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Teamworx technologies short presentation 5 oct 10


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Teamworx technologies short presentation 5 oct 10

  1. 1. The 5S Journey Business Improvement Professionals Lean Consultancy & Training Lean Office Business Turnaround Project Management Lean Waste & Carbon Reduction Manufacturing Fusionworx Performance Management Interim Management & Recruitment Targeting bottom-line results and building winning teamsRecruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  2. 2. Teamworx Hands‐on professionals  o Extensive experience in business turnaround UK Based o Lean specialists  o Lean training for all levels o Project Management Alcan o Lean4Green carbon & waste reduction o Interim Management & Recruitment o Business management software The complete Lean solution o From consultancy & management  to measurement o Fully sustainable UEF Slide 2Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  3. 3. Lean Consultancy and Business Turnaround Teamworx approach Strategic o Assess current situation top down o Identify improvement projects o Structure, Milestones, Deployment and KPIs Tactical Analyse o Train Practitioners in business improvement techniques o Establish continuous improvement culture Operational o Deming Cycle – Plan, do, check, act o Establish Performance Centres o Apply techniques and ensure sustainability o Drive down costs and improve performance Slide 3Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  4. 4. Lean Tools and Techniques Consultancy  o Consultation, Diagnostics & Proposals  o Strategic Lean Deployment o Change Management o Continuous Improvement  o KPIs  Training o Lean Awareness o Lean Practitioner o Management & Supervision o Visual Management o Seminars Project Management  o Green Field Set Up o Relocation o Rationalisation  o Redesign Slide 4Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  5. 5. Improve Your Competitiveness Making waste and carbon reduction profitable Directors’ Responsibilities o Comprehensive information on business requirements o Reducing emissions Legal o Trading Carbon o Cost management, risk, sustainability, security of supply The Lean4Green Benefits o Taking advantage of incentives o Maximising tax benefits o Culture change 2010  o Improving your CSR league table position Footprint Year o Removing waste (NVA non value added activity) o Investigate alternative energy Slide 5Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  6. 6. Interim Management & Recruitment Business Support o Analyse current structure, skills and staffing needs o Formulate an action plan o Implementation Supporting Lean & Business Improvement o Help you through the change management process o Support Lean implementation and business improvement o Find key people o Up‐skill and develop personnel Slide 6Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  7. 7. Benefits…  Financial improvement, motivated workforce and improved management control  o Manage people, teams, performance, skills and communication o Remotely view the performance of the business in real time through the data centre o Connect to other systems to extract data for cascading KPIs o Communicate to all levels in a secure environment o Build skill flexibility and balance teams o Promote sustainable business improvement o Have live business information anywhere in the world o Produce visual management outputs “Fusionworx enhances the performance of an o Intuitive, secure and easy to use organisation, department and individual. It achieves continuous and sustainable improvements by stimulating productivity, aligning effort and facilitating cultural change” - Brian Clements Director of Innovation and Enterprise and Dean of R&D, business school, University of Wolverhampton Slide 7Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  8. 8. Slide 8Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  9. 9. Why choose Teamworx Britain’s Best as a partner? FactoryThe Teamworx teamo Experienced business professionalso Lean ethoso KPI focusedo Train and coach in value adding toolso Track record of successo Performance Management Softwareo Culture change specialistso Models for long term sustainable performanceo Interim management and recruitmentBuilding Winning Teams Slide 9Recruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management
  10. 10. The 5S Journey Business Improvement Professionals 01952 288338 Building Winning TeamsRecruitment & Interim   Lean Consultancy & Training          Fusionworx Performance Management