Best 5 MobileApplication DevelopmentFrameworks
With	  a	  huge	  rise	  in	  mobile	  apps,	  the	  field	  of	  mobile	  applica7on	  development	  is	  also	  on	  the	...
1.	  PhonegapWith	  a	  huge	  rise	  in	  mobile	  apps,	  the	  field	  of	  mobile	  applica7on	  development	  is	  als...
1.	  PhonegapPhoneGap	   gives	  programmers	   the	   ability	   to	   use	   HTML5	   standards	  to	   write	   your	  ...
2.	  Sencha	  TouchSencha	   Touch	   is	   a	  high-­‐performance	  HTML5	   mobile	   applica7on	  framework.	   Built	 ...
2.	  Sencha	  TouchSencha	  Touch	  has	  four	  in-­‐built	  transi7on	  effects:	  slide	  over	  or	  under	  the	  curr...
3.	  jQuery	  MobilejQuery	  Mobile	  is	  a	  touch-­‐op7mized	  mobile	  web	  framework.	  It	  is	  compa7ble	  with	 ...
4.	  Appcelerator	  TitaniumAppcelerator	  Titanium	  is	  an	  open	  and	  extensible	  development	   environment	   fo...
5.	  RhodesRhodes	  is	  a	  framework	  for	  building	  locally	  execu7ng,	  device-­‐op7mized	  mobile	  applica7ons.	...
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Best 5 Mobile Application Development Frameworks


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With a huge rise in mobile apps, the field of mobile application development is also on the race to achieve the speed and perfection of the execution. Various mobile application development frameworks have been developed for the speedy and easy development of mobile apps. But the search for some of the best frameworks is still on. We are discussing here some of the best mobile applications development frameworks currently available. These frameworks provide a great value in reusing the code rather than re-inventing the whole wheel.

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Best 5 Mobile Application Development Frameworks

  1. 1. Best 5 MobileApplication DevelopmentFrameworks
  2. 2. With  a  huge  rise  in  mobile  apps,  the  field  of  mobile  applica7on  development  is  also  on  the  race  to  achieve  the  speed  and  perfec7on  of  the  execu7on.  Various  mobile  applica7on  development  frameworks  have  been  developed  for  the  speedy  and  easy  development  of  mobile  apps.  But  the  search  for  some  of  the  best  frameworks  is  s7ll  on.  We  are  discussing  here  some  of  the  best  mobile  applica7ons  development  frameworks  currently  available.  These  frameworks  provide  a  great  value  in  reusing  the  code  rather  than  re-­‐inven7ng  the  whole  wheel.      
  3. 3. 1.  PhonegapWith  a  huge  rise  in  mobile  apps,  the  field  of  mobile  applica7on  development  is  also  on  the  race   to   achieve   the   speed   and   perfec7on   of   the   execu7on.   Various   mobile   applica7on  development  frameworks  have  been  developed  for  the  speedy  and  easy  development  of  mobile  apps.  But  the  search  for  some  of  the  best  frameworks  is  s7ll  on.  We  are  discussing  here   some  of  the  best   mobile  applica7ons  development   frameworks  currently   available.  These  frameworks  provide  a  great  value  in  reusing  the  code  rather  than  re-­‐inven7ng  the  whole  wheel.      
  4. 4. 1.  PhonegapPhoneGap   gives  programmers   the   ability   to   use   HTML5   standards  to   write   your   mobile  applica7ons  while  also  providing  a  JavaScript  SDK  to  access  na7ve  device  capabili7es.  This  is  one  of  the  best  capabili7es  that  PhoneGap  have,  which  makes  it  a  clear  differen7ator.  Simply   put,   if   you   want   to   re-­‐use   the   same   code   that   you   deploy   with   your   HTML5  enterprise   desktop   apps   across   other   tablet,   mobile   and   connected   TV   plaMorms,  PhoneGap  is  the  right  choice.    It  lets  you  u7lize  not  only  HTML5,  CSS,  and  JavaScript,  but  also   all   of   other   frameworks,   like   jQuery   Mobile,   Sencha,   etc.   It   also   provides   a   cloud  service  named  PhoneGap   Build  that  allows  you   to   quickly  build   mobile   applica7ons  and  easily  compile  them  without  SDKs,  compilers  and  hardware.
  5. 5. 2.  Sencha  TouchSencha   Touch   is   a  high-­‐performance  HTML5   mobile   applica7on  framework.   Built   for   enabling  world-­‐class  user  experiences,  Sencha  Touch  is  the  framework  that  enables  developers  to  build  fast  and  impressive  apps  that  work  on  iOS,  Android,  BlackBerry,  Kindle  Fire,  and  more.Sencha  Touch  includes  a  set  of  GUI-­‐based  controls  (or  components)  for  use  within  mobile  web  applica7ons.   These   components   are   op7mized   for   touch   input.   The   components   are:   bu[ons  with  device  specific  themes  and  effects;  toolbars  and  menus;  form  elements  such  as  text  fields  for  email,  date  picker,  and  address;  sliders,  selectors,  and  combo-­‐boxes;  a  list  component  with  momentum-­‐scrolling  and  an  index  bar;  bo[om  toolbars;  movable  tabs;  a  minimal  icon  set;    and  a  map   component   with   support   for   mul7-­‐touch   gestures   such   as   pinch   and   zoom.   All   the  components  can  be  styled  using  a  theme  according  to  the  target  device.  
  6. 6. 2.  Sencha  TouchSencha  Touch  has  four  in-­‐built  transi7on  effects:  slide  over  or  under  the  current  element,  pop,  flip,   and   cube.   It   supports   common   touch   gestures   built   from   touch   events,   which   are   Web  standards  but  supported  only  by  Android,  iOS,  and  some  touch  enabled  devices.  These  are  tap,  double  tap,  swipe,  scroll,  and  pinch.
  7. 7. 3.  jQuery  MobilejQuery  Mobile  is  a  touch-­‐op7mized  mobile  web  framework.  It  is  compa7ble  with  a  wide  variety  of   smartphones   and   tablet   computers,   which  has   become   necessary   feature   of   mobile   apps  development  framework,  due  to  growing   but   heterogeneous   tablet  and  smartphone  market.  The  jQuery  Mobile  framework  is  compa7ble  with  other  mobile  app  frameworks  and  plaMorms  such  as   PhoneGap,   Worklight   and  more.   jQuery   Mobiles   emphasis   on  seman7c   markup  and  progressive  enhancement  makes  it  easy  to  use.
  8. 8. 4.  Appcelerator  TitaniumAppcelerator  Titanium  is  an  open  and  extensible  development   environment   for   crea7ng   na7ve  apps   across   different   mobile   devices   and   OSs  including  iOS,  Android,  Windows  and  BlackBerry,  as  well  as  hybrid  and  HTML5.  It  includes  an  open  source   SDK   with  over   5,000   device   and  mobile  opera7ng   system   APIs,   Studio,   a   powerful  Eclipse-­‐based  IDE,  Alloy,  an  MVC  framework  and  Cloud   Services   for   a   ready-­‐to-­‐use   mobile  backend.
  9. 9. 5.  RhodesRhodes  is  a  framework  for  building  locally  execu7ng,  device-­‐op7mized  mobile  applica7ons.  These   applica7ons   are   op7mized   to   interact   with   transac7onal   enterprise   applica7on  backend.  They  are  also  designed  to  work  with  synced  local  data  using  a  local  database,  such  as  SQLite  or  HSQLDB,  and  a  generic  backend  synchroniza7on  framework,  such  as  RhoConnect.  Rhodes  is  available  for  iPhone,  Blackberry,  Windows  and  Android  phones.
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