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Guia 7 diagnostico


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you must solve this test.

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Guia 7 diagnostico

  1. 1. INSTITUTO EMPRESARIAL GABRIELA MISTRALTeacher: VALENTINA VILLANUEVA GARCIA y TERESA DE JESUS ARIZA DIAZ Subject: ENGLISH GRADE: 7- ____NAME: ________________________________________________ DATE: ______________________ 1. Please complete the conversation with the correct form of Verb To be. a) Hello, ________ Lucy Patterson. _______________ from Poland. b) Nice to meet you Lucy. ______ Ryan. ___________ from the UK. c) This is Mark, _______ my younger brother. d) Nice too meet you Mark. This is Caroline ____________ my sister. Please complete the table: I am WE ______ YOU ________ YOU _______ HE/SHE/IT ________ THEY _______ 2. Please choose the correct auxiliary: a) Do/Does you like chocolates? Yes I _______. No I ______. b) Do/Does she have a bicycle? Yes she _______. No she ______. c) Do/Does he play tennis? Yes he ________. No he ______. Please complete the table: 3. Please write the numbers below: a. zero two zero eight seven six nine three 0 b. nineteen seventy-seven c. forty , fifty, sixteen, eighty, eighteen, one hundred 4. Please complete the sentences with the correct preposition of place: a) The clothes are ________ the wardrobe. ON , UNDER, b) The pillow is _______ the bed. IN, INSIDE, c) The books are ________ the ________. INFRONT OF, d) The bag is ____________ the chest of drawers. BEHIND, IN BETWEEN, e) The window is _____________ the bed. NEXT TO f) The boxes are ___________ the bed and the ______________.
  2. 2. 5. Please introduce the family below: Alan – father / husband Barbara – mother / wife Colin – Uncle Donna – daughter / sister Emma – Aunt Frank – son / brothera) Alan is _________________________ husband.b) Barbara is _____________________________wife.c) Who is Donna?_____________________________ and ________________________.d) Who is Colin? ______________________________and_________________________.e) Frank is _____________ brother and _________________________son.f) 6. Please complete with the correct possessive pronoun:a) Paul is the English teacher. He is my teacher.b) That is Paul’s bag. That is ________ bag.c) This is Anisha’s car. This is _________ car.d) We study in this classroom. This is _________ classroom.e) They work in that office. That is ___________ office. 7. Please match the pictures below. a) He is an actor. b) She is a nurse. c) He is a teacher d) She is a cashier. e) She is a singer.
  3. 3. 8. Please describe what they are doing – complete the sentences: a) Paul is watering the plants. b) _______________ is ____________________ a newspaper. c) _____________________ are _______________ with dolls. d) Grandfather is_______________________. e) Grandmother is ______________________. f) The birds are________________________. g) Who is cleaning the windows? _________________________________. h) _________________ is __________________________to the radio. 9. Please complete the sentences using the correct form in brackets: a) Danube is ___________________ river in Europe.(longer than/the longest) b) Hyde Park is ________________________ Ibirapuera Park.(bigger than/the biggest) c) Coca-cola is ___________________ fruit juice.(worse than/the worst/better) d) Sahara desert is _____________________ place in the world.(the hottest/hotter than) Please complete the table below ADJECTIVE TRANSLATION SENTENCEBIG grande The classroom is big.SMALLLARGEGOODEXPENSIVECHEAPOLDHAPPYNICEHEAVY