Best 5 Tips to Make Your Mobile App Succeed


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Most mobile app developers have great development skills, but they make few small mistakes which costs them big. Read our 5 tips that can make your apps better.

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Best 5 Tips to Make Your Mobile App Succeed

  1. 1. Top  5  Tips  to  Make  Your  Mobile   App  Succeed ©  TechAhead
  2. 2. Top 5 Tips to Make Your Mobile App SucceedMobile phones have seen unprecedented increase in number of users in last fewyears. Mobile apps have seen even bigger increase in terms of number of users.Apple’s App Store recently completed 25 billion apps downloads, the numbers arejust phenomenal. Majorly due to these smartphones, users are now closer totechnology.The increasing number of mobile apps have started a complete new dimensionfor developers. More and more developers are choosing to become mobile appdevelopers. The app development opportunities are interesting, and well paying.Thought there are plenty of mobile app developers, very few are able to make itto the top. Most have good development skills, but many end up making smallmistakes which costs them big. Below are our 5 tips that mobile app developersshould follow to make their apps better. ©  TechAhead
  3. 3. Get into the shoes of end-usersMost developers make this very basic mistake of thinking as a developer, and notas an end-user. Give some time to understand the purpose served by your app,and how end users are going to use it. There are different factors which can helpgrab end-user’s attention to your app. For some it might be simplicity, for others itmight be the functionality of app. Before starting your app, you must understandthe mindset of your end-user. Define your target audience, create and app thatthey won’t only like, but love. ©  TechAhead
  4. 4. Experience is also very importantHaving good functionality in an app is important, bit what is more important isoverall experience of using it. Many mobile app developers make this mistake ofconcentrating only on functionally while ignoring the experience part, youshouldn’t do it. Experience has come to be the most intriguing factor these days,that define the success or the failure of the application. If you understand themindset of your end users well, giving a good experience will be easy. Giving avisually appealing interface which requires minimum inputs from user can be agood example of app with a good experience for en-users. ©  TechAhead
  5. 5. Don’t overload the app with lot of featuresMore features do not necessarily mean a better user-experience, and it is truemost of the times. Though as a mobile app developer, you would like to have asmany features as you could incorporate, at times this is not what end-userswant. Do not get carried away and use all the latest features in the application tobuild a highly feature rich and modernized app, you might end up losing thecomprehensibility and usability of the app, and that too for the features that werenot even necessary at the first place. Don’t over load the app, think beforeincorporating any feature, do it only if it is required. ©  TechAhead
  6. 6. Security is very importantMany developers make mistake of ignoring the importance of security in their app,you shouldn’t make this mistake. Make security a priority: From the beginning, youmust address app security and data integrity. Any glitches in the securitydepartment of the mobile application only shows the lack of sincerity and effortbeing put in the entire application development process. The three main facets ofthe mobile application development, which you just have to make sure areperfectly secure are – work flow, data and functionality. Any technical fall out at anyof these three levels can prove to be really devastating. ©  TechAhead
  7. 7. Test, test and test againTesting is another very important part of any app development process. Beforereleasing the app, you have to ensure its functional attributes are up to the bestlevels. Do the functional testing and make sure it can respond to different mobilescreen sizes. There should not be any broken or obsolete code in your app.Also, make sure that you perform user acceptance test(UAT) on your app. ©  TechAhead
  8. 8. There you had it, our tips which can help you in creating a great mobile app. AtTechAhead, we follow all the above guidelines, and many more to make sure thatthe apps we create not only meet the expectations of our clients and end-user,but also exceed their expectations. If you have any mobile apps developmentrequirement, get in contact with us for FREE 30 minutes no obligationconsultation with our mobile experts ($200 Value). Credit: | Image credit: ©  TechAhead
  9. 9. Thank  youReach  Us: ©  TechAhead