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Workforce Initiatives


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A general overview of the services Workforce Initiatives can provide.

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Workforce Initiatives

  1. 1. Workforce Initiatives Supporting Workforce Strategies
  2. 2. PurposeSupporting workforce strategies through attentive partnerships with mid-size business organizations providing: Recruitment Retention Initiatives On-Boarding Outplacement Services Workplace Event Planning
  3. 3. RecruitmentRecruitment services today are heavily accessible through outsourcing, headhunting and in-house recruitment efforts.
  4. 4. Recruitment Challenges The state of the economy is awarding anincreased opportunity for candidates to seek employment opportunities.The burden we face in acquiring the “right” talent to fulfill our needs is the volume of applicants we receive.
  5. 5. Recruitment Solutions Delivered by Workforce Initiatives  Career Profile Assessments Provides insight to evaluate general characteristics and what drives individuals behaviors to meet performance expectations.  Sourcing/Recruiting Applicants We will find them for you; with our outplacement services we typically partner with individuals who want to work and want to do well  Interviewing Partnerships  We will be your HR Representative to support the evaluation and selection of the right candidate(s) that will meet the needs of your opportunities.
  6. 6. On-Boarding Delivered by Workforce Initiatives  Development of On-Boarding Strategies  On-boarding is critical to each new hire; onboarding can be time consuming yet directly impact the productivity of your new employee, their roles and the roles of their team, co-workers and the organization as a whole.  Presenting New Employee Orientations We will develop your new hire orientation presentation which will allow your team more time to focus on other operational functions
  7. 7. Retention Initiatives  Retention Interviews We will develop a program to identify possible reasons why employees do not meet performance expectations or leave your organization  This is delivered through non-bias feedback to focus solely on feedback and metrics such as turnover, production and/or bottom line effectiveness  Manage Talent Implement DISC Behavioral Profiles to manage your talent proactively  TEAM Building Workshops  We develop and present TEAM Building Workshops based on the DISC Behavioral Model Theory
  8. 8. We Support Organizational Exits  3rd Party Exit Interviews  Career Transition Workshops  Outplacement Employee Services – Resume Development Services – Interview Coaching – Career Profiles & Planning
  9. 9. We Implement Your Events  Career/Job Fairs  Health/Wellness Fairs Employee Recognition & Incentive Programs
  10. 10. Benefits For You  Cost and Overhead Savings Non-Bias Feedback to Support Objectives  Resource for Displaced Employees  Positive Morale  Confident Hiring  Data to support continuous improvement Investment in your Greatest Asset “Employees”
  11. 11. Resources We ARE: Authorized to administer DISC Behavioral Assessments Partnerships with Independent HR ProfessionalsSuccessful expertise in outplacement services
  12. 12. Solutions Delivered by Workforce Initiatives Address voluntary turnover Equip your employees with direction from displacement Assess viable candidates and hire with confidence Create good morale with effective professional development Invest in your employees from date of hire Learn why your employees STAY
  13. 13. Customized SolutionsThrough our ability to customize our services to meet your needs we carefully consider your budget, objective and outcomes you desire.
  14. 14. Workforce InitiativesFounder & Managing DirectorTeauna Upshaw, MBA, PHR Authorized Behavioral Consultant Experience in recruitment, retention, onboarding, talent management and workshop presentations “Working Success”
  15. 15. Where Are We Find Follow Us: @workingsuccess Visit Us: Email Us: