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Mobile Apps with Great Design


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Apps which Inspire Designers and Developers to Create Better Apps

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Mobile Apps with Great Design

  1. 1. Mobile Apps with Great Design Apps which Inspire Designers and Developers to Create Better
  2. 2. Evernote Most believe that iOS apps are always better than their Android counterparts. Evernote App looks beautiful on all mobile platforms, and its Android app shows as to how Android mobile apps too can look beautiful. From the sliding navigation panels to the cleaner notes view, Evernote for Android is clean, crisp and easier to
  3. 3. Clear Its really difficult to build buzz around new mobile application, especially when the first app on deck is something thousands of others have attempted, like a "To Do" app. But Clear did it successfully. Simple yet effective design was the main reason it got so much attention and continue to do
  4. 4. Sparrow Great design. From the slide- out navigation panels to persistent reply and compose buttons, to the ease of adding attachments, the app gets every detail just right. No wonder the company was acquired by Google, and we can expect Gmail Mobile Apps will look even better
  5. 5. CAbi Fashion, Friends, and Fun… thats the CAbi Experience! Great app which showcases innovative designs with exceptional quality, expert advice and personal attention from your CAbi Consultant, and support from friends in a comfortable home
  6. 6. 500px 500px app lets you browse millions of stunning photographs shared by and with the community. Recently, the app was updated with support for the iPhone 5, making the app a truly gorgeous solution to consume the vast amount of content on 500px. App’s UI is absolutely
  7. 7. Just Landed The app is beautifully designed, with a simple interface and a unique method of showing when someone needs to leave for the airport. With the majority of the interface elements being text, the app reminds that Typography is important as
  8. 8. Path Path App makes great use of sliding features. Sliding in from the left brings up typical menus and user-level notifications. Sliding out from the right brings up friends details and search. Also aligns the slide animation to top buttons, making it easier for users that dont know how to use the
  9. 9. Camera Genius Camera Genius is an improved interface for the camera on the iPhone. Although Apple updated the camera and the software, there is still some improvement to be made. Thats where Camera Genius comes into play. Its user interface also makes reviewing your photos a
  10. 10. At TechAhead, we have helped clients from across the world, design and develop beautiful mobile apps in various categories. Our app experts have the experience and skills for designing apps that focus on improving user experience by balancing creativity with functionality. Write to us at for a FREE 30-minute no obligation consultation with our mobile experts ($200 Value). You can also reach us on Website - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn -