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Market analysis


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Market analysis

Published in: Education
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Market analysis

  1. 1. Market Analysis
  2. 2. What is the Market? The market is the television industry, soap operas in particular. This industry focuses to attract a mass audience. Who produces the soap operas? It is a common occurrence that soap operas are produced by the companies that own the channel that they are broadcasted on. This is because these companies that produce the soap operas are parts of media conglomerates and so therefore can vertical integration to both produce and broadcast their programme. The main media conglomerates that are involved in both producing and broadcasting soap operas are the BBC and ITV. These are two major media conglomerates known to produce a number of media products, such as single-series television programmes and films.
  3. 3. Coronation Street  ‘Corrie’ is broadcasted on ITV, previously known as ITV1  It is produced by Granada Television, which is also known as ITV Granada, a subsidiary studio of ITV.  Coronation Street aim to target a mass audience of 13-60 year olds, both male and female, that fit into the socio- economic group E, D, C2, C1 The show is the longest- running soap opera in the UK, having been first broadcasted in 1960, and is a beloved soap opera in the country and has a large following, bringing in 6.46m viewers in one week.  It has won five BAFTA awards for best soap opera/continuing drama
  4. 4. EastEnders  EastEnders is shown on BBC One  It is produced by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC)  EastEnders has a target audience similar to that of Coronation Street, aiming at 13-60, male and female, socio-economic group being E, D, C2, C1  EastEnders attracted 5.69m in one week  It has won seven BAFTA awards for best soap opera/continuing drama.
  5. 5. Emmerdale  Emmerdale is broadcasted on ITV  The programme is produced by Yorkshire Television, also known as ITV Yorkshire, another subsidiary studio of ITV  Emmerdale has a target audience of 20-50 year olds, male and female, in the socio-economic groups E, D, C2  The programme has interested 5.29m viewers in one week.  Emmerdale has won just one BAFTA award for best soap opera/continuing drama.
  6. 6. Hollyoaks  Hollyoaks is broadcasted is on E4 and Channel 4  It is produced by Lime Pictures, also known as Mersey Productions  The target audience of Hollyoaks is 15-30 year olds, male and female, in the socio-economic groups E, D and C2  The ratings for Hollyoaks in one week was 836,000  Hollyoaks has won one British Soap award for best soap
  7. 7. Doctors  Doctors is aired on BBC One  It is produced by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC)  The target audience for Doctors is C2, C1, B, both male and female, aged 25-50  The ratings for Doctors in one week was 1.22m  Doctors have not won an award for best soap, but have won 22 awards in total.