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Top 10 Mobile Apps to Edit Videos


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Finding a good, reliable video editor made for mobile devices is not as easy as it may seem. That is why in order to help you out we pick a few for you – 10 video editors for iOS and Android devices.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps to Edit Videos

  1. 1. Top 10Mobile Apps toEditVideosTop 10Mobile Apps toEditVideosTop 10Mobile Apps toEditVideos
  2. 2. Video Editing has been one of the many things that wecan now do on our smartphones, thanks to smartdevelopers and high processing powers that are nowpossessed by devices in our palms. But before you couldturn your homemade videos into classy masterpieces,youll need the right app for the job. And trust our word onthis, finding a good, reliable video editor made for mobiledevices is not as easy as it may seem.That is why, in order to help you out we pick a few for you– 10 video editors for iOS and Android devices, and wehope you will like them too. These apps will let you importyour videos, trim and rearrange them the way you like,and spice them up with special effects.
  3. 3. 1.  VidTrimVidTrim  Pro  is  a  video  editor  and  organizer  for  Android.  It  includes  mul9ple  features  like  trimming,  frame  grabbing,  video   effects,   extract   audio   (convert   to   MP3)   and  transcoding   (convert   to   MP4).   You   can   also   share   your  videos  with  your  friends  directly  through  the  app.If   all  you   need   to   do   is   some   simple   cropping,   VidTrim  should  do  the  trick.  Available  for:  Android
  4. 4. 2.  MagistoFor  something  with  a  bit   more  poten9al  than  VidTrim,   yet  hardly   more   difficult   to   use,   check   out   Magisto.   A   self-­‐described  "movie  maker,"  Magisto  lets  you  experiment  with  basic   edits,   like   trims,   filters   and   transi9ons.   You   can   also  throw  in  background  music  and  edit  sound  effects.Just   record   and   upload   your   videos   and   Magisto   will   turn  them  into  beau9ful  edited  movies,  complete  with  music  and  effects,  in  minutes.Available  for:  Android,  iOS
  5. 5. 3.  ViddyViddy  is  perfect  for  capturing  memories,  showing  off  your  skills  or  sharing  video  updates  with  friends.  Whatever  your  reason  for  sharing,   Viddy   makes   it   easy   with   one-­‐touch   publishing   to  Facebook,   TwiPer,   YouTube   and   Tumblr.   You   can   choose   to  share   videos   publicly   with   the   Viddy   community,   with   friends  only,   or   privately   with   select   individuals   via   email   or   text  message.In   essence   it   is   prePy   basic   video-­‐sharing   app   that   lets   you  "beau9fy"  your  clips  with  custom  filters  and  soundtracks.Available  for:  Android,  iOS
  6. 6. 4.  Highlight  CamHighlightCam  allows  you  to  create  incredible  movies  from  your  favorite   photos   and   videos   with   special   effects   and   music   -­‐  automa9cally!  Your  job  is  to  pick  the  footage  youd  like  to  use,  add  a  song  or  special  effects,  if  you  feel  like  it,  and  that  is  prePy  much  it.The   app   also   allows   you   to   share   your   crea9ons   with   loved  ones   instantly   via   Facebook,   TwiPer,   YouTube,   or   email.   Or,  save  it  onto  a  phone  to  show  off  any9me,  anywhere!  Available  for:  Android,  iOS
  7. 7. 5.  Cute  CUTDo  you  want  to  create  your  own  unique  movie?  Just  draw  it  by  yourself   with  Cute   CUT!   It   comes   with   a  standard  drag-­‐and-­‐drop  edi9ng   layout,   but   you   have   the   op9on   to   use   its   30+  drawing  tools  to  customize  your  footage  with  effects,  texture,  shadows   and   borders.   Beside   providing   the   u9li9es   of   a  common  video  editor,  Cute  CUT  gives  more  than  you  expect.Available  for:  iOS
  8. 8. 6.  Movie  AidMovieAid  is  a  mobile  device  based  video  editor  that  allows  you  to  create  a  movie  project  from   stored   videos   and   photos   in   your   phone/tablet.   Allowing   the   user   to   manipulate  various   video   transi9on  effects   and  added   sub9tles,   MovieAid  paves   a   way   to   turn   your  stored  videos  and  photos  into  a  vivid  movie.  Imported  videos  and  images  can  be  arranged  and  modified  with  transi9on  effects,  speed  controls,  effects,  and  more.  Crea9ng  a  movie  has  never  been  easier,  even  in  your  phones.  Available  for:  Android
  9. 9. 7.  QikFrom   the   team   behind   Skype,   the   Qik   Video   calling   apps  newest  edi9on  allows  you  to  record  and  trim  footage.   You  can  add  up  to  13  different  9n9ng   effects   to  real-­‐9me  calls,  too.Available  for:  iOS,  Android
  10. 10. 8.  CinefyCinefy  is  a  revolu9onary  new  special  FX  studio  containing  over  100  Hollywood  caliber  special  fx!  Cinefy’s   easy  and  intui9ve  interface  gets   you  edi9ng  like  a  pro  in  minutes.  With  just  a  touch,  drop  in  your  clips,  add  music,  and  apply  over  100  incredible  special  effects  and  anima9ons.  Its  easy-­‐to-­‐use  interface  lets  you  choose  from  more  than  100  special  effects  and  anima9ons  to  add  to  your  video.  For  extra  flare,  you  can  insert  music  directly  from  iTunes.Available  for:  iOS,  Android
  11. 11. 9.  VideoGradeVideoGrade  is  not  meant  to  slice  and  s9tch  your  vidos  together,  but  will  allow  you  to  alter  the  way   they   look.   It   lets   you   modify   a   number   of   segngs,   such   as   brightness,   contrast,   color  satura9on  and  hue.  Some  of  the  adjustments  can  be  applied  to  specific  parts  of  the  video.VideoGrade  gives  you  all  the  informa9on  you  need  while  edi9ng:  real9me  previews  of  how  the  video   will   look   like,   color   channels   histogram,   clipping   previews   and   split   screen   mode   for  comparing  the  edited  video  with  the  original.  Available  for:  iOS,  Android
  12. 12. 10.  ReelDirectorReelDirector  offers  the  standard  edi9ng  tools.  As  a  perk,  you  can  add   more   than  25   unique   transi9ons   to   your   footage,  including  white-­‐out  effects  and  out-­‐of-­‐frame  fades.If  you  really  dig  video  edi9ng  and  want  to  take  full  control,  you  should  get  ReelDirector:Available  for:  iOS
  13. 13. You  can  also  reach  us  on:   Facebook  -­‐     TwiPer  -­‐     LinkedIn  -­‐  to  us  at  for  a  FREE  30-­‐minute  no  obliga9on  consulta9on  with  our  Mobile  app  experts  ($200  Value).  At TechAhead, we have developed hundreds of appsfor iOS and Android platforms. Our mobile appsdevelopment experts have the experience and skillsfor developing apps, while keeping in mind therequirement of a business.Credits:hPp://­‐video-­‐edi9ng-­‐apps-­‐for-­‐Android-­‐iPhone-­‐and-­‐iPad_id36140hPp://­‐edit-­‐apps/