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Top 5 Most Expensive Phone Across Globe


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Do you know what are the most expensive phones available or ever created?

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Top 5 Most Expensive Phone Across Globe

  1. 1. Top 5 MostExpensive PhoneAcross Globe
  2. 2. 1.  iPhone  5  Black  Diamond$15   million   iPhone   5   Black   Diamond,   designed   by   Stuart   Hughes,   a   long=me  designer   of   a?ermarket   electronics   is   believed   to   be   the   most   expensive  smartphone  ever  made.The  phone  has  a  solid-­‐gold  chassis  that  Hughes  cra?ed  by  hand.  But  the  real  cost  comes  from  the  most  expensive  home  buFon  in  the  world.  That  home  buFon  is  made  of  a  single,  deep-­‐cut,  black  diamond  that  weighs  26  carats.  The  diamond  is  said  to  be  worth  $14.5  million.And   the   diamonds   don’t   end   there.   There   are   600   white,   flawless   diamonds  located  within  the  Apple  logo  on  the  back  and  on  the  edges.The  English  designer  and  jeweler  has  made  gold  Apple  products  before  –  his  Solid  Gold   iPhone   costs   $33,678   (£21,995)     and  the   iPad   Supreme   Fire   Edi=on   costs  $168,424  (£109,995)  –  but  with  this  one,  “it’s  all  about  the  rarity  and  value  of  the  deep-­‐cut,  black  diamond,”
  3. 3. 1.  $15  million  iPhone  5
  4. 4. 2.  Vertu  FerrariThe   Vertu   Constella=on   Quest   Ferrari   has  been   cra?ed   where   interior  parts  of  the  Ferrari  GT  are  made.  It  comes  in  a  leather  slip  which  acts  as  a  cover.  Produced  by  Vertu,  the  well-­‐known  company  that  is  specialized  in  designing  luxurious  phones  equipped  with  unique  elements.  The  phone  boasts   a   sapphire   crystal   keypad,   a   =tanium   baFery   cover,   and   a  tachometer-­‐inspired  clock.As  the  phone  is  codenamed  as  Ferrari,  it’s  preFy  obvious  that  the  phone  has   something   related   to   the  famous   car   company.   And   it   is   a   Ferrari  engine   coa=ng   finish   and   a   Ferrari   leather   trim   embossed   with   the  Ferrari   logo.   The   =tanium   baFery   cover   has   the   trademark   Cavallino  Rampante  (prancing  horse)  symbol  in  stainless  steel.
  5. 5. 2.  Vertu  FerrariThe   Vertu   Constella=on   Quest   Ferrari   has  been   cra?ed   where   interior  parts  of  the  Ferrari  GT  are  made.  It  comes  in  a  leather  slip  which  acts  as  a  cover.  
  6. 6. 3.  Porche  DesignPorsche  and  BlackBerry  appeared  to  put  a  large  amount  of  work  especially  in  the   cra?smanship  of  the  phone,   Porsche  Design   Blackberry,   which   made   the  device  eye-­‐catching.  Instead  of  a  plas=c  boFom,  the  en=re  body  is  forged  out  of  stainless  steel.  The  baFery  cover  is  wrapped  in  real  leather  as  well  as  each  key  on  the  QWERTY  keyboard  is  made  of  metal  and  the  naviga=on  buFons  placed  below  the  screen  are  designed  of  individual  pieces  of  glass.The  instantly  iden=fiable  Porsche  Design  ID  includes  a  premium  forged  stainless  steel   frame,   rich,   genuine   leather   backing,   wide   iconic   BlackBerry®   QWERTY  keyboard   and   large,   luxurious   full-­‐touch   screen.   The   Porsche   Design   P’9981  smartphone  from  BlackBerry®  is  engineered  luxury  at  its  finest.  
  7. 7. 3.  Porche  Design
  8. 8. 4.  GoldVish  Le  MillionCreated  and  designed  by  world’s  prominent  Swedish  designer  ‘Emmanuel  Gueit’  the  Doldvish  Le  Million  is  one  of  the  most  expensive  and  most  luxurious  mobile  phone  in  the  world.  It  was  purchased  by  a  Russian  businessman  for  $1.3  million.  The   phone   is   handcra?ed   with   18   ct   white   gold   and   120   ct   VVS-­‐1   graded  diamonds.
  9. 9. 5.  Tag  Heuer  RacerTag  Heuer,  known  for  its  luxury  brand  watches  has  come  up  with  an  expensive  phone,   Tag   Heuer   Racer,   made   from   premium   materials,   including   stainless  steel,  carbon  fiber  and  aeronau=c-­‐grade  =tanium.  The  casing  is  shockproof  and  certainly  feels  heavy  and  sturdy  even  though  it  isn’t  waterproof.The   phone  is  said  to  pack  a  3D  user  interface  and  a   high  speed  processor  of  1GHz.   It   comes   with   a   camera   of  5MP   with   auto-­‐focus   and  VGA   front-­‐facing  features.
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