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Top Global Mobile Ad Networks

Monetization of apps has always been a priority for developers and businesses. Most developers face a dilemma while deciding which source of revenue would be the best for their app.

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Top Global Mobile Ad Networks

  1. 1. Top Global MobileAd Networks
  2. 2. Mone%za%on  of  apps   has  always  been  a   priority  for  developers  and  businesses.  Most  developers  face  a  dilemma  while  deciding  which  source  of  revenue  would  be  the  best  for  their  app.Majorly  there  are  three  revenue  models   for  mobile  developers  to  earn  revenue  from  their  apps:•    Paid  Apps-­‐  By  selling  apps  for  a  fixed  amount•   Freemium  Apps-­‐  Make   a   free   lite   version   and   earn   from   in-­‐app   purchase   for  premium  features•  In  App  Adver1sement-­‐  Free  Apps  which  show  ads  and  you  earn  revenue  when  users  click  on  ads.In  this   post   we   will   be  covering   the   In  App   Adver%sing   method  and   Top   Global  Mobile  Ad  networks  used  by  developers.
  3. 3. 1.  AdMobThe  mobile  ad  network  by  Google,  the  original  mobile  ad  network  –  s%ll  Google’s  main   solu%on   for   in-­‐app   adver%sing   on   Android   and   iPhone,   boasts   of   huge  inventory   despite   the   growth   in   compe%%on.   AdMob   connects   you   with  adver%sers   looking   to   reach   users   across   plaLorms.   With   relevant   ads   from  thousands  of  adver%sers,  it  lets  you  make  money  from  your  app  traffic.While   AdMob   may   not   offer   the   highest   eCPM,   and   there’s   plenty   newer   ad  networks   out   there   who’ve   surged   ahead   in   terms   of   innova%on,   but   by   most  es%mates  it  serves  more  ads  to  iPhone  users  than  any  other  network.  AdMob  has  a   strong   fill   rate   across   preQy   much   all   territories   and,   according   to   many  developers,  and  ironically,  outperforms  iAd  when  it  comes  to  CTRs.
  4. 4. 2.  LeadboltLeadbolt  offers  a  number  of  different  ad  formats   including   app   walls,   capture  forms,  inters%%als,  video  and  overlays  as  well  as  the  tradi%onal  banners,  strong  in  the  games  market  and  Android.  Leadbolt’s   flexible   plaLorm   allows  developers  to  posi%on  high  performance  ad   units   throughout   the   complete   app  usage   cycle   maximizing   your   revenue  returns.
  5. 5. 3.  inMobiinMobi  is  perhaps  the  world’s  biggest  mobile  ad  network  aUer  Google’s  Admob,  with  very  strong   global   footprint   and   increasingly  offering   rich  media   and   other   capabili%es.   It  offers   a   Best   in   class   technology.   Being   a  mobile-­‐first  company  their  plaLorms  are  built  with   the   sole   purpose   of   simplifying   mobile  adver%sing.  
  6. 6. 4.  Millenial  MediaMillenial  Media  is  a  US  based  mobile  ad  network  working  with  brands,  mobile  app  developers  and  mobile  publishers  with  a  range  of  mobile  ad  solu%ons.Millennial  Media’s  customers  include  23  of  the  top  25  Ad  Age  brands,  and  their  developer   base   includes   large   mobile  publishers,   such   as   CBS   Interac%ve   and  The   New   York   Times   Co.,   and   large   app   developers,   such   as   Zynga   Inc.   and  Rovio.mMedia  is  Millennial  Media’s  global  self-­‐service  solu%on.  which  developers  can  use   as   a   self-­‐serve   mone%za%on   tool,   where   they   can   manage   how   ads   are  being  served  in  their  apps  and  op%mize  performance.
  7. 7. 5.  JumpTabJumptap  is  a  large  US-­‐based  mobile  ad  network.  Though  it  is  very  strong  in  the  US,  but  it  also  has  a  good  global  inventory.When   it   comes   to   offering   a   robust   data-­‐driven   plaLorm   for   adver%sers  Jumptap  has  been  top  of  the  list  for  some%me  now.  Founded  back  in  2004,  the  award-­‐winning   network   indulges   big   brand   adver%sers   with   its   tapMatch  solu%on,  offering  keyword-­‐targe%ng  and  a  tradi%onal  media-­‐buying  model.  The  network  has  also  recently  been  one  of  the  strongest  proponents  of  rich  media  ads  to  increase  ROI  and  claims  to  offer  adver%sers  the  largest  open  rich  media  plaLorm.   It’s   no   surprise   that   some   of   the   biggest   brands   have   jumped   on-­‐board  with  Jumptap.
  8. 8. 6.  MobbnetMobbnet   though   is   a   rela%vely  new  mobile   ad  network,  it  has  become  famous  quickly  by  offering  something  that  all  developers  and  publishers  usually  complaint  about  in  other  Ad  networks,weekly  payments!    If  you  sign-­‐up  with  Mobbnet  they  will  pay  you  all  earnings  for  the  previous  week  via  wire  transfer  or  paypal.    While  most   other   networks   usually  ask  for  payment   terms   of   net   30   or   even   net   60,  which   means   developers   oUen   won’t   see   any   money   un%l   2   +   months   later,  InVision  comes  to  rescue.Mobbnet  supports  text  ads,  banners,  inters%%als,  icon  ads,  and  dialog  ads.  
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