Easy Ecommerce, Shopping Cart Management with CS-Cart


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The ideal option for small and medium businesses selling online is a fully automated solution to manage their products. CS-Cart Development can automate anything your business needs. When developing your website, consider possible integrations to make your business operations run smoother using inbuilt CS-Cart modules:

Payment Systems
One-Page Checkout
Turnkey Shipping Services
Managing Returns

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Easy Ecommerce, Shopping Cart Management with CS-Cart

  1. 1. Easy Order Management with CS-Cart
  2. 2. Easy Order Management with CS-CartThe ideal option for small and medium businesses selling online is a fullyautomated solution to manage their products. CS-Cart Development canautomate anything your business needs. When developing your website,consider possible integrations to make your business operations runsmoother using inbuilt CS-Cart modules:Payment Systems One-Page CheckoutTurnkey Shipping Services Managing ReturnsWhen selling your products online, it is important to make sure theexperience is remarkable. A quick and easy order and return process isessential if you hope to attract repeat business.
  3. 3. Payment Systems CS-Cart is fully integrated with over fifty payment service providers. All you have to do is create an account with the payment processing company of your choice and submit your merchant details with the chosen payment method in the CS-Cart admin panel. Then, real-time payment processing is enabled.
  4. 4. One- page Checkout One of the most effective ways to make sure customers follow through with a purchase is to cut the checkout process down to a single page. The CS-Cart platform offers a well-organized one-page checkout system that does not sacrifice functionality. You have the benefit of both a comprehensible interface and the ability to check out in the way that customers prefer. Customers can view the contents of their cart as well as all the checkout steps at the same time. In addition, customers are able to edit their orders without leaving the checkout page.
  5. 5. Turnkey Shipping Services Customers prefer the option to choose from different shipping methods. CS- Cart provides such an opportunity, making it possible to use real-time as well as custom shipping methods. CS-Cart Commerce is fully integrated with trusted shippers, such as FedEx, USPS, DHL and other international shippers. You also have the option to set your own custom shipping methods. You can choose to have the shipping rates calculated based on the number of items ordered, the cost of the items, the weight of the items or the total price of the order.
  6. 6. …Continued You can define different shipping rates for different location zones. Free shipping is also an option that you can set per product. You can specify shipping freight for each product to be used in addition to other calculated costs.
  7. 7. Managing Returns The CS-Cart RMA add-on automates, organizes and simplifies the process of managing returns. If a customer receives a defective item, they can simply request a return. However, the request may be made only if specific conditions are met, which you define in the admin panel. When a customer submits a return request, the system automatically displays it. The administrator will be able to see the products that the customer wants to return, the reason for the return request and the action requested, such as refund or replacement.
  8. 8. …Continued In the meantime, the customer is notified via e-mail about the return authorization. In addition, you can issue your customers a credit for future purchases when you are unable to perform the required action. For instance, if the product to be replaced is no longer in stock, you can offer gift certificates. Gift certificates can be automatically generated, equal to the original product price. In conclusion, it is easy to see that CS-Cart practically does all the work for you. You will have additional time on your hands to deal with the more important aspects of your online business when you do not have to worry about every detail related to the order management process.
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