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Animals basic classification


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Animals basic classification

  1. 1. backbone feathers fur scales
  2. 2. ladybird grasshopper bee butterfly dragonfly
  3. 3. INSECTS Insects are oviparous. They have six legs, two antennae and some have wings.
  4. 4. Mammals are animals with a backbone inside their bodies – they are vertebrates. Babies drink milk.
  5. 5. They are born from their mother’s wombs. They are viviparous.
  6. 6. Most mammals have fur on their bodies. Most of them have four feet to walk, but whales and dolphins swim with fins and bats fly with wings.
  7. 7.  Some examples of mammals are: whales humans bats dogs sheep dolphins elephant pigs fox
  8. 8. Fish are oviparous. They live in water.
  9. 9. fin tail scales fin
  10. 10. Birds are vertebrates because they have got a skeleton inside their bodies. beak wings Birds have got beaks, wings, a tail and two legs. legs tail
  11. 11. Birds are oviparous because they are born from eggs. They have feathers on their bodies. Most of them can fly, but some like penguins, ostriches or hens cannot.
  12. 12. lizard Reptiles snake crocodile snake turtle
  13. 13. Reptiles are vertebrates They have a skeleton with a backbone.
  14. 14. Snake Lizard in egg Turtle They are oviparous.
  15. 15. They have scutes on their bodies.
  16. 16. AMPHIBIANS
  17. 17. Amphibians live on land and in the water.
  18. 18. Amphibians are vertebrates because they have a backbone.
  19. 19. Amphibians are oviparous because they come from eggs.