Top iOS 7 Hidden Features


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A good number of new features were revealed by Apple in WWDC 2013, but there are a lot of other features which Apple didn’t announce. These Hidden and potentially useful features were found by different developers in the Beta release of iOS 7.

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Top iOS 7 Hidden Features

  1. 1. Top iOS 7 HiddenFeatures
  2. 2. With iOS 7 Apple has unleashed a numberof new features such as the flash light, antitheft/activation lock features, photo app,and AirDrop. All these features wererevealed by Apple in WWDC 2013, butthere are a lot of other features whichApple didn’t announce.These Hidden and potentially usefulfeatures were found by differentdevelopers in the Beta release of iOS 7.
  3. 3. TimerWhether youre timing a run orcooking dinner, the clock timer iniOS is a great tool. Apple hasincluded a subtle, handy addition totimer: you can now view it from thelock screen. Furthermore, iOS 7 alsoshows you how long youve got lefton your snooze timer.
  4. 4. PassbookPassbook has quickly become oneof my favorite features in iOS. Nowthe company takes it one stepfurther, making it easier than ever toadd your cards. In iOS 7 you canadd them just by scanning a QRcode.
  5. 5. Direction LockDirection lock is now available oniPhone as well. Can be found easilyin the setting you get by swiping.Really neat feature
  6. 6. AccessibilityApple has added a few new features in the Accessibility menuin Settings in iOS 7. First off is the “Enhance Text Legibility”,and it really does a great job of not only making the text larger,bug bolder as well. Also in iOS 7 is moving backgrounds, andwhether it be a regular wallpaper of “Dynamic”, it moves whenyou move the phone.
  7. 7. Unified Safari search fieldApple has updated its web browser app by combining its URLand search fields into one. On iOS 7, when users type in thefield, theyll receive website and search suggestions in thesame place.Simpler notifications with day summaryApple has cleaned up the Notification Centre by dividing it intomultiple sections. The primary section, called "Today", featuresa neat summary with helpful information about the day, such asthe weather and what you have on your schedule.
  8. 8. Block callersHave an unwanted person calling or texting you? On iOS 7,youll be able to quickly go into their contact information, scrollto the bottom and select "Block this Caller" to keep from hearingfrom him or her again.Disable Ad TrackingYou can now disable ad tracking on your iPhone.
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