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Business Storytelling Manifesto


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As you go about the business of blogging and creating other content, keep these things in mind...

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Business Storytelling Manifesto

  1. Advice for Solo Biz Owners
  2. “Content marketing is the solution! “ “You’ve got to tell more and better stories!”
  3. It’s like eating an artichoke… The best ones are an experience With layers and layers that Lead to the Heart.
  4. Good Question!
  5. It’s not just about your position…
  6. Get it out of your brain and onto paper. Then…
  7. Don’t Wander. Get to the Point.
  8. » The length of your story should fit the context of where/how you’re telling it.
  9. Pay attention to your email subscribers, blog readers, vendors and peers -- as well as your customers!
  10. Listen deeply
  11. » To Create Change, Shift the Existing Storyline
  12. Don’t be a parrot!
  13. But don’t be afraid to be different!
  14. » Let the backstory unfold as you go
  15. » It’s okay to reveal your weaknesses
  16. » When language or length is an issue…
  17. » Storytelling is a learned skill…
  18. » Simplify. Don’t try to tell too many stories at once.
  19. » Emotion = Action
  20. » Words have REAL power
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