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Ensuring Successful Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Collab365 Global Conference 2017


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This session will take you on a journey of real world scenario of Office 365 tenant to tenant content migration encompassing SharePoint Online site collections, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive For Business and Office 365 Video with aggressive timeline and deadline for a global retail organisation.
We will cover:
- Examining the pitfalls of migrating to a new Office 365 tenant
- Introducing new standards for consistent structure
- Phases of project and how they determined what each phase would involve
- Highlighting technical difficulties encountered and how they were overcome

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Ensuring Successful Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Collab365 Global Conference 2017

  1. 1. Online Conference June 17th and 18th 2015 EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Ensuring Successful Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration
  2. 2. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Chirag Patel Email: Twitter: @techChirag LinkedIn: @techChirag  Founder of Patel Consulting, London UK  Engaged with Office 365 since 2012, SharePoint & SQL Server since 2001  Deployment & Consultancy Services, Upgrades & Migration and Solution Development  Trusted Associate for Microsoft Partners  Speaker at #Collab365 & #SPSEvents  Fundraiser and Cyclist
  4. 4. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Client Merger and Acquisition Current Organisation • 60 Year old Global Retail Organisation • £4 billion Revenue • 800+ Stores Target Organisation • 35 Year old Household Hardware Organisation • £1.5 billion Revenue • 250+ Stores
  5. 5. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Business Drivers Global Retailer Merger and Acquisition Separation of Office 365 tenancy, content migration to new Office 365 tenant New call centre operation Trim down to role based store email addresses for efficiency Cost driver: Office 365 licenses saving p.a. of £414k
  6. 6. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Office 365 Environments Current • Size of Tenant = 14 TB • Number of users = 14000 • No. of Site Collections = 300 • OneDrive For Business Sites = 14000 • Services: Intranet, Apps, OneDrives, Groups, Planner, Video Target • Size of Tenant = 1.5 TB • Number of users = 5000 • No. of Site Collections = 50 • OneDrive For Business Sites = 1200 • Services: Intranet, Apps, OneDrives, Groups, Video
  7. 7. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Project Timeline •Domain Switch over •Differential Migrations •Go Live  May 2017 •Intranet test migrations and bespoke solutions •SharePoint Migration •OneDrive Migration Apr 2017 •Exchange Mailbox Migrations •Quick SharePoint Migration Analysis Mar 2017 •Office 365 Tenant Deployment •Setup Skype For Business Federation and Synchronised Identity Oct 2016 •Strategy and Architecture Designs •Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive Aug 2016
  8. 8. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Migration Analysis • No access, no discovery • Migration tool password entry through supervision • Identify whether or not current organisation employees actually access which respective site collections • Operate on couple of principles: • We are separating therefore we need to bite the bullet, similar outcome to the “do we federate”, which was we won’t be. • Rely on the safe guard of data principle - copy our SharePoint site, leaving the original in place and intact so that if current organisation needs to get to data, it is still there.
  9. 9. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Office 365 Tenant Deployment Steps Deploy New O365 Tenant Setup Azure AD Connect to Synchronise E3 Users from the new domain Configure new admin accounts for O365 Services on new tenant Add target organisation domain to the new tenant Assign O365 licenses to the new tenant Set O365 Tenant purpose and DNS Configuration Customise Tenant branding through Azure Portal and Admin Center
  10. 10. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Integration Config between two tenants
  11. 11. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY SharePoint Migration Stages Source Destination unlicensed Destination licensed
  12. 12. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY SharePoint Migration Process
  13. 13. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY • Configure DNS forwarders and confirm name resolution • Configure 2 way Trust relationship between current and target domains • Ensure domain policies (Security & Auditing), OU structure and core GPOs are in place • Import and Migrate AD user and security groups accounts from current onto target domain • Validate migration of the AD users and groups • Configure AD users and Synchronise to O365 using AD connect Migration Project Phase: Active Directory EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY
  14. 14. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY • Pre-migration: create migration batches for users • Email accounts synchronisation for batch users • Remove current domain from source Office 365 Tenant • Validate domain change to currentdomain1 • Run migration script to modify source names • Add current domain to target domain area • MX record cutover and DNS records completion • Set default domain and apply to migrated mailboxes • Activate and assign Office 365 licenses to all users Migration Project Phase: Exchange Online EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY
  15. 15. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY • Run a script to migrate full content • Identify and fix issues • Visual inspection of source and destination for comparison • Perform any clean up tasks and save migration logs • Post Migration Tasks • Rework Homepage (JavaScripts, search web parts) • Rework Site Themes • Incremental Migrations Testing • Run script for incremental migrations for the sites • Identify, fix any issues from the incremental migrations Migration Project Phase: SharePoint Online EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY
  16. 16. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Migration Challenges • Large Site collections – Migration tool limitations to 30GB • Migrating Groups site to SharePoint – only content and not conversations or calendars • Term store migration using SharePoint PnP export and import • Video Channels creation prior to content migration • OneDrive with subsites from “Create Sites” option • Single Environment for Intranet testing and deployment of bespoke code • Office 365 Bandwidth Throttling EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY
  17. 17. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Resource Challenges 2 FTE SharePoint Specialists to meet the migration workloads Additional Virtual Machines Provisioning Additional Migration Tool Licensing Additional Migration Software Intranet Migration inadequate resource
  18. 18. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY SharePoint Online Roadmap
  19. 19. EVENTS.COLLAB365.COMMUNITY Stay tuned for more great sessions … Email : Twitter : @techChirag LinkedIn : @techChirag