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Soap operas


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Soap operas

Published in: Education
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Soap operas

  2. 2. What is a soap opera? A soap opera is a serial drama with a mutli-strand narrative that focuses on the lives of multiple characters within each episode. Trailers are used to promote such shows, especially when important and dramatic events are to happen within the narrative. The purpose of a soap opera trailer is to appeal to viewers of the show who may be unaware of a new series or episode and what is to happen in the programme in the upcoming weeks or so. It can also appeal to new viewers who may have not watched the show before. It is important for soap operas to gather a large audience as generally soap operas work in competition. For example, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders usually aim to beat each other in the ratings. The content of a soap opera trailer includes some of the characters, storylines and themes that feature in the programme. For example, Casualty on BBC One is a soap opera based around the events in a hospital and so the trailer for it would include scenes of disasters and crisis, and have characters dressed to show their medical occupations as nurses and doctors.
  3. 3. Steven Neale Repetition and Difference Theory Neale has a theory relating to the nature of mediums, such as soap operas, whereby the characters should be stereotypical in order for the audience to recognise and relate to the characters and their personalities to find pleasure. However, Neale claims that it is important for mediums to have original ideas and characters also, to create originality and avoid predictable characters and plot. This will result in the medium becoming more unique and appealing to an audience looking for something fresh and away from the norm.