Chain of fate


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Project #3 for Game Development Class.

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Chain of fate

  1. 1. Chain of Fate
  2. 2. Challenges • Monsters, animals, humans, The Demi-Gods, The Arch Seraphim. Characters emotions, complexes, weaknesses, lost memory, kidnapping, murder, conspiracies, corruption. Philosophy, FATE, SELF WILL! • The 7 demigods (Judeaux the Necromancer, Arashi the Tempest, Asahina the Nefarious, Enyu the Siren, Kei the Obsidian, Kaoru the Poison, and Ginta the Demented) will be a major part in the challenges of the game. Also 2 city bosses and 4 arch seraphim. • You will have to infiltrate Empyrean, and use stealth tactics, to get past the first level. • Each level will have a sort of puzzle to uncover and dismiss. Ex: the Earth level will have a labyrinth forest that the player must figure out the pattern to finding the end.
  3. 3. Strategies • Battle strategies will be essential to the real time battle system. The player must be able to attack, block, maneuver through battle and use items, skills, spells, and special attacks as each situation demands. • When infiltrating Empyrean, you must use stealth tactics in order to make your way through the first level unnoticed. If you are noticed, a battle awaits you. • Each level will come with a puzzle or challenge of getting through it. The player must determine patterns, keys, strategies to putting the pieces together and completing the level.
  4. 4. Platform • XBox 360, and PS3, mainly because they play amazing graphics, and because they are pretty popular today, while the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2 are out-dating.
  5. 5. Target Rating • T for teen, for blood and violence, mild language, alcohol reference, and gore.
  6. 6. Level Structure• Chain of Fate will feature a more open world type rather than structured levels, but will have major places involving main challenges, that are progressively challenging. There will be about 14 “levels” in Chain of Fate. Nine levels will be elemental including: Water, Earth, Ice, Thunder, Darkness, Light, and 3 Fire. Starting with water as the weakest, and ranking up to fire as the most powerful, with 3 levels as fire elemental. There will also be a level involving governmental figures in between the Ice and Thunder levels, and a level involving the church figures before the Fire level. The fire levels are the last levels and take place in Empyrean, where the Arch Seraphim dwell.
  7. 7. Environmental Design• I want the environments to be very fantastical, breathtaking, and otherworldly. The cities will have a sort of Gothic/Royal appeal, and will have amazing cathedrals.
  8. 8. Interface Design• Players will be able to kick, jump, block, attack, use magic or skills, or use special moves. The right 4 buttons on each controller will be used to battle, while the analog sticks will be to move, and adjust the camera angles. The select button or back button will open the menu, and the player can equip, check stats, use items, etc. On screen, you will be able to see and control your character, and a map will be in the right hand corner with a position cursor of the player.
  9. 9. Artificial Intelligence • I want the NPC's to be able to respond to the situations that are taking place in the game, and actually be relevant and help out the player characters. And for enemies, I want them to be increasingly powerful throughout the game and be challenging to the player character as well.
  10. 10. Audio • I want good voice actors to match the personality of each character, and how I described their speech. I also want realistic sound effects, like clashing swords, battle cries, blood squirting out, etc. The music in the game is a vital point for me; the music will be symphonic and instrumental, and go along to each situation, and theme.
  11. 11. Target Market• The target market will be between age 13-45. It will be both male and female, in the USA, Asia, and Canada. They will be interested in good storylines, graphics, and a lengthy game.
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis• Final Fantasy XIII: Good storyline, AMAZING graphics, good length. • Bad battle system. • Magna Carta: Average storyline, good graphics, and a really cool battle system. • Tales of Vesparia: Awesome storyline, ok graphics, and good battle system. • Not the best graphics. • Rpg fans look for good graphics, characters, storylines, and combat systems. Most prefer real time rather than turn based. These three titles are strong in some, but weak in other points as well. I want my game to be complete in what an average rpg seeker is looking for!
  13. 13. Concept Art
  14. 14. Feature Summary• Emotionally charged storyline • Battle system and gameplay • Use of Kinect/PS3 Move • Breathtaking graphics, as realistic as possible! • Emotionally connecting characters, and music!