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A basic overview of the fundamentals needed for an effective resume.

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  1. 1. Workforce InitiativesIs Your Resume Working For You? Presented By Teauna Upshaw, MBA PHR Founder & Managing Director
  2. 2. Agenda Your purpose of a resume Components of a resume Reality of the Economy Fishing your resume Use your resume development to add to your job search strategy
  3. 3. Purpose of a Resume Laid off Relocating Preparing for transition Opportunity for promotion, new industry Exploring your options
  4. 4. Resume Components Objective Credentials  Work Experience  Education  Accomplishments  Licenses  Professional Development  Affiliations  Volunteer  School Projects
  5. 5. Objective What do you want to do? Why you are the top candidate to do this? What proof do you have that you are a top candidate? How are these points going to help?
  6. 6. Credentials Organize your credentials according to the job description or industry expectations  Does the industry/position require or prefer a license, certification or educational level  Experience that directly compliments the position/industry  Achievements that prove or support your credibility  Affiliations or associations that surround the opportunity
  7. 7. Component Tips Job Titles Keywords (industry/position focused) Specific Details (percentages, numbers, values, etc.) Volunteer Experience Relevancy to industry/position  Courses Taken/Completed  Seminars/Professional Development
  8. 8. Economic Conditions Competition Hiring Hesitation More with less Educational Credentials
  9. 9. Fishing Fishing your resume is submitting your job application/resume to any and everything to see what will bite.  Recruiters can see this in your resume and the position your applying for.  It’s understood that you can do that too
  10. 10. Resume & Job Search Story Identify strengths Research industry/position needs Why you’re the top candidate? How to use your resume?  Online (Resume Spotlight provided by Workforce Initiatives)
  11. 11. Other Workforce Marketing Tools Cover, Thank You, Reference, Follow Up Letters Behavioral Interview Coaching Career Development Planning  What motivates you to work?  What is your ideal work environment? These services are professionally provided by Workforce Initiatives
  12. 12. Workforce InitiativesWorkforce Initiatives supports employees in transition with workforce strategies through marketing tools. Through successful partnerships your workforce marketing tools will contribute to your personal and professional success.
  13. 13. Free ConsultA free consult will include: An initial conversation to explore your current and future goals in the workforce. Options will be provided that will compliment your desired position in the workforce.The first step in success is to evaluate your options and “PRESS” forward.
  14. 14. How to Reach Us
  15. 15. Social Media Twitter @WorkingSuccess
  16. 16. Thank You Please join our mailing list www.workforcesuccess.bizBehavioral Interview Tele-Seminar to Coming Soon! Pre-Register by sending an email to
  17. 17. Work Samples Samples of Work www.workforcesuccess.bizClick on “Resume Samples” tab