Best Trending Android Apps 2013


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See which android apps are trending during first quarter of 2013.

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Best Trending Android Apps 2013

  1. 1. Top TrendingAndroid Apps In 2013
  2. 2. A smartphone is called a smartphone because ofits apps only. We found a lot of apps to make us gomad as they are just so perfect for our daily usesand interest whether its office, games, backup ormusic.We would rather say that these smartphone are justmeant to make our life such easy and perfect sothat we could leave all the unworthy hassles behindand can concentrate on living life only. Here we aregoing to tell you about some top trending paid andfree apps available to just make life cozy.
  3. 3. 1. PowerampWe being a music bug love this app because of itssole purpose which is only to act like a stunningmusic player, nothing more. It has been truly the#1 music player for three continuous years becauseof its adherence of being an extraordinary musicplayer and just to give the best music experience.If you’re uncertain over the service then we’llsuggest you to for its 15 day trial pack which weare sure will take you in the new world of musicand then after you can decide that you’re going tobuy or not.One more thing is that if you buy this app then youwill have the advantage of getting all futureupdates for free which we think is the total payback of money which one spend on this app.
  4. 4. 2. OfficeSuite Pro 7Recently when I used a tablet during a train journey, w to write an article on veryshort notice. I used OfficeSuite Pro and let me tell you that it was awesome andjust a laptop like experience for me to write in Word.It has many other functions like opening and reading PDF files, creatingPowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets with ease to edit them also. I foundcloud services like DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive to keep my data safe andsecured online.
  5. 5. 3. SwiftKey KeyboardSometimes we found it very difficult to write onsmartphones. After all we are not Autocorrect botswho will write all the words correct. But, with thisSwiftKey Keyboard app all writing issues were flownaway in a jiffy.Using this app not only allows to write correctly butone can also write in multiple languages at a time.This multi-lingual facility is something which isworth paying money and using this in yoursmartphone. One more thing which we find quiteinteresting is that the prediction of next word andauto correction of wrong words is just up to themark to help while writing.
  6. 6. 4. Facebook MessengerFacebook is now something like a daily dose ofvitamin for all of us. We are very glad to know thatnow FB has launched its own IM for androidphones. FB messenger is just same like all otherIMs but the main thing which lured us to use thisone is that while we may use it for SMS or text onecan see his online FB friends too.We suggest this IM for FB addicts who dont want touse another app for messaging or text to theirSmartphone user friends.
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