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F&M mLearning Pilot Presentation


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From May 2009 through May 2010, participants explored the use of mobile devices – in this case the Apple iPod Touch – to support teaching, learning, and research at Franklin and Marshall College.

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F&M mLearning Pilot Presentation

  1. 1. mLearning Faculty Pilot Program Franklin & Marshall College 05/2009 to 05/2010
  2. 2. Summary • Mobile Learning Initiative • 16 Faculty • iPod touches and iPhones • One Year • Participants Explored and Shared
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  5. 5. History of Computing at F&M Faculty provided with desktop Faculty option for Concluded computer; Campus wired portable computer mLeaning Pilot standardized on network - upgrade Project Macintosh students 1984 1992 2001 2010 1989 2000 2009 Campus wired Campus wireless Campus wireless network - staff network - 60 network - 250 access points @ access points @ 11 Mb/sec 100 Mb/sec
  6. 6. Pilot Background
  7. 7. 2008 F&M Student Technology Survey •93% owned a cell phone •37% had a web-enabled mobile device •Over 300 members of the Class of 2012 received an iPod Touch when they purchased an Apple computer
  8. 8. The reality is that many of our students come to campus with the Internet in their pockets.
  9. 9. Faculty?
  10. 10. Goal Explore the potential of mobile devices to support and advance teaching, learning, and research at Franklin & Marshall College.
  11. 11. Format
  12. 12. Participants Participants were selected on the basis of: • innovative ideas for exploring uses of the device • an attempt to assemble a heterogeneous mix from interested members across the Faculty
  13. 13. 16 Faculty Participants
  14. 14. Collaboration • Participants met once a month to discuss and share aspects of teaching and learning with their iPhones and iPod touches • Eachfaculty participant made a “formal” presentation to the group
  15. 15. “I particularly enjoyed hearing how colleagues in other disciplines are using the iPod Touch and the issues that have arisen...” -mLearning Pilot Participant
  16. 16. Monthly Newsletters ! SUMMER 2009 mLearning at Franklin & Marshall • Eight issues There have been some questions Cut and Paste is another • Focused on new and 6 FAVORITE about the software update that came useful feature included in the 3.0 out in mid-June. Several faculty Software update. There are a couple FACULTY APPS members have inquired about the of ways to use copy and paste. When upgrade and wanted to know if the editing text, double-tapping a word NY TIMES (Kathleen Triman) benefits justified the ten dollar price will automatically select the word and Take the high-quality news tag. bring up a Cut, Copy, Paste menu. relevant topics in mobile and information of The New Compared to iPhone users to When selecting read only text, tap York Times with you on the whom the 3.0 Software update is and hold a word to bring up the go. (Free) free, initial statistics indicate that iPod loupe. When you release it, the word touch users have been reluctant to will be selected and a Copy menu GOOGLE EARTH pay for the update. However, the button will be visible. You can (Kathleen Triman) update does add features to the expand the selection area by extend devices Explore far corners of the device that could improve its the range of the blue circle that mark earth on the iPhone and iPod usefulness for teaching and learning. the selection boundary. You’ll also be touch.(Free) Here are some highlights about provided with select and select-all the new features. options. SKYPE (Antonio Callari) Receive and make free calls to Spotlight Search is one feature other Skype users. (Free) that improves the user experience on the iPod touch by making it easier to WALL STREET JOURNAL find information and content. (Jeff Podoshen) Access Spotlight by going to the The Wall Street Journal iPod’s main home screen and then • Favorite Apps Mobile Reader for iPhone swiping to the right (navigating to the delivers the latest global screen to the left of the Home news, financial events, market screen). insights and information to You can also access a search field keep you ahead of the curve. in Calendar, Contacts, Mail, and (Free) Notes.! In Calendar and Contacts the search field is visible as soon as you OXFORD TRANSLATOR launch the app. But in Mail and Notes, it’s hidden by default. Just Voice Memos is new app that (FRENCH) (Jeff Podoshen) swipe your finger down the screen to comes with the update. This The fastest way for you to reveal the search field at the top of program allows you to capture a speak French with your memo, a meeting, or any audio • Reminder for events iPhone or iPod touch. (Free) the screen. In Mail, you need to be browsing a mailbox to access the recording on the go. Use the build-in search field.! Unfortunately, even mic on your headset to capture a CLOCKEDIN (Alexis Castor) recording. Furthermore, sharing the A simple personal time when searching within the Mail app, search doesn’t search the body of e- recording via email is simply a few keeping application for the taps away. iPhone and iPod touch ($3.99) mail messages. To learn more about this update, Have a favorite app? Share it visit: on the mLearning Blog! ipodtouch/softwareupdate.html!
  17. 17. mLearning Blog • Provided space to document and share experiences with fellow Pilot Program members and the F&M community • Repository for help documentation •
  18. 18. Hardware and Software Each faculty participant received: • an iPod touch and protective case • Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic • Apple AV composite cable • Apple iTunes credit ($25 + $15) • iLife ’09 and iWork ’09
  19. 19. Support and Documentation • Tech Liaison Program • QuickStarts • Tech Demos • mLearning Blog Resources
  20. 20. Survey
  21. 21. Results • Deviceallowed participants to accomplish some tasks that would otherwise require a laptop. • Positive impact on overall productivity • Enabled better communication with students • Increased understanding of mobile devices • Difficult to use the device to enhance teaching directly
  22. 22. iPhone & iPod Touch Usage Frequency Once a month 7% Several times a week More than once a day 36% 50% Daily 7%
  23. 23. Frequency of Use Related to Teaching More than once a day Never 7% 21% Daily 14% Once a month 14% Several times a week 29% Weekly 14%
  24. 24. Where mLearning Faculty Used iPod Touch Traveling Home Office Field work Classroom Library Lab 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% mLearning Faculty
  25. 25. Increased Comfort Level with Mobile Devices 14% 65% 14% 7% Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neither Agree or Disagree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
  26. 26. Participation Worth Time Commitment Neither Agree or Disagree 7% Strongly Agree 64% Somewhat Agree 29%
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  29. 29. Future?
  30. 30. Thank you!