Steps To Become An iPhone App Developer


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Want to become an iPhone App Developer and have your app in App Store, but don't know what all steps you need to perform? Go through this presentation to know the steps.

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Steps To Become An iPhone App Developer

  1. 1. Steps To Become An iPhone App Developer
  2. 2. The App World has been seeing a constant growth in its developers community. Every new computer graduate is looking to have a go at Mobile Application Development. Apple’s iPhone being the Hercules of it with more than 75 percent of the market share, developers at large are getting lured to make an iPhone application.
  3. 3. Here are the steps to develop your first iPhone App:
  4. 4. To develop an iPhone App youfirst need a Mac supporting thelatest version of OS X. Thecurrent version is Mountain Lion.The cheapest Mac available isMac mini that cost $599. Itcomes with 2.5 GHz dual-core i5processor, 500GB hard disk and4GB memory that are sufficientfor all your developmentrequirements.
  5. 5. To build your iPhone App you have todownload iPhone SDK. For this you needto create an Apple id. The registration isfree and once registered you have accessto all the tools that you need for iPhoneApplication Development. The SDKincludes Xcode IDE, iOS simulator fortesting and debugging, performanceanalyzer, interface builder, iOSdeveloper library, getting started videos,coding examples and other usefuldocumentation.
  6. 6. Objective C is the primary languageused for authoring iPhoneApplications. If you have experienceof programming in C and C++, thenObjective C will not be difficult tolearn. You will also have to gothrough getting started videos tofamiliarize yourself with the IDE. Youmay need to learn about some moretechnologies like Html5, jQuery orFlash as per your applicationrequirement.
  7. 7. After you have created yourapp you need to enroll yourselfin the iOS developer program bypaying an yearly fee of $99. Thiswill allow you to test your app ona real iPhone. You may feel thatyou have already tested your appon simulated environment, butthere may be some details youcan only find on a real iPhone.Rigorously test your app to makesure you remove all the bugsfrom it.
  8. 8. Submit your app to the AppStore for approval. The approvalprocess takes about 2-3 weeksand if you have followed all theguidelines provided by Apple forapp development you are goodto go.
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