Sure Shot Ways To Improve Your Mobile App’s Visibility


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Read this slideshow to find various sure shot tips which can help you in increasing your mobile app's visibility, and in turn downloads and revenue.

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Sure Shot Ways To Improve Your Mobile App’s Visibility

  1. 1. Sure  Shot  Ways  To  Improve  Your   Mobile  App’s  Visibility ©  TechAhead
  2. 2. Sure Shot Ways To Improve Your Mobile App’s VisibilityMore often than not, most mobile developers are searching for options they canuse to improve their app’s presence online. An App might be wonderful but unlessit is visible to masses, it won’t get the attraction and downloads it deserve. Youwill find many services(mostly paid) that will boast of improving your app’svisibility, but what if you want a free or very inexpensive Do-it-yourself method?Read this post to find various tips which can help you in increasing your mobileapp’s visibility, and in turn downloads. ©  TechAhead
  3. 3. Do Keyword Research and Use itJust like conventional SEO, App’s Marketplace search engine optimizationdepends on an understanding of the types of keywords that users are going tobe searching for. Once you understand this, you can think about including thosethat are relevant into your app listing in order to drive search traffic. The aimshould be to find keywords that are related to, or relevant to your app. Once youhave a list of keywords you can include them in your app listing. ©  TechAhead
  4. 4. Generate Traffic from Multiple SourcesMost developers only submit their app to their respective marketplace. In orderto get more visibility, you need to use multiple sources of traffic generation,targeted to your app. A dedicated website, Facebook fan page, Twitter accountetc can be really good source of traffic to your site. A website can also help inimproving your app’s visibility in search pages as you can use more keywordsand better optimize your website for search engines. Social media power shouldalso be leveraged by making use of various social media channels likeFacebook, Twitter etc. Talk about your app in social media, let people knowabout your app. ©  TechAhead
  5. 5. Use Price DropAnother way of moving up the charts can be to reduce the price of your app. Manyof the review sites and directories specifically track price drops, which can help getyour app picked up by them. Reducing the price of your app will obviously increasesales, all other things being equal, which can lead to increasing returns if you cangenerate enough additional demand to push into the chart ©  TechAhead
  6. 6. Use Letter A or Number in App TitleMost of you might be wondering as to how it can help in increasing your app’svisibility, let us explain. Most of the App Marketplaces have Sort by option,having letter A or Number in beginning of your App title will allow it to be featurednear the top under a specific category, when that option is used. ©  TechAhead
  7. 7. Get Your App ReviewedThere are many apps review sites, contact them to to review your app. Manysites will be happy to do it for free in exchange for free review copy of the app,some might even charge you few dollars, but if it is worth it, you can be morethan happy to pay for it. However, it is important that your app is fully functionalbefore doing this part. ©  TechAhead
  8. 8. There you had it, few tips which can help you in increasing your app’s visibility. Ifyou have an App development idea or require an app for your business, ourexpert mobile apps development team can help you in bringing your app idea tolife. Contact us for a free quote today Credits: ©  TechAhead
  9. 9. Thank  youReach  Us: ©  TechAhead