at: